GMS and SSL are both emulsifiers used in bakeries to extend the shelf life but with the different types of bakery applied. The wine industry is even worse! Generally, it is safe but better consult with your doctor. while you naively believe you are drinking fermented grape juice! The FDA mentioned that SSL can be produced by the esterification of stearic acid and lactic acid to form stearoyl lactylic acid and then neutralized into the sodium salt with sodium hydroxide. It can be dispersed in water and does not decompose for a long time. May increase hyperactivity in affected children. Useful information for my work application. Generally, this ingredient is vegan, halal, free of gluten and dairy in food. What is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG E621) in food: Is it Bad for you? The following list is We understand that consumers prefer natural food and have concerns about the artificial emulsifier in the foods we eat. (8). Acetic acid, tartaric acid, glycerol and fatty acids are the main raw materials. What kinds of food packaging have you found this ingredient in? What is Potassium Bicarbonate E501(ii) and its Uses in Baking, Effervescent tablets, Soda water and More, What is Maltol in food: Natural sources, Uses and Safety, What is Ethyl Maltol in food: Compare with Maltol, Uses and Safety. Be cautious if you suffer from allergies or intolerances. Improve machinability and raw material tolerance. It can also be sourced from, animals. FOOD This is part of our ongoing series helping consumers better understand food additives. Interpreting the results of a TSH test can be confusing, because high readings indicate a low-performing thyroid. As mentioned above, lactic acid is usually obtained from the fermentation of carbohydrates or chemical synthesis and has nothing to do with dairy, although the name lact- coming from the Latin word lac, which means milk. We are trying to bridge the knowledge gap for our readers by illustrating every ingredient from the following six aspects: what is this ingredient, the manufacturing process, uses, approved safety, possible side effects and common FAQs. There are two manufacturing processes of producing SSL based on the reaction sequence. When consumers come up with this question, it usually refers to lactic acid which is the main raw material employed in the manufacturing of sodium stearoyl lactylate. As mentioned above, lactic acid is usually obtained from the fermentation of carbohydrates or chemical synthesis and has nothing to do with dairy, although the name lact- coming from the Latin word lac, which means milk. Also in bread improvers and in ready-mixed flours. (abbreviation), it is the sodium salt of stearic acid with lactic acid dimer. The final product, DATEM may contain the following substances: DATEM is easy to absorb water, especially in summer. Contrary to what is stated here, it may not be safe according to other web sites, and is not approved in Europe. SSL is synthesized from food-grade stearic acid (mostly from palm oil), lactic acid (from the fermentation of sugar beet or chemical synthesis) and sodium hydroxide. It is illegal in Europe and in most of General Side Effects. * Report new side effects to us by sending email to So the manufacturers don’t make the particle size too small. There are two hydroxyl groups esterified in the above structure, one is by diacetyl tartaric acid, another one is by fatty acids. is dedicated to providing reliable information about food additives for our readers who’re sourcing information for the ingredients in their food. (10), Acceptable daily intake: ADI “20mg/kg bw” set in 1973. It can also be produced from diacetyl tartaric anhydride with mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids that are derived from edible sources. It improves the texture and increases the volume in bread. May not be suitable for babies. With a poor water solubility at low temperature although it is a hydrophilic emulsifier, and therefore heat treatment of water is needed before the use of SSL. May increase hyperactivity in affected children.

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