Telephone: (604-469-5115 .

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Print this invite. A schedule is set in advance, which will be shared once confirmed, Commitment: Up to five meetings per year, one-year placement. 604.510.0449 Eagle Ridge Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop; Eagle Ridge Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop.

Print out this donation form and mail it to us, or drop it off in person. callback: cb For more information on any of our events or to volunteer, please contact … Our team of nearly 40,000 staff, medical staff and volunteers is dedicated to serving our patients, families and communities to deliver on our vision: Better health, best in health care.

REGISTRATION LINK Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation’s primary purpose is to raise funds and awareness to improve the health of our community through donations to Eagle Ridge Hospital. Eagle Ridge Hospital V3H 3W9, About Us No partner photos found.

Check out to find out what Eagle Ridge Hospital and Manor have to offer. Applications for teen volunteers are accepted in the months of March and August. Applications for adult volunteers are accepted in the months of January, May and September. To increase your chances of volunteering at Eagle Ridge Hospital please complete the application in full and include your availability and area/s of interest for volunteering. It's your source to everything you need to know from training and orientation to latest news in your field. 475 Guildford Way

Funds raised by this program are used to purchased hospital equipment and patient comfort items. ��ɜŬTP�́i�z?��(L��al�e2�[A)g�q��AM�/fH5[���ijQ5=�S�7�6�?E��#�SLB��1�������5,Eb���#a���[c����\��[�mr�����D�)Uff�%-��7 v�&+v�fU���ۊVxQ�Z���"|�G

}����d� �H^R� The Facility Engagement initiative focuses on the Acute Care setting.

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