(220 POUNDS / … ( Log Out /  The major problem (which I’ll try to address today, if I can find a way) in switching from a wholly by-hand blog such as I ran for almost six years, vs. WordPress, is there seems no quick way to import all the neat comments folks have left me. 15 mcg / kg / min, multiply by 3 OR Dose available = 800 mg. 84 mg × 500 mL 800 mg. Unfortunately, this gives a much larger error rate…all the way up to a bit over 20 gtts/hr for our 300lb pt. Now, dopamine is especially atrocious because different dosages seem to have different properties. Recommended Reading; Swag; Podcast; Easy Dopamine Calculation. 1.04 ………………….260 ………………..1538 For vasopressor dosing, the math runs (9*kg)/16=ml/hr=kg*(9/16)=kg/1.77 repeating~lg/1.77. NOT drops per minute. ( Log Out /  Dopamine Calculation. .I did the math (to make sure I was right) others might not. This is a 2.67% error! 1 ml of commercially available contains 40 mg of dopamine. Pounds multiplied by 0.085 ( max 0.3% error differential ) Easy-peasy dopamine calculation for when you want the cardiac dose of 5mcg/kg/min: When your concentration is 1600 micrograms/milliliter, take the patient’s weight IN POUNDS, divide by 10, and subtract 2. 1000 0.34 0.76, For 10 mcg dose, multiply by 2, 15 mcg, by 3, 20 mcg, by 4. At 50 lbs, the Colorado method was 29.6% off; the DTs method was 6.67%; at 380 lbs, Colorado was 11.16% while DTs was 6.67%. And, if anyone can figure out a neat little math trick to get rid of that constant 6.67% (I am certain there must be one!) Standard 400 mg Dopamine (10 ml vial) is mixed in IV bag Thanks so much for reading – and correcting! I mean, come on, it works for a 100 kg patient, but…”. 20 mcg / kg / min, multiply by 4. Since DTS method is consistently 6.67 %, multiplying 20 gtts/min by the decimal form of 6.67% or 0.667 gives you the value 1.32 the 20 gtts/min is off by, so subtracting 20 from 1.32 gives you a more exact drip rate. ), So, for cardiac dosing, again, as noted above, if you reduce the equation, you wind up with 3*kg/16=ml/hr, thus kg*(3/16)=mg/hr, but if you take that 3/16 and get the inverse, 16/3=5.33 repeating, thus kg/5.33 repeating=ml/hr. I Will Findet…. Well, yes. The answer is 84 mg/hr. If you shave that down to just kg/5.33~mg/hr, you wind up with a very small margin of error (It increases as the weight increases, but for a 300lb pt, you are less than 1 gtt/hr off, assuming a 60 drop set.) would be ((160/2.2) * 5 * 60)/1600, or (72.73 * 300)/1600, or 13.64 ml/hr. Doing the math again, it reduces to 3*kg/40=ml/hr=kh*(3/40)=kg/13.33 repeating~kg/13.33. Step 2: Identity the ordered dose, which is always in microgram per kilogram per minute (mcg/kg/min). If anyone has different values as I may be wrong. 4 ……………………..1000 …………………400. Filed under: MedMath, Statistics, Tips and Tricks | Tagged: EMS, MEDMATH, Statistics |, I think your medmath is incorrect. These Dopamine drip practice problems were designed to help you better understand how to calculate an IV flow rate based on a patient’s weight, the ordered dose, and the amount of solution supplied. Marcus Prieskop | 11.01.08 – 6:12 am | #. please let me know, as that would be very cool indeed. “Brush up on medmath, DTs?” you say. And you’re quite right about the typo – I should have written 400mg dopamine for a 250mg bag. The 6.67 comes from the % difference between these. (220 POUNDS / 10) = 22, subtract 2 = 20 milliliters/hour. The actual calculation, where (milliliters per hour) = (weight kg) * (dose mcg/kg/min) * (60 min/hour) / (concentration mcg/ml). When calculating the % error you should do (x’-x)/x as we need to know the difference from the true value. 220 lb = 100 kg. Easy-peasy dopamine calculation for when you want the cardiac dose of 5mcg/kg/min: When your concentration is 1600 micrograms/milliliter, take the patient’s weight IN POUNDS, divide by 10, and subtract 2. Share this: Email; Print; Tweet; 2 Replies to “Easy Dopamine Calculation” Mike Ziem says: April 18, 2017 at 11:15 am Dopamine is 2-20 mcg/kg/min. As long, that is, as you want the 5 mcg/kg/min rate. I’ve cut-and-pasted the comments from this post, from the old site, where others also stepped up and corrected me. _______________________________________________. So I was re-familiarizing meself with all the available methods, e.g. 20 mcg × 70 kg × 60 min 1000 mcg. Is this method for calculating a mid to low dose? 20 mcg / kg / min, multiply by 4. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Rounded up 18.7 your actually only off now by 0.05 or 0.003%. (10 ml vial added to 100 & 250 ml bag, others are negligible) ( Log Out /  I apologize, i know I’m only a lowly EMT-B but shouldn’t it be, this guy weighs 220lbs, which times 2.2 is 100kg, and we need 5 mikes/kg so that’s 100 kg * 5 is 500 micrograms per minute, and there’s 800 milligrams of medicine in 250 milliliters of D5w so that makes 1600 micrograms per milliliter…. For this example we will use a 50 kilogram patient. Step 1: Obtain the patient’s weight in kilogram. That’s your drip in milliliters per hour. 100 ml (110) 0.0374 0.0836 Alright, well that’s great and all, but what about renal dosing? Dose ordered = 84 mg. Volume of dose available = 500 mL. Kilograms multiplied by 0.19 (exact is 0.1875) ( max 1.3% error diff. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. MULTIPLY BY….. For IV Bag….. (Actual Concentration) OR, OPTIONAL CONDENSED VERSION, 100 ml (110) …….0.0374 ……………0.0836 That constant error of 6.67% is because you’re dividing by 5, which is also multiplying by 0.2, instead of 0.1875. At least, I think that’s what it was called. 0.44 110 ml 3636 mcg / ml ( Log Out /  Seems like there ought to be an easy way to figure that as well, and sure enough, there is. “DTs, this is all fine,” you say, gently, “But you do realize that your simplistic, and simple-minded method, may not always apply? The answer is 52.5 mL/hr. But as any medic will tell you, med math is one of those facets of EMS where everyone has their own method.

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