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Something went wrong. – Here you let your customers know how long shipping and handling will take, what the cost of this is and elaborate on any additional shipping services you may offer, – This section specifies whether or not you accept returns, how long a customer has to return an item as well as any returns conditions you may feel necessary to stipulate, The method of payment being a credit card, And a returns policy that stipulates that the tags need to still be on the bag in order to be returned, Don’t forget or get lazy when it comes to giving your policy a title and description – this will make it easier for buyers to understand and navigate your policies and make for a smoother process, Consider using the readymade business policies that eBay provides – this will save you a lot of time especially if the policy they provide is close enough to what you had in mind. Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. View cart for details. If you do decide to accept returns then choose the number of days a customer has to notify you that they are interested in returning a product and specify what type of refund you are offering and whether you will replace the item or exchange it. (It doesn't have to get there inside five days, but you need to get it sent off inside that time.) Hi I´m a business seller. For items with a total cost of $750 or more, we require a proof of signature to confirm delivery. To start a return, select the item you want to send back from your recent purchases above, or use the button below. Learn more about our Condition of returns policy. We also went back and forth on the record about value, my belief that he was feeling “Buyer’s Remorse” and so on. When returning an item you should always use tracked shipping. Return the item in the same condition you received it in — pack it well. I got a second representative on the phone and explained my position. If you didn't get your item, you're covered under eBay Money Back Guarantee. In hindsight it was a mistake, so in this post I’ll explain the importance of having a bulletproof returns policy and how to create one. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. In fact, mastering eBay return policy was something I left to when I already achieved some measure of success. There was ZERO urgency in this case for the buyer to pay for the item without doing their homework. Once the seller receives the item back from you, or once they've agreed to refund you and let you keep the item, they have 2 business days to issue your refund. Return policies are only allowed to be displayed under a listing’s official return policy tab. All the buyer has to do is claim the item is not as described and they will be able to return it. If the returned item is opened, used, damaged, missing parts, or is damaged during return shipping because it wasn't packaged correctly, some sellers might deduct from your refund to cover the loss in the item's value. eBay Return Policy Does Not Fit: by: Rexford : Tue Jan 29 07:15:20 2019 "eBay will not countenance doing the honourable thing in cases of blatant return reason abuse." An important issue to keep in mind when considering your returns policy on eBay is that even if you opt for a ‘no returns’ policy, buyers can still return merchandise under the eBay money back guarantee which applies when sellers send items that do not match the item description or image. Griff, Brain Burke, Sony and Xbox set to change the game w/Jordan Sweetnam, Jen Deal (eBay Staff), Lynn Dralle (eBay Seller - thequeenofauctions) As a seller you have the opportunity to SELECT THAT while creating your listing. eBay may suspend or permanently stop offering the eBay return label service at any time in its absolute discretion. Fewer Return-Policy Options on eBay In explaining the reasoning behind the policy “compression,” Kupbens said eBay return policies were confusing to buyers because there were so many variations (there were 73 different returns options) and sometimes there would be conflicting policies in … Remember, your rights to a return, replacement or refund for faulty or non-compliant goods are in addition to any other rights under the seller's return policy or any warranty that comes with the goods. When they do, you'll receive an email letting you know. And Monday afternoon, I received a package from the buyer. There are several ways you can send an item back to the seller. For more information, see our Condition of returned items policy. I pointed out that the photos were included and the description stated the cards were damaged; I told him that the cards would go out ASAP. How they respond depends on the reason for your return. You will see this in the ‘, If you don’t see or can’t find the  drop-down menu then click ‘, An important issue to keep in mind when considering your returns policy on eBay is that even if you opt for a ‘no returns’ policy, buyers can still return merchandise under the eBay. Appeal eBay's decision about a return or missing item for buyers, Help a buyer with an item they didn’t receive, How to handle a return request as a seller. He wanted a partial refund to the tune of 25% of the total cost, citing that the cards were damaged and they were not worth what he paid for them. What should I do if I sent back the item, but the seller didn't receive it? You can choose to offer one of the following return policies: No returns; 30-day buyer-paid returns; 30-day free returns; 60-day buyer-paid returns; 60-day free returns; Some product categories have unique retail standards where you’ll be able to offer variations on the returns policy options. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria above, or are otherwise in breach of these Terms of Use, eBay's User Agreement or eBay's policies, eBay may take reasonable action against you, including but not limited to, returning the item to you at your expense or excluding you from using the eBay return label service. However, if an item arrives damaged, doesn't match the listing description, or if the buyer receives the wrong item, you'll generally need to accept the return. ( Log Out /  I wrestled with the idea and told her that I’d surly be calling back Friday (April 26) to have eBay step in and vindicate me as a seller seeing as how my posting showed the defects, and I had SELECTED THE NO REFUND/RETURN policy. Use TAB key to navigate results. The buyer has requested a return from their Purchase history in My eBay. Change ). Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Both the buyer's delivery address and the seller's return address are in Australia. This entry was posted on April 30, 2019 at 10:05 am and is filed under Misc.. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Rather than creating your business policies listing by listing, you can create multiple payment, shipping, and return policies. The seller will also pay for return shipping. If a returned item isn't in the same condition as it was received, the seller may deduct the amount of loss and only give you a partial refund. It may even be a leftover from eBay's origins as a 'move this junk out of my basement, I never want to see it again' days. A good idea is too add a measurement table and measurement illustrations to your listing. I refused and instead offered 10% even though this goes against my SELECTED EBAY OPTION TO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR OFFER REFUNDS. Griff, Rebecca Michals, Timely, important seller and buyer updates, Episode 116 || Honoring Our Veteran Sellers and Employees, Game On: Video Consoles Level Up w/Jordan Sweetnam. Accept your return request and offer a full refund – You'll return the item and the seller issues you a full refund – depending on their returns policy, this may or may not include the original shipping cost. If a seller offers returns, it's very likely that they'll be happy to exchange an item for you (for example, a different size) instead of giving you a refund. The five return policy options will be: No returns accepted 30-day buyer-paid returns 30-day free returns 60-day buyer-paid returns 60-day free returns Kudo. Why did I receive a refund that's less than what I paid for the item? I gave an example in a previous post explaining how to calculate your real eBay profit while taking returns into account. Note: This information is general in nature and is not intended to constitute legal advice. on small items i try hard to describe an item as best as possible , and with photos , also any questions are answered honestly , but i do check the "no returns accepted " box , as if its a £5 with free postage what is the point in a return. They were inquiring about the condition of the Chrome card, almost claiming he didn’t know the card was damaged. Get professional authentication and verified returns. This will save you a lot of time and effort and make sure your policies are always clear to potential customers. But things wouldn’t go so smooth. If there's a delay, contact the seller to see if they're still willing to accept your return. A day went by and I started thinking about the wording shown in the Refund Request and what the first representative said. Learn more about our Condition of returns policy. Accept your return request and offer a full refund – You'll return the item in the same condition in which it was received, and the seller issues you a full refund, including the original shipping cost. No Returns is not the same thing as No Refunds. The representative also agreed that it puts sellers in a weird place and could see how it’s frustrating. Also, I felt I had not only shown the cards accurately, but also felt that as a seller I had SELECTED THE OPTION OF NO RETURN/REFUND and by choosing that option, as well as stating it in the description, those words should mean something. We work hard to make returns smooth. The buyer decided to request a refund through proper eBay channels, citing that the item was not as described and in the process taking a picture of the damage to the Chrome card. I understand that she was just doing her job, and my issue was not with her, but with the policy, as well as with the buyer. View cart for details. If the item has a total cost of $750 or more it will need to be returned with a signature confirmation. Check the seller's return policy in the listing to see who is responsible for return shipping costs. She was hesitant to reply, but agreed with my assessment. Depending on the listing, you can return one item or multiple items. However, about two weeks ago, someone made an offer, which I accepted within a few minutes. I’m sure I am not breaking ground here with this, but for me this is a first time. Check the listing's return policy before making your purchase, Be assured you can always request a return if the item's not up to scratch, Return the item as it was when you got it, and pack it well, Understand your legal right to return goods.

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