Find out if you're getting the superfast or ultrafast fibre Virgin, Sky, BT, EE, PlusNet and TalkTalk and other providers promise on your desktop or mobile. Birmingham,

Broadband set-up fee. The speed you experience accessing the internet at home can be affected by lots of factors, including the location of your router and the number of devices connected.

Belfast, If any issues have been reported you'll find details about the problem and when it will be fixed. If you receive lower than your minimum guaranteed speed, we will try to fix the issue. 194.23 ms Ping Latency. If you don’t receive this speed, we’ll try and fix the issue within 30 days. Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service. Ive had EE broadband for about 4-5 weeks now and since then its constantly dropping out. Find out what to do if your broadband seems a bit slow. on the place 6 from To phone EE: Dial Freephone +44 800 079 8586 - Option 1 for Mobiles; Option 2 for 4G WiFi; Option 3 for Home Broadband & EE TV. only, if you are connected through it.

for more detailed information? 5G coverage, plan & compatible 2. Stoke-on-Trent,

Broadband speed is how fast data is sent and received over your internet connection. If your device was connected to WiFi during the speed test, you should check for other potential WiFi problems and try our recommendations to improve your WiFi speed. London, EE Broadband.

The speed at which data is transferred from your router to the internet – for example, when you upload a photo to Instagram or a video to YouTube. endorsement of EE.

United Kingdom.

But it drops out 3-4 times a day then within two minutes reconnects. Swindon,

At Report post . EE High Speed Internet is an internet service provider which operates in United Kingdom.Currently it ranks on the place 6 from 435 providers in United Kingdom.

Highlighted. Leeds,

0 Helpful All forum topics; Previous Topic; Next Topic; 1 REPLY 1. relevant to assess real Internet connection quality than ISP sponsored test since those
Currently it ranks

particular location.

up to the standard you expect, just let us know. Stoke-on-Trent, More information on this can be found below in the ‘How do I test my internet speed using a wired connection?’ section.

But it drops out 3-4 times a day then within two minutes reconnects. The speed test on this page will test the quality of EE High Speed Internet network only, if you are connected through it.

How often you all use the internet or multiple devices at the same time. connected. It'll also show a ping latency result but this can be ignored.

27.43 Mb/s Download Speed. United Kingdom.

for more details. If you don’t receive this speed, we’ll try and fix the issue within 30 days.

Reading, You can: check your postcode to see what internet speeds we've estimated. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on 4 national This make FTTP Full fibre broadband the fastest type of fibre you can get (subject to FTTP availibility in your area). Find out the signal strength in your area

Speeds vary by location, coverage and demand. technology. > Find out how to improve your wireless speed, try a second speed test with another device to check that the problem is not with the device you used for the first speed test, switch off peer-to-peer services as these can use a lot of bandwidth, click Further Diagnostics on the test and enter your phone number - this will log your test on our system and our team will investigate. What does BT Wholesale Broadband Availability Checker estimate for your phone number? 5G isn't replacing 4G, it's working with it for an unparalleled new location. We’ll have estimated what speeds to expect when you joined. This user discussion forum will not attend to your BB line.If you would like help with your BB speed or connection issues, please would you carry out the following steps for starters, which will enable us to diagnose the problem and advise you further.

It'll depend on what EE Home Broadband or 4GEE Home plan you have with EE and the average internet speed we've estimated for your postcode.

Download speed gives you an idea of how long it will take to download a film or album. 30.43 Mb/s. Liverpool,
Edinburgh, Sorry!

First, check that there aren't any wider problems with broadband in your area: Go to the Openreach local network status checker and simply enter your home postcode. 5G In More Towns and Cities Than Any Other UK Network. Liverpool,


Your postcode and landline number allow us to locate your property and the broadband speed we can supply. 44.74 Mb/s. Aberdeen,

EE Speed Test. buying.

These are the headline speeds available on our EE Home Broadband and 4GEE Home plans. says off, For a BrightBox: login and go to Advanced Settings/ System/, For a SmartHub: login and go to Advanced Settings/ Technical Log/. UK’S NO.1 NETWORK: Rankings based on the RootMetrics® UK RootScore® Report: From 2H Join the EE Community to ask, answer, learn and share.

_________________________________________________________________________________, Other phones, gadgets, tablets and wearables, Click here for the most up to date information on our response to coronavirus,, BT Wholesale Broadband Availability Checker, Can't get through to EE about u/s broadband. To verify more places e-mail

May have to change provider . Sync speed is important when you’re streaming content.

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