With male and female attitude and preaching phrases, vocal FX, and spoken word samples, you could come to this one time and time again and manage to find something new. The vocals are presented both dry and with effects added, so you can take your pick. Each vocal is creative, unique and can take your production to the next level. Soundproz Vocal Samples; On the Soundproz website you’ll find over 25 zipped vocal sample packs, adding up to about 230 free vocal samples. “Emotional Vocal Atmospheres” is great way to breathe a new life into your composition with vocal drones and atmospheres, this sample library is working perfectly with any musical genre.

Copyright © 2008-2020 Loopmasters. A vocal sample pack by Black Octopus called Linguistics, which contains 106 vocal samples. Not only do the vocals come as part of the bargain, you also get the individual stems for the songs themselves. Check out the demo loops on the main store page to get your ears around them.

Industrial Strength // 189 Samples // £29.95. Free Soul Samples. They change the entire vibe of your track by giving it more feeling and originality. With the Love Letter sample pack, you can now get over 100 amazing professionally recorded vocals for your tracks. This one’s more than worth a browse to get some inspiration for a breakdown, and intro, or a hook to build a song around. In this royalty-free pack you’ll find five separate vocal stems, dry and wet, to inject into your projects, as well as a couple of dozen vocal loops that could find a home in any modern, loud genre or track. In detail you will find 5 construction kits, 10 vocal atmospheres and 15 vocal drones.

Features may be limited on mobile. Tanzania’s Maasai tribe are the subject of this excellent-and-exotic pack.

You can find these vocals to audition with your tracks and buy individually on Loopcloud as well as here on Loopmasters. Arranged into five ‘song kits’, Vocals with Attitude brings you five logical collections of lyrics, but also breaks things down into adlibs, phrases and other vocal hits that could find a home as FX or incidental sounds in other tracks. Vocals help your tracks to connect to the audience on an emotional level. If you need royalty-free rap acapellas and you need them now, you can’t get much better than this pack of NY-flavoured male vocal samples. Thanks to their Creative Commons license, the original movies from which these samples were taken are fair game to sample, and Resonance Sound have done it for you to create this absolutely unique pack (unless you count the sequels it spawned due to its success). They're the part of the music that really – literally – speaks to people, bringing new levels of humanity to otherwise clinical, artificial setups.

Gone are the aggressive, in-your-face tones of some sample packs, as SampleState have recruited Keiran Fowkes to lay his emotional, dusky vocals down for this pack.

Kickstart your next project with samples from Trap Soul Vocals by 91Vocals.

With its five full male top lines ready to slot into your tracks, this is a soulful yet sultry pack to inject a real mood into any track you care to throw it at. They change the entire vibe of your track by giving it more feeling and originality. Cinematic, ambient, IDM, chillout, meditation… Epica II covers a lot of bases.

The male and female vocals are used in various tracks, each complete with detailed lyrics, and some double-tracked for extra effect. With four vocalists across seven songs, presented as dry and wet loops to arrange how you see fit, Iconical Vocal Acapellas gives you a huge toolbox to put together fully-formed lyrics in your next track… or simply a massive collection of creative sampling and mangling opportunities. Available in both Apple Loops and WAV formats, and taking in BPMs from 90 to 125, this pack is a tour de force of well-recorded, meaningful, musical, and most importantly, eminently useable vocals. But finding the right vocal to sit on a track is just like finding the right singer: you can look for a lifetime and still know it's somewhere out there.

• 15 Vocal Drones The pack is presented with vocal-only samples, but the vocal tradition of the Maasai tribe themselves mean some of the samples are more akin to textures, atmospheres and totally unique soundbeds that have to be heard to be believed. Browse our collection of free Soul samples and Soul loops, Soul sample packs, soulful vocals, drum loops and brass samples. These aren’t the same old vocals you hear on the web. 2GB of samples at 138bpm – now there’s a psytrance toolbox!

All rights reserved. From dancehall divas to the spoken-word, from tribal chants to vintage movies, there's something for everyone in this rundown. Vocals help your tracks to connect to the audience on an emotional level. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. For a better experience, we recommend you visit our site on your desktop or laptop. This is your starting point for finding out how to get the most out of your Loopmasters samples. *This pack is 100% Royalty-free so once purchased you can use the product without having to pay any hidden costs.

For those vocals, bewitching close-recorded female material is the prime draw here, giving you the ASMR chills to touch the listener where they least expect it. Here you get five whole kits of entire female vocal lines, presented by the creators TD Audio as five entire songs. They're the part of the music that really – literally – speaks to people, bringing new levels of humanity to otherwise clinical, artificial setups.

Feeling down in the dumps? Across nearly 2GB of samples, you get five full songs to crib from or re-produce yourself, alongside 49 choral vocals, 134 adlibs, and loads more. In more detail, there are 56 Mantra vocals (plus 100 wet versions), 81 Shamanic voices, 54 gated vocals, 100 ad libs, which is already plenty to get your off the blocks. In this article, we'll run down the best and most notable collections of royalty free vocal sample packs in the Loopmasters catalogue.

Another left-field pack that could find its place slap-bang in the middle of any electronic tune, this one contains 282 phrases and snippets of the spoken word.

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