this is usually motivated by factors such as pride, peer pressure, institutional pressures and financial considerations. [5] It is strongly recommended that athletes and sports clinicians sign written agreements before the start of a season or term wherein it is made clear that the sports clinician does have the athlete's consent to share information with the coach or management team if need be and appropriate. From Title IX, which forces colleges to have gender-equitable teams, to a rule in the NFL that forces coaches to look at a more diverse candidate pool, it is obvious that the sports industry is not immune to the ethical issue of diversity. CIAU. [8] Unfortunately, these results often in athletes seeking medical advice outside of the team environment. It is always the athlete's decision on what course of treatment he would prefer. Baade, R. A. and R. F. Dye: 1988, ‘Sports Stadium and Area Development: A Critical Review’, Economic Development Quarterly

Conflicts of Interest in Sports Medicine.

[4] In sports medicine a wide variety of ethical dilemmas may be found and unfortunately ,there are no unique right answers for many of these situations. Part of every sport manager's job is to make sure he is acting in an ethical way and facing any ethical issues head on.

'23 Institutions on NCAA Probation': 1996, The Chronicle of Higher Education, June 28, A26. CMAJ. : Ethical issues concerning New Zealand sports doctors. Managers now are forced with a big ethical question. Another area where the complexities of sports medicine are evident is in the system of transferring athletes between clubs or professional teams. Ways to improve the ethical decision-making abilities of health care professionals involved in sports: Ethical decision-making can be challenging in the world of sports medicine. - Types of ethical issues experienced by health care professionals working in sports include: 1. Ethical issues in sports medicine: a review and justification for ethical decision making and reasoning. Sex segregation in sport - In the case of Caster Semenya, Olympic gold medalist in the 800m, it is shown that based on "nothing more than suspicion born of visual impression". [1] Knowledge of the principles and exposure to the practice of ethics are helpful in the decision-making process. [12], Also, even if sports clinicians have the legal right to inform team management about relevant injuries of an athlete, there is still a gray area about what is appropriate information to be shared - some issues such as drug or alcohol abuse, or psychological issues may influence an athletes' performance, but divulging this information to management might have a negative impact on the athlete's career.

This constant pressure may compel health care professionals to rather focus on the short-term solutions to injury rather than consider the long-term effects of such solutions and decisions. Kilburg, P. and D. Strischek: 1985, ‘Lending to Health Clubs’, The Journal of Commercial Bank Lending (August), 8–20. McGraw-Hill. Exercise and Sports Science Australia : Code of professional conduct and ethical practice. Crosset, T. and M. A. Hums: In press, ‘Ethics Applied to Sport’, in L. P. Masteralexis, C. A. Barr and M. A. Hums (eds. 'TLB 1996 Annual Industry Report': 1996, Team Licensing Business

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