Already tagged. No Effects. Feb 25, 2017 - File:ACS Evie Frye Nightshade Cloak Outfit - Concept Art.jpg Different capes can be added for bonuses. Evie has 10 different outfits, while Jacob 9 (one inspired to Ezio Auditore’s). 8. 17. Already tagged. Defender’s Garb Outfit. Already tagged . Here are these. 2016/2017 - Costume made and worn by me - Embroideries are handmade by me - Gauntlet metal parts and hidden blade made by my Dad - Canesword, kukri and hood-gems made by Shiva Cosplay. 56. Already tagged. 21. Ten outfits are available for Evie in the game. So, let’s discover what they change in the gameplay and how you can get them: Evie’s Outfits. Public. Basic Outfit. You need to experience a rift in the Animus in order to unlock this. 3. 1. 56. Effects: Increase cane-sword damage by 10%; Military Outfit. Evie’s Outfits. Updated about a year ago. 37. You start the game with this basic outfit of Evie.

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