Wedding Vision & Priorities. Number of people in wedding party (including family) Are there any family challenges (i.e. This is also great because you know that you have more creative freedom to capture their wedding.

Wedding Planning Questionnaire for New Planning Clients This document can be used in your first meeting or phone call after booking a new partial or full-service wedding planning client.
Most of the time, couples have the venue picked out before the photographer; but some times you get lucky and they want suggestions.

This is important in planning out what you will be able to fit in and capture during the day. After all, it is a two-way deal; the couple should have realistic expectations from you and you should be able to deliver to their satisfaction. As a wedding planner, I’ve always been in search of the best way to get inside the head of my client. Follow me on IG!

There are lots of ways to create probing questions for events. Enjoy our International Wedding Trend Report,

There are many ways to ask questions at events, but great event planning questionnaires will include three key elements. However, I would hint to them that up close and personal will produce the best, most memorable shots. Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue.

Find this out before the day comes and you end up scrambling in order to be able to shoot their wedding. Ex. Then, let your answers guide you through the wedding planning process, from deciding on a venue ... ceremony, or reception, and your ideal time to wed. Make sure they share if they are getting ready at separate locations and if the ceremony is in a different location than the reception. If the couple aren’t sure, you can also estimate charges on a “per head” basis.

You’ve done it!

Find questions that fit your business model and improve your chances of landing the contract. Either way, it is good to know.

Last Name.

If they want the wedding to be more in the moment and not interrupted by a camera shutter, then that is their choice. This is important because it is THEIR day. They want you to plan an event, and they’re very enthusiastic about hiring you. The size and scope of the wedding will help you decide whether you have the resources for the job. around the world. CONGRATS! YYYY. !��/)��{~��>f���V��gi�`���ˬ��I^�a�o�;[U��5خ�h�����(ɞ4�I�3H}Þ2��a#L�Uh� Lf���&��(��3�VlJ�H! You may like to frame your questions based on the type of service you offer. You can direct the client elsewhere if it is impossible to work with their budget.
Style or Theme How do you want to feel on your wedding day?

You’ve found your perfect wedding client and now they want to meet you. [��7 ���U���{E���cS���b� �i��}p��wT�ܣ��*�옻?�H�26��l%��"�eh4&�)۲��&�R��N!

written by the industry for the industry. In that first consultation, the questions I ask help me begin to get a feel for the type of event the couple are dreaming of. Minute.

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