You should address forward head posture along side thoracic hyperkyphosis. It hurts somewhere between the shoulderblades (or a little lower). Forward-head posture will pull the person out of anatomical position creating … It is all feeling much worse and tight, so I went to see a physio yesterday. As this exercise becomes easier, challenge yourself with the following exercise progressions…. I’ll start being more conscious of my posture and doing these exercises everyday. Mark, Thanks for your help in correcting forward head posture.

Its amazing.

My inspiration for posting these blog articles was to originally help my own patients at the clinic.

I find that if I do too many cat/cows where you extend and flex the neck, I get tight suboccipitals.

I worry I might inadvertently be putting pressure on a muscle or nerve I shouldn’t be. However, when you are not doing the exercises, you can just slightly tuck the chin in.

I have a lot of postural problems and I’ve been looking at your exercises (which I’m very grateful for) and I have the problem of not being able to use my hands much.

Dear Mark, I have been experiencing headache at the front of my head for almost 4 years. I would recommend against doing any exercises where you have to lie on your stomach. 2018 Dec;9(6):309. (Also attractive so kudos for that!).

When forward head posture causes muscle pain, it typically feels like one or more of the following: See How Neck Pain and Headache Can Occur Together.

Imagine how you are going to feel/look in another 2-3 months! Whilst sitting upright, gently tuck your chin in. I saved this article and I am going to go back on it for stretches. Hi Mark, thank you for your advice, this article (and the rounded shoulders one) is great. Not so long after my son was diagnosed with a terminal muscle wasting disease. By turning your head more towards one side and adding a chin tuck, you will bias the stretch more towards the side you are turning to. Forward head posture can be related to headaches. I also noticed when I was fixing my posture, I told myself “I have a heavy head! I will start trying to incorporate some of these exercises and bring them up when I see my physiotherapist.

Gently rotate your head from side to side to emphasize certain areas. I’ve given up trying to do this on my own and need professional help.

Thank you so much for doing this for patients!!!!!! The stretch is performed in a motion where the chin goes towards the chest, whereas, in a forward head position, the chin is goes away from the chest (… or pokes forward). I just wanted to know if this posture can cause headaches?

I am so grateful for this website and will be recommending it to my future clients.

And check out this ebook: How to set up your workstation.

Great that you are taking the steps to correct your posture. I am sure not, but how it works from bio-mechanics standpoint. Is it harder to hold the bowling ball close to you or holding it with outstretched arms waaaaay in front of you? (I laugh to myself now.) I do recognized I have forward head posture after reading your post. The problem with this, of course, it does not encourage a neutral neck position. Hi Mark, Finding this site has been a godsend.

In terms of how long before you see some change: After a solid week of doing the exercises everyday, you should start to feel that the exercises become easier and less awkward to perform.

The effect of manual therapy and stabilizing exercises on forward head and rounded shoulder postures: a six-week intervention with a one-month follow-up study. You can start anywhere :) .. Just make sure you start! Over time –  see how your body responds and adjust frequency accordingly. When it comes to maintain the ideal posture, you want to align your ear canal so that it falls in line with your shoulder joint (providing that your shoulder joint is in the right position). I always had a bad posture and my shoulder blades are unequal (one protruding and the other not) and my shoulder’s are also unequal (one stuck forward, the other not – most likely because I always find myself sleeping on the right side).

Thanks for this. I wore a neck collar (for a brief period) to stop forward head. When you say that your neck joints may be “stuck in the poked neck position” do you mean that the cervical lordosis may be straightened or reversed? My chiropractor said I have lost the curve of my neck and have a forward head posture. Hi Mark, I have been following your advice and doing the exercises for 4 months now. i also noticed that i have a poked neck and my upper back seems hunched/sway back?? I used to sit on the floor for long periods of time reading books and I had bad posture which is why this eventually happened to me. But like most people I have been slacking off on the exercises and not standing as much at my stand-up desk. You can try using a lacrosse ball. Hi. This is to make sure that there are no potential blockages. Can I still do chin tucks and the other stretches and my spin will correct and straighten normally OVER this hump? I’m a righted tennis player and found that if I relaxed standing my pelvis would lean heavily to the left side and force my right leg and hip to hyperextend. A quick google/youtube search will show you how to do it quickly. Hi, Mark, can you provide a link for the base of the skull massager ball? She said nothing was ‘fused’ after I asked her, but my spine is slightly curved-I’m unsure what that means. My wife measures about 2.25 to 2.5″ from the back of my head to the wall. I do have slightly bulging disc in my neck area between C3-7. Thank you Mark for everything you’ve done and this great site of yours. Make sure the curve of your neck is supported and neutral head is maintained. I also found out I had really tight calf muscles. Using your phone too low can definitely encourage this posture and cause the said symptoms. Can you please provide your thoughts on this? It feels as though my curved neck has got much much worse in the last month.

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