[70] They intended to severely limit the office of Chancellor,[61] and reorganize Germany to include many elements of British liberalism.

After several cauterisations, and with no signs of improvement, Frederick and his wife went to the spa of Bad Ems, where he drank the mineral waters and underwent a regimen of gargles and inhaling fresh air, with no effect. On the third day of the battle he wrote to her again: "Who knows whether we may not have to wage a third war in order to keep what we have now won? Unable to influence policy at the height of his power, health, and popularity following his military successes, Frederick was again unable to do so during his reign.

[12] Frederick experienced his first combat in the Second Schleswig War. [37] Frederick would spend a large portion of time in Britain, where Queen Victoria frequently allowed him to represent her at ceremonies and social functions. [38] However, when war with Austria broke out, he accepted command of one of Prussia's three armies, with General Leonhard Graf von Blumenthal as his chief of staff.

[77][91][92] Dr. J. McCullough claims that Frederick would have averted World War I—and by extension the resulting Weimar Republic[92]—while other historians such as Michael Balfour go even further by postulating that, as the end of World War I directly affected the state of the world's development, the liberal German Emperor might also have prevented the outbreak of World War II. [12] Bismarck, now Chancellor, disliked Frederick and distrusted the liberal attitudes of the Crown Prince and Princess. [58] As the German Emperor, he officially received Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (his mother-in-law) and King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway, and attended the wedding of his son Prince Henry to his niece Princess Irene. [19], Victoria, Princess Royal—eldest daughter of Queen Victoria—whom Frederick married in 1858, Royal marriages of the 19th century were arranged to secure alliances and to maintain blood ties among the European nations.

In Germany, their goal was to protect freedoms, such as the freedom of assembly and freedom of the press, and to create a German parliament and constitution. The bleeding subsided after two hours, but Bergmann's actions resulted in an abscess in Frederick's neck, producing pus which would give Frederick discomfort for the remaining months of his life. Although it was an arranged marriage, the newlyweds were compatible from the start and their marriage was a loving one;[23][24] Victoria too had received a liberal education and shared her husband's views. [8] They believe that he would not have dared to oppose both his father and Bismarck to change Germany's course; a natural soldier, he was steeped in his family's strong military tradition, and had happily reported to his father since he joined the army at the age of ten. "[43] For his behaviour and accomplishments, The Times wrote a tribute to Frederick in July 1871, stating that "the Prince has won as much honour for his gentleness as for his prowess in the war". [89][96] According to Arthur Rosenberg, despite his liberal tendencies Frederick still firmly believed in Bismarck and his system,[97] with Dorpalen adding that in any case Frederick had too weak and ineffectual a character to have brought about real change, regardless of how long he reigned. [58] He arrived in Toblach on 7 September, exhausted and hoarse.

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