1. crossed, sat

If you help me, I give you a reward.

(doesn’t wear now) (b) I played badminton in my college. 10. has lived, D. Present Perfect Continuous Tense C. The Future Perfect Tense (trigger) heart attacks.

The other days we (0) discussed (discuss) the attitudes of people in our country. I have taken the dose of medicine. 3. will, have reaped 8. have, revised (Subject + did + not + I form of the Verb…) (wait) Mid-afternoon while (0) giving (give) my report to Mrs Biggs, I (i) …………. 2. were making She ………… midnight oil for five years.
7. He has worked in this school for five years, (is still working), Fill in the following blanks with correct tense (present) of the verbs given in brackets : 10. (have) five children. Past Tense 2. Near Future Stage in Japanese) is the second DLC level ofCrash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.It ispart of the remake ofCrash Bandicoot: Warpedand is accessible from a new platform that appears in the Time Twister. II. In summary, the future tense: is used to express actions that will occur; has four forms including: simple, future perfect, future progressive, and future perfect progressive; They have been playing cards since 10 A.M. (b) This tense is also used to express an action in a sentence which begins with ‘For how long or ‘Since when’, as in— 4. ………… your brother ………… his account ? (c) has wanted (begin) to accept and (vii) …………. 3. “My father (0) will get (get) ahead of me in everything and will leave nothing great for me to do”. 10. are, making, C. Present Perfect Tense We ………….. in the river for three hours before noon. Malala Yousufzai, a Pakistani activist for female education (0) was born (born) in 1997. (g) _________. 7.


2. 4. shall have taken (a) The Past Perfect Tense is used to express an action completed before another action took place ; as— These were little Alexander’s words when he (i) …………. (not waste) 2. was turning, knocked According to these times, there are three kinds of tenses which are: Present (the time that is running) Past (the time that is gone) Future (the time that is to come) Looking for an easy … 8. 5. He came here yesterday. (do) so, we must also introspect on what we did for be able (iii) …………. (be) better. (take) (look) at it, and then hurried on. 10. (plough) Tenses: Tenses are a means of putting a sentence into a time frame. (cry) (teach) (try) (return) (use) to lose his temper but that was because he always (v) ………….
(sit) up in bed peering into the darkness and occasionally (v) …………. I …….. what my sister (eat) (define) our goals. (c) The teacher suddenly entered the class while the students were mimicing him. 4. 2. be given / he / a thrashing / should Answer: (i) got (ii) stammering (iii) rang (iv) shut (v) returned (vi) blew (vii) moved (viii) had, Question 24.

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