Steel case hardening depth of the carburized steel depends upon the carburizing time and the surface carbon intensity.

In batch furnaces, ggas can cagburising heated in Endogas until they reach the furnace temperature; then carburizing can commence with the addition of the enriching gas. Therefore, for best results, the workload should be heated to the carburizing temperature in a near-neutral furnace atmosphere. Specialty Steel Treating is a leading provider of gas carburizing services and has been providing services for over 60 years. The production of Endothermic gas is usually carried out in an external gas generator. Plasma carburization is increasingly used to improve the surface characteristics such as wear, corrosion resistance, hardnessload-bearing capacity, in addition to quality-based variables of various metals, notably stainless steels. Trying to manufacture hard steel products on a mass scale? The typical pressure range for low pressure vacuum carburizing is 1-20 Torr. �I�!�*.�K7Q�vv��4ӏ��Ȯ9�Ȇ�Q�:I v� X�CX� �j/* \��[�}���� �M_�n�|+;�jωA�Eu�J�s�cc�K.q�b.�]���$�죝�� ?�鱮�zBl��8��[�fR . ;������Һ�����pn��%8�Hя� �l[W���Z&� C�-CR���d įc���ڟAr(��6!�����%�7�g�q���UH� s�L�{��#�4�x��,x�� �d(pYS�q�V:�G�1����l�L}�/ � �~�#�����K�7x�gu !. ��mW�aC$�pz�A���>���4c�x�coU�G�/�)��}�m'H�rck�{�p����"� :>�Gl˜�x�ɱւ��*S:�z\3��Y�'�W��FlνMR2 4^�JdɎ�2���J,=Ũ�����MLKk���]��$�]~��®�@� �NVRͩ�4O����U)8��jCEI3j��M�!-tm��B���.���s�Z�Q�'O��H�����U�ȓ�:1�6zy� �M�6F ��識Bt�M��Ȥi|��M�`�T��X�G�S�P��O���ڷ��"?�G�[��$b�Lj7.=`���EA�@ʅ����4����. Vacuum Cqrburising The vacuum carburizing process involves carburizing in a low pressure environment that is oxygen-free. There is not just one carburization process available. The micro-structural elements have an unfavorable effect on the distribution of residual stresses. The models accurately predict: 1) the atmosphere gas composition during the enriching stage of carburizing, 2) the kinetics of carbon transfer at the gas-steel surfaces, and 3) the carbon diffusion coefficient in steel for various process conditions and steel alloying. Vacuum carburizing low pressure carburizing or LPC caburising be applied across a large spectrum of parts when used in conjunction with either oil or high pressure gas quenching HPGQdepending on the alloying elements within the base material. Carburizing is essentially the addition of carbon. Methods of Carburizing While the fundamental carburizing principle has not changed much since its inception, the carbon introduction techniques have been improving. This vat is filled with a mixture of substances, typically including cyanide and salt. For Endogas produced from pure methane, the air-to-methane ratio is about 2. Depending on the final requirement for effective case depth, the whole cycle may take many hours. Specialty Steel Treating is a leading provider of gas carburizing services and has been providing services for over 60 years. If one compares the carbon transfer of different process gases on flat surfaces, there is no large difference (Figure 13.19), except for methane.But for complex geometries and dense loads, the various hc gases used for low pressure carburizing produce different results.

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