the wheat out on a cloth on the floor and beat it with sticks or Maybe it’s when Gideon added in the battle cry “The sword for the Lord AND for Gideon.”  Was that where it started? When a child finds a word ask him or her how the word relates to the Bible lesson. *If you don't want to use the cards, you can just Use a tape that isn't very sticky, such as painters tape, so you can remove the figure and place it on another card. By far the most popular activity was our Gideon’s torch craft. In class place a character sheet behind the landscape pattern and have the children take turns picking a flap and lifting it to see if Gideon is behind the flap. I am a children's minister and just wanted to thank you for a brilliant site! Just like there’s not always a lot of Deborah activities for kids, there’s not really a lot of Gideon activities for kids, beyond the “make a trumpet” and blow it craft for Sunday School. Relay Race 1 - Review the Bible verse several times before playing this game. Break your children up into teams of four. Some of more colors than others. Gideon … Bring in some sheaves of wheat. You can use the complete poster and print it on white paper, or print the background pattern onto colored paper and the Bible verse patterns onto white paper. In class have the children take turns trying to find The Israelite people had disobeyed God so He let them be ruled over by the Midianites for 7 years. Theresa Bostick, I did the Gideon lesson last night with my kids (2-4 year olds) and they loved it. In class have your children search for words that relate to the lesson. Show your children the first card and have them say the words while they do the motions. Always live God's way. Be courageous - Children pretend to be holding a firehose. They kids thought this was great fun, and when I turned on the flashlight they had to scream in terror just like the Midianite army did. You will find them in the dried flower section. picture and character sheets. chance to play. I rolled up a few pieces of tape and stuck them on the inside. These Bible verse printables can be used in many ways to review the 1 Corinthians 16:13. - Picture of a weight lifter. Good Guy Gideon Stand firm in the faith; - Hiker standing on a rock, 4. made flour for bread from wheat. “Gideon Craft Ideas” Judges 6-7 Bible Craft Activities for Sunday School The story of Gideon is an amazing and sometimes […] Thank you for this invaluable resource! Sadly, we did it in the day time, so it didn’t look as cool as it would have looked in your dark closet. Next up we learn about our final Judge: Samson. A printable pattern for this craft is available to members and as an instant download above. DLTK's Bible Activities for Kids Gideon Games & Puzzles. My kids wanted to smash terra cotta pots and hold real torches, but I thought that would cause too much destruction to my house, so we just acted it out with flashlights, pots, and trumpets. This was call winnowing the wheat. I made up a song that I think goes very well with this lesson. hide a "Gideon doll" or a picture of Gideon in the room and see who can find Gideon first. Just pray to God each day. Answer Buzzers - A great way to step up your Bible Review Games! His name was Gideon The following crafts and activities about Gideon come from The Resource Room. Today we are studying Gideon. Since we were inside the "cave" the children listened very closely. flower arrangements.) They are used in So, I study Gideon over and over trying to learn more, but I haven’t found that answer yet. The children really enjoyed reenacting Where did he go so wrong? They really enjoyed it. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas! The lesson went very well. We talked about how God's love helps to protect Gideon from the mean and might men of Midian. (Amazon links are affiliate links marked with an *) Gideon activities for kids. Children will also be eager to see what is hiding behind the flaps including: a monkey, gecko, camel, lion, bison, dinosaur, gorilla, bears, and an alligator. Lesson Opening: Begin the lesson with a couple of visual illustrations: Us versus them: invite several students to stand up (the whole group, depending on size). Before class print out the patterns and make copies. Plus, to show how God used only a few men, I used colored buttons and put them on a pile on the floor. I discovered this website a few months ago and absolutely love it! In class ask your preschoolers to see how many Israelites they can find. I’m somewhat surprised my kids didn’t want to do that, but considering I had them rebuild the pots last time we smashed them…. Spread out a clean tablecloth on the floor or on a and then throw the seed and chaff straight up in the air on a windy Print the directions below and watch the craft demonstration video to finish your preparation. Trust and obey, Trust and obey. Be on your guard - Children put one hand out pretending to use a flashlight. ©2002, Digital by Design- See Copyright Information. ), 1. To do this they would place a blanket on the ground I mean it’s not like Gideon was a horrible person, he did a lot of great things, but somewhere he forgot it wasn’t Gideon doing those great things. class print out and the landscape Put glue on the bottom of the rectangle and roll it up onto the match stick for a cool looking small torch. Tell the children that people in Bible times Horizontal - strength, pray, brave, angel, wheat, hide, lord, weak, Vertical - strong, obey, Gideon, scared, power, help. The wheat can be a little prickly.) 2. Of was it when he went and punished the people who didn’t help him? Be strong. Thank you for another wonderful lesson! Volume Four – Battle for the Promised Land, Shred the paper into small 1 inch or so shapes. verse picture. ON-LINE GAMES AND PUZZLES: Gideon Games & Puzzles On-Line Jigsaw Puzzle. Gideon loved God and obeyed him (If you have very little children, you may want to give them a cloth to put over the wheat and then have them rub the cloth over the wheat on a paper plate. The other children in class should say the Bible verse using the children to help them remember the verse. Before class print out the activity sheet and make copies. Before class print out the two pattern sheets and cut the cards apart. And when your troubles begin to double Next, I crinkled a whole sheet of orange tissue paper and stuck it inside the cone. By far the most popular activity was our Gideon’s torch craft. Ask them if they think they can work as a group to knock down the teacher, or another adult nearby. Cut out the Good Guy Gideon figure and tape it to the back of one of the cards. 1. is hiding under. Testament Bible Stories Wooden Cube Puzzle, Alpine Tunnel Slide - Soft Indoor Play Equipment, Little Love Letters from God: Bible Stories Board Book, The Art of Bible Journaling: More Than 60 Step-by-Step Techniques for Expressing Your Faith Creatively, Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens - A Dodgeball Card Game - Family-Friendly Party Games, Small Deluxe Flannel Board Felt Bible Story Set, God Provides Victory through Gideon - Arch Books, Bedtime Bible Story Book: 365 Read-aloud Stories from the Bible, Bible Devotions For Bedtime (Bedtime Bible Stories), The Beginner's Bible Super-Duper, Mighty, Jumbo Activity Book, The Everything Kids Bible Trivia Book: Stump Your Friends and Family With Your Bible Knowledge, Hidden Pictures, Grades 1 - 3: Explore Hidden Treasures in God's Word (Fun Faith-Builders), "Beware of the Dogs!" In class have your children color the Bible verse sheets with colored pencils and them glue them to the background sheet to make posters. Be Strong - Children pretend to be making muscles. Let love live in your heart today. "The Lord is with you, brave and mighty man". A printable pattern for this craft is available to members and as an instant download above. Now, the torch does serve a purpose beyond looking cool. 3. and we glued them to craft sticks. It helps remind the kids that God can use anyone, even the least significant person from the smallest clan, and the weirdest weapon to win a great battle. I rolled the brown construction paper in to a cone shape and taped down the edges (You may have to fold down some corners of the page that stick up.). the story with the puppets. I’ve always thought Gideon was a great example of a man who started strong, and then went horribly wrong. Written by Nancy Foss First they had to separate the Only three hundred was God plan They would Told them the story, the little ones were a little scared but they all enjoyed it. Ask them if they have every been scared or hid when they were frightened. Which didn’t really excite me, my kids make quite enough noise on their own. Keep up the great work! Stand firm in the faith - Children hold both arms, hands in fist, above their heads. children the wheat. Thank you for the wonderful lesson. Preschoolers will love trying to find Good Guy Gideon behind the flaps. Sunday School Lesson, Ultimate Sticker Book: Old Testament (Ultimate Sticker Books), 101 Great Games for Kids: Active, Bible-Based Fun for Christian Education, Copyright 1996 - Digital by Design, Inc      Privacy Policy. Your email address will not be published. Gideon didn’t think God could use him to free Israel from her enemies, but God did. "Gideon - Brave & Mighty". Thanks. We made torches using brown construction paper and orange tissue paper. So, I study Gideon over and over trying to learn more, but I haven’t found that answer yet. We would thrash, be silent to listen for any Midianites, and then thrash again, and then listen again. Go over it several times until your children know the words. Gideon Games & Puzzles Cryptogram. Activity Introduction to Gideon Sunday School Lesson. Good Guy Gideon. Katherine Welch, My preschool Sunday school class recently did the lesson "Gideon-Brave & Mighty". The closet really did make it look cool. These free, printable Gideon Bible activities for kids will help children understand that God can use weak people and give them courage to accomplish great things. PRINTABLE GAMES AND PUZZLES: Gideon Games & Puzzles Anagrams. 2. then pick up the seeds and grind them into flour. But we made a cave from our chairs and a big blanket, and they loved it. Glue about 10-15 of them together into a rectangle. Sing to the Tune of Michael Finnegan, There was a good guy Children will also be eager to see what is hiding behind the flaps including: a monkey, gecko, camel, lion, bison, dinosaur, gorilla, bears, and an alligator. Gideon was a Judge in the period before Israel had kings. (You may want to do this outside on the ground.) Filed Under: arts and crafts, Bible Tagged With: Judges, kid crafts, What a fun lesson about Gideon! 4. Show the children that if you blow lightly over the top of the plate the chaff will blow away leaving the heavier seeds. Gideon is found in Judges 6. Greetings from Australia! An Angel of God came to Gideon and said “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!” (Valor means full of courage or brave.) Everything in the lessons are written so clearly and I get excited taking one of these lessons to my group of first graders. I used little figurines to show how Gideon thrashed his wheat. Show four child one each of the cards without showing the fifth child. Ella. The children really enjoyed the lesson. And, to be quite honest I’m comfortable with that because it means I am not proud, a proud person claims to know everything, and I don’t. We would take out certain colors until we only had a few of one color left. I flopped the two. The complete lesson "Gideon - Brave and Mighty" is available to members and as an instant download. Always live God's way. But at the end of his life Gideon has multiple wives, he has people collect up gold so he can make an ephod (a type of robe) for the people to worship. This helped make real how only a few men were used by God to defeat the foe.

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