If you fancy, substitute the conchiglie... Every now and then I go on a health kick and watch what I eat, especially in the evenings. In previous experiments I have mixed it with fruit, chocolate bits and pieces of marshmallow, but frankly I prefer this simpler version. I love using mozzarella to melt on top of the beef patties as it goes so beautifully stringy. They make a great side dish or snack, but if you include cheese, as I have done here, they make a more substantial first course. This is a pasta dish that would be perfect for a party because the flavours and the colours are just amazing. You can store it in an airtight container for up to a week, but don’t put it in the fridge as it will become soft and very sticky. In Italy this would traditionally have been served as an inexpensive dish to feed a crowd. It is usually sprinkled over meats, such as osso bucco or carpaccio, but it also makes a great garnish for grilled fish. You can substitute the broad beans with butter beans and if you don’t have fresh mint, use fresh leaf parsley or chives. When making this pizza for my vegan friends, I use a little tomato pizza sauce on the base and pile on all the other toppings minus the Dolcelatte. Mascarpone cheese is a speciality of Lombardy and is used a lot in northern Italian cooking, but if you can’t find it you can replace it with a thick double... Carnival celebrations in Sardinia wouldn’t be the same without frisciolas – these delicious little saffron-flavoured doughnuts made from potatoes and dusted with orange-flavoured sugar. It's the most social form of eating and it means I'm not stuck in the kitchen! When I was filming for the TV series I visited Marco De Bartoli’s vineyard in Samperi, near Marsala – an ancient town on the western edge of Sicily. https://www.ginodacampo.com/courses/italian-dessert-recipes When filming there I made this dish using a selection of delicious cheeses. This classic tomato and mozzarella pizza originally was created for the Queen of Naples, Margherita. The peppery little leaves of the watercress are bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making it one of our greatest natural superfoods, while the fennel and oranges are really rich in vitamin C. Try it with my Asparagus, Ricotta, Chilli and Parmesan Tartlets. Rather than just preparing the traditional plain gnocchi with a tomato-and-cheese-based sauce all the time, I wanted to try and create gnocchi that had so much flavour in their own right that a sauce wasn't even needed. Dip in the biscuits, being careful not to oversoak them. Burgers are a great Friday night supper, perfect for the whole family. I lived on freshly landed seafood when I was a young boy and miss it hugely. You can find wonderful fish soups and stews along the Amalfi coast. I love good-quality sausages so this recipe is definitely in my top ten. These guys start work so early that they can often be seen enjoying their lunch with a glass of prosecco by 9am! They’re high in antioxidants, and some research suggests they may be linked to longevity. It is widely believed that sardines were named after Sardinia, where they were among the first fish to be packed in oil. It’s the healthiest pizza you can find, and this true classic from Florence is a great way of getting the whole family eating their greens. Serve hot with vanilla ice cream. Picture after a hard day’s work eating this dish with a large glass of red wine – it’s the perfect ending to any day. If you prefer, replace the anchovies with black olives. For this recipe I have taken the theme of a traditional Sardinian beef salad and have added artichokes and walnuts - which really complement the juicy sides of warm... Half the pleasure of food is being able to enjoy it with your friends and family. These little halfmoon-shaped pasta treats are perfect eaten at the end of a meal or with coffee or a chilled glass of sweet white wine. I was hosting a barbecue party and a friend of mine challenged me to make something that resembled the colours of the Italian flag. Here I’ve combined them with spinach, cherry tomatoes, cannellini beans and cheese for a hearty dish. Some of my friends have tried this dish and they say that it’s definitely one of the easiest and tastiest tart recipes that they have ever made. x��Z[�E� �7aDe�-g�i�~y51&��y[|�Hb� ���{Vϭ��Ts��.l�63���_U}U���F Some would say it is a tasteless meat, but they haven’t tried this dish yet! Rosemary and lemon give this simple chicken dish a real taste of the Mediterranean; it is zingy and flavoursome but really child-friendly, so it makes a great midweek family meal. Here, limoncello is mixed with creamy Italian cheeses and fresh seasonal strawberries... Carbonara is the Italian word for 'charcoal burner', so some people believe this dish was first made for charcoal workers in the Apennine mountains. You can substitute the Marsala wine with Port or a dessert wine if you prefer, and do buy good quality chocolate as it will... Gnocchi is a firm favourite of the ladies in my life – my wife and my daughter Mia. Ask your butcher to prepare it for you. The marinating of the thinly sliced courgettes makes them so soft they don’t need any cooking. As well as... By far – and I really mean by far – this has to be my favourite soup recipe in any of my books. I created this soup when I was cooking for friends who are vegetarian and they all watched me and wrote down the recipe so I figured if they were impressed, hopefully you will be too. If you like onion soup, this is so much more – in fact, I don’t know anyone who has tried it and not loved it. This is a tasty and filling meal that’s really easy to make – it’s my version of a posh macaroni cheese! I love recipes that require just a few good-quality ingredients and are simple to make yet really have the ‘wow factor’, such as this pasta dish with mussels. For many people, salmon is the king of fish – it has a firm, meaty texture and a beautiful pink colour. Sponge fingers are known as … This was, and still is, number one for me. If the béchamel and pasta are hot you can just pop the dish under the grill until the cheese melts, as I’ve done here. This is one of my signature dishes, created in the summer of 2003 on the island of Sardinia where my family and I were enjoying our holiday in our house on the beach. Fresh sage, which is extremely popular in Italian cooking, gives the dish intriguing, earthy undertones. I adore scallops and must admit that I don’t like to interfere by adding too many ingredients that will alter their natural flavour, but I really think this recipe is special. That is just not the case - you will be surprised at just how easy it is! Place the egg whites into a large clean bowl and beat until firm peaks form, set aside. I never want to hear from anyone that it's hard to cook for a vegetarian. It’s a fantastic dish to prepare when you have parties, because you can fry them in the afternoon and then reheat them in the oven ready for your guests. Sicily is the original home of the deep-pan pizza. It's great for teatime, perfect as a dessert, and amazing if you have any gluten-free friends coming round. Leeks make a fantastic alternative to onions, and yet many people only use them in soups. In fact, I’ve started to make this dish at home at least once a week as I love the flavours so much. They’re quick and easy to prepare, and you can be inventive with flavours. �����7�_������q��q�����* You can also serve it straight from the freezer like a semi-freddo. You can cook it there and then or even prepare in the morning and cook. The process is so quick and easy but the effect is very wow. Beans and chickpeas are an inexpensive, low-fat source of protein, fibre and vitamins, so this dish is both healthy and economical. I have tried this recipe with chicken or vegetable... For anybody who isn’t a big fan of rich tomato sauces this has to be the perfect pasta recipe if you still want bags of flavour on your plate. https://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/gino-d-acampo-s-ricotta-tiramisu From Trieste to Puglia you’ll find the so-called brodetti (broths), although they vary from region to region. It is so simple and quick to prepare and is very flexible in terms of being great as a dinner for one, or a starter or a main at a dinner party. (My eldest son Luciano normally wins.) ), you’ll find everything you need right here. We had countless bowlfuls on our coastal journey; each was unique and all were delicious. Kids love cucciolone, and in my experience they really enjoy getting involved in making them too. This is a family favourite and a staple for the kids. However, Sicilians have their own equally delicious, lesser-known version – just a few additional ingredients take it in an entirely new and exciting direction. Bucatini is like a thick spaghetti with a hole in the middle that runs from one end to the other. Every Italian loves coffee but I have decided to dedicate this recipe to my good friend Peter Andre. I cooked this dish overlooking the beach at Pescoluse, on the Puglian coast. I usually cook the skewers on a barbecue, but you can char-grill them too. Mackerel is an oily, coldwater fish known especially for its nutritional benefits, as it’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are good for brain growth and protection. This, however, is one of the few ways that I will eat beetroot because it works beautifully with the smoked salmon. I have tried making this recipe with rocket leaves instead of the mushrooms and it’s just as good. Originating from Campania and Calabria, paccheri is a popular pasta shape in the region of Marche. You can substitute the Prosecco for a good Champagne and if you don’t want to use blackberries, you can use fresh strawberries. If you are a beetroot virgin – here you go, this is the one to try. When threading them, it helps to use the natural curved shape of the yellow peppers or onions at either end to keep the other ingredients secure. If you prefer, substitute the Gorgonzola with any hard blue cheese of your choice. Sometimes my Auntie Rita made this cake for me and my sister as an after-school treat. I’ve also tried the same recipe with peanut and caramel cookies and it was delicious.

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