So I will be checking in to your blog for more! Inspiring stories, profiles & advice from 45 flower growers from around the world, Join the Floret newsletter and stay in the loop on all the exciting happenings here on the farm. $7.00 Dahlia Cornel. We sell dahlia tubers (but not cut dahlias) and can ship to CT. Our dahlia tubers will go on sale later this year and there are a number of beauties that are great for weddings. The warm coral flowers of this workhorse variety bloom prolifically all summer long. The vigorous, but manageable plants, produce a bumper crop of the most beautiful soft lavender ball-shaped flowers that have a distinctive dark eye. Also, do you ship to CT? Hi Ally, They all have long, strong stems and also are adorable tucked into bouquets. I have been growing more and more cutting flowers every year, on a very small scale for my own enjoyment. It has quickly become a true favorite. Get notified when Dahlias are ready to order by subscribing to our newsletter. JOIN THE FLORET NEWSLETTER AND STAY IN THE LOOP ON ALL THE EXCITING HAPPENINGS HERE ON THE FARM. This formal decorative is one of the first dahlia varieties to flower each season. Wonderful arranging flower as it keeps very well. This informal decorative boasts 6-7 inch bright glowing orange blooms, some with raspberry undertones, and others with hints of gold and red. These petite plants have a compact growth habit, flower abundantly all season, provide plenty of flowers for cutting and are ALSO suitable for containers. Over this time, we have conducted numerous field trials, growing over 400 unique varieties! BE SURE TO VISIT OUR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE, STAY IN THE LOOP ON ALL THE i would be so thrilled to be able to grow my garden slowly & steadily over the years with Floret beauty, watching intentional, thoughtful purchases nestle into new nooks in our yard & garden from year to year :o). Hands down, the best red variety on the market. Sherwood’s Peach A must grow!

When it comes to choosing varieties, a lot depends on what or who you’re growing dahlias for. Winner of our favorite new variety for 2016, this beauty is a must have for anyone who loves flowers. Still we must indulge. Dahlias are one of the most beautiful, versatile, and productive cut flowers you can grow. Be warned, this post is long. yours Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Golden Scepter Chimacum Night Perfect for wedding work, hand tied bouquets, and boutonnieres. Jessica. Thank you. Read our tips for growing beautiful dahlias. They don’t ship until April, can I still plant them here in the south that late in the season?? It’s often a difficult process to let certain varieties go, but with limited growing space, and eager customers always wanting MORE FLOWERS, only the best and most productive varieties have been able to stay. But you might be the opposite and instead want more of a few top performers. The stunning ball-shaped blooms sit atop tall, strong stems and plants are both healthy and free flowering. Probably the most striking variety in our field, this coral-peach single flowered bloomer has the most brilliant raspberry colored centers that draw in everyone who sees them.

‘Suncrest’ is very productive and boasts long lasting, weather resistant flowers, making it perfect for market sales. One of the most beautiful and versatile varieties from our recent trials, ‘Rock Run Ashley’ produces a steady stream of small buff to blush blooms all season long. A single tuber planted in the spring will provide a clump of 6-12 tubers just seven months later that you can then plant or share the following year.

A floral designers dream, the striking flowers are amazing in bouquets.

The {Farmer} & the Florist Interview: Sarah Raven, DAHLIAS I HAVE LOVED + A GIVEAWAY – The Impatient Gardener, Floret’s Favorite Dahlia Varieties | Fresh Homestyle. Plants are on the short side, but if pinched early will produce an abundance of stems great for cutting all summer long. With long, strong stems and huge 8-12 inch shimmering pink blossoms, ‘Otto’s Thrill’ deserves a spot in every cutting garden. The healthy, dark leaved plants produce a staggering number of large peachy-raspberry flowers that are like nothing else we’ve ever grown. One of the most unusual varieties we grow, flowers resemble double flowered echinacea. Platinum Blonde My interest is in combining colors and textures in, among other parts of the garden, flower beds. Long, strong stems and weather resistance make it an excellent variety for cutting. The more you cut it, the more it blooms. The 5 inch semi cactus blooms are a warm peachy brown, reminiscent of butterscotch. We have been growing dahlias in abundance for 8 years now. As I understand it, the frost-free dates for a good chunk of Georgia are in the last part of March, so if you plant the tubers when you get them in early April they should do just fine. I’ve recorded notes and have made comparisons on every single one. Mystique Be sure to harvest this beauty when they are one-third of the way open, since the delicate petals are more prone to weather damage than most. Alma Buettell. Its petite 2 inch glowing bronze button-shaped blooms make great cuts. The outside edge of the raspberry petals gently fade, creating the most beautiful smoky, dusted effect.

Petals are lacinated at the tip, giving the flower an almost fuzzy quality. ‘Amber Queen’ is a real garden workhorse. It’s so, so wonderful to go around my yard, collect blooms, and play at being a florist for the afternoon. One of the most popular varieties we grow, ‘Appleblossom’ is a hit with event designers and makes a wonderful wedding bouquet addition. GIFTS FOR GARDENERS NOW AVAILABLE | FREE FALL MINI COURSE. your passion & pursuit of your dreams is a blessing & gift to us all.

Loved by designers, the long stemmed flowers are great for wedding work and last well in the vase. I’m making my list, checking it twice, $8.00 Dahlia Caliente.

Soft canary- yellow, 4 inch ball-shaped blooms have a faint peachy-pink blush on the petal tips. $7.00 Dahlia Gitty Up. We’ll be unveiling those in our Shop soon!

oh my. Plants reach 4-5 feet tall and are especially striking in the fall. The vivid flowers are set against a sea of dark foliage and bloom abundantly, without being deadheaded, all season long. To find someone who looks at color and form so thoroughly is rare indeed. This extraordinary discovery has quickly taken a spot on our top 10 list.

Hello, Lark’s Ebbe $7.00 Dahlia Janet Allison. A must grow! A must grow! I’m so excited to finally purchase Dahlias from Floret. Your dahlias look amazingly robust how do your fertilize? One of the most beautifully colored varieties we grow, this muddy-rose beauty has dark raspberry tips and center.

I will go into greater detail on how to grow and divide dahlias soon, but for now I hope this helps you to choose which varieties to add to your garden in 2017. ‘Punkin Spice’ is versatile and looks incredible in mixed arrangements or displayed en masse. Plants bloom abundantly all season long. Its blooms mix beautifully with just about anything. Hands down, the best white dahlia we’ve ever grown, ‘Small World’ is smothered in miniature ball-shaped flowers all season long. One of the earliest varieties to flower, this abundant bloomer makes a wonderful addition to bouquets.

Really quite a remarkable website. These brilliant blooms come in a dazzling rainbow of colors and flower from midsummer until the first fall frost. Dahlias are dangerous…! You are truly amazing…and thank you for the super detailed post. The medium-sized, dusty-rose flowers are a sight to behold. Each plant is smothered in an abundance of miniature deep maroon, ball-shaped flowers all season. Prolific, long-lasting, and loved by all our market customers, ‘Intrigue’ is a must grow. Blooms are 4 inches across and start out as a brilliant coral that fades to rich raspberry. Please. A must grow! Rock Run Ashley Second only to ‘Café au Lait’ in popularity, this amazing new (to us) variety has stolen the hearts of everyone who has visited our garden. This adorable little black button dahlia is as hardworking as it is productive. Thank you, The medium-sized, pumpkin-orange flowers of this award-winning variety seem to smother the dark purple leaved plants all season long. The stunning salmon-pink flowers of this beauty look incredible in both the garden border and the vase. This 6" waterlily type bloom has long lateral stems for cutting. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Plants are on the shorter side, but if pinched early will produce long stems abundantly. If ‘Bracken Rose’ had a big sister, this beauty would be her.

This new discovery has quickly risen to the top of the Floret Favorites list this year. Hello, I am looking for “bedding size” dahlias. Blooms are 4 inches across and feature warm, bronze petals that resemble an heirloom pumpkin. One of the most productive and reliable varieties we’ve ever grown, ‘Cornel’ makes our top 5 list every year. Their coloring is so similar, but ‘Jowey Winnie’ has a warm peach undertone whereas ‘Bracken Rose’ is more of a cool rosy pink. A must grow! This spiky black treasure was a gift from a dear friend, and in addition to churning out buckets of spiky black, textural flowers, it adds a bit of drama to the garden and the vase. Plants produce an abundance of long stemmed blooms all season long. Even if you don’t have a lot of space to devote to them, you can still enjoy these wonderful plants in pots or tucked into your existing garden, plus be able to pick from them and bring flowers in the house. Labyrinth After trialing hundreds of varieties in search of the perfect muted raspberry toned blooms suitable in size, shape, and color for high-end floral design, we finally found what we were looking for in ‘Mystique’. $7.00 Dahlia Chimacum Nadjae. Valley Rust Bucket

We grow mainly for grocery stores, with Whole Foods being our biggest customer, and wedding focused floral designers. This giant rosy-pink treasure is a huge hit with everyone who visits our garden, especially wedding florists. One of the loveliest varieties we have ever grown, this large-flowered treasure produces an abundance of 8-10 inch soft watermelon colored blooms brushed with buttercream on long, strong stems. Every year we double our patch and always agree that we should have planted more. I do have a question though.

And Black Narcissus might take a turn in a bed of plums, pale and bright pinks, pale blue and silver. If you’re looking for a winning addition to your dinnerplate dahlia collection, then look no further. The small lilac-pink, ball-shaped blooms of this sweetheart sit atop long stems.

The medium-sized, dusty-rose flowers are a sight to behold. I so appreciate you sharing your wisdom!

Breakout Award-winning and one of our top 5 favorites, ‘Snoho Doris’ is a vigorous upright grower, with long strong stems and ball-shaped, virtually weather proof flowers. Thank you for contributing to my willing downfall. A marvelous variety for cutting and a spectacular addition to the flower border. this is such a helpful post – THANK YOU, erin & team…as always, you have outdone yourselves :o) so much love & thankfulness to you all & your families. Gitty Up Only registered users can write reviews. A must grow! A must grow! A real gem! Their long, strong stems make them ideal for cutting. Similar in color to ‘La Belle Epoch’ tulips, it blends beautifully with many different color palettes. The massive informal decorative dinner plate-sized blooms resemble pastel silk pillows. Plants reach 4.5 feet tall and their lush growth requires extra support.

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