"I tried to get coroners' reports, but they told me it would be $50 per application. Question for Roberta Karangaroa the Chairman of NARK and also trustee for Maatangireia Trust, has a long history of work with Riverslea Tu Tangata Trust, which works from Riverslea School inMayfair, Hastings. 102 likes. 0000011094 00000 n Can we see ‘Undoctored’ receipts and documents to back up your typed up statement ? Another concern for the Public, is the secret lifestyle Ms Cherie Sweeney (real last name unknown) and her husband have been living. endstream endobj 719 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[54 628]/Length 44/Size 682/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream When a donation is made to a Verified Payee with Donee Tax Status, a Donation Tax Receipt  is issued in the name of Givealittle. 0000070406 00000 n If you cannot find the receipt that was emailed, you can get a copy here (you will be promted to log in or register if you haven't already - if registering you will need to use the same email address you used when donating).

0000004066 00000 n Again today, our 4th Facebook page was removed. Can you please give us any proof, that since the beginning of your NARK campaign, if any child or family benefited from the cause directly?
Nothing has been forthcoming.

whatever did happen to all the donated toys? Why would anybody spray paint the word NARK on a gang members house? In the gang girl interview she said she was studying, she also said she was working full time when she very sadly, and yes I do mean sadly lost her son working at what ? This is her claim from the article..."I tried to get coroners' reports, but they told me it would be $50 per application. 0000214252 00000 n Where did you study towards you degree to be a Social Worker ? Why has so much money been spent when Cherie and Roberta make claims that expenses were out of their own pockets? Create a campaign using your branding 4.

0000006143 00000 n 0000004468 00000 n 720 0 obj <>stream Givealittle is a zero fees fundraising service that is owned and operated by the Telecom Foundation, the charitable foundation of Telecom New Zealand Limited. ", -------------------------------------------------------------------------. But she has turned the ugly label around by turning the initials into an acronym: Nation of Advocates for the Rights of Kids (Nark). This abuse has been continuous, from Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney, Micheal Sweeney, Nark and Pete George from YOUR NZ. Did Ms Cherie ever pay for these "Coroner Reports" with the money that was given kindly by the Public for the Child Abuse Cause?

Home » Directory » Give a Little. Where did that money go? https://givealittle.co.nz/ Sometimes fundraising is all about the Kiwi spirit. Download the Give A Little app 2. Login to Give A Little using your SumUp Merchant account. “Give A Little Love” Donation Drive donated items must be in good, clean, sellable condition. 682 0 obj <> endobj GET STARTED 1. as you are only the “face” of the campaign and many have voluntarily spent money on and did the work for your Org, believing that it was actually benefiting the Child Abuse Cause. endstream endobj 683 0 obj <>/Metadata 52 0 R/Pages 51 0 R/StructTreeRoot 54 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 684 0 obj <. Why are you and your partner unable to work? Users registered more than once without our express consent may have all of their Givealittle registrations cancelled. Without limiting this absolute freedom, we may terminate a User if: (a) a serious complaint is received or a number of complaints (amounting to what we determine as a serious complaint) are received about the User and his/her/its conduct in using the Website; (c) if you attempt to login as another User other than at the express and constant direction of that User (where the registered User is not capable of logging-in due to a disability); or. 0000006783 00000 n Why was money for a mortgage payment put into your personal account? NZ ….. Why will you not be truthful to the public and those who do the hard work within your NARK Org? T. Awesome Inc. theme. How it works . 0000070476 00000 n We are setting up this Nark Trust here, in Ngaruawahia, and we have to set up a bank account. Please refer to the lists below that display the items we can and cannot accept for this particular donation drive. NARK was given $345.00 to start the campaign…..can any one point out to me where in the nark accounts published to date where this is? 0000224447 00000 n The public have been under continuous attack and abuse for speaking up about the corruption, regarding NARK Org and Cherie Sweeney its founder. Why did you deny not having anything to do with the soft toy event and other NARK fundraisers?

Why are the Public bullied, threatened, removed, targeted for wanting truthful “evidenced” answers, also Cherie and Nark.Org.nz have tried to silence the NZ public about this, Why? Give a little is a great way to advertise for donations for a cause etc. But she said none had yet been spent yet on her new group the finacial statement says $3411.72 and all but $507.70 has been spent so where is the $1958.54 that unaccounted for? "I can get people together (through Facebook) who are having issues. Why cant you account for all monies, being very experienced in Charity Fund raisers, business and other….. since your NARK Org, “Trust” started getting donations from the Public, as early as June (perhaps earlier) from this article: Stuff. 0000102945 00000 n

Give A Little is the #1 donations app for SumUp card readers. Can I give anonymously?
Building funds from the generosity of others can in many cases be much more effective than selling a physical product.

trailer The premium version is free of charge for Parish Buying members. We operate Givealittle to facilitate online donations from Donors to Fundraising Members who have set up an online fundraising page for a good cause. Ms Sweeney said. We were told on the community page NARK had 3 bank accounts, is this true? 0000003496 00000 n Post them online – this is other peoples money and they’ve got a right to know how you spend it! 0000002940 00000 n The integrity of the Givealittle service is dependent upon all Users conducting themselves in a responsible and legal manner.

The Donation Tax Receipt can then be used to claim a donation tax credit with IRD. And if you deny being involved in the ‘Toy Event’ then why did you state in a pm (that i still have) that “it was MY event so how can I take over MY own event” ???? Why do you have and use so many names Ms Cherie?Why did you both lie about his “illness” and how he has to be cleared by a nero – surgeon for work, when a few days later he was seen Power Pulling “tug o rope” with Mr Tamati? Are you using the Child Abuse cause for your profiting and media exposure? NZ people will not be bullied, harassed or silenced by Cherie Sweeney and the Nark Crew.

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