Elsewhere, the suburb records several low scores for culture, cafes, trains, employment, primary education proximity, tree cover, walkability, and, unsurprisingly, coast proximity. Point Cook’s liveability has increased since the last study. St Kilda West is ranked in the top 30 suburbs for culture, cafes, trams, employability and open space, plus it is the closest of all Melbourne suburbs to the coast. The only categories Greensborough scores terribly for are buses and coast proximity, but there is room for improvement in employment and crime also. What’s dragging down Watsonia North’s overall average is its very low scores for retail (where it’s in the bottom 10) along with culture, walkability, cafes, education and employment. Seaford scores several points for culture, open space, low congestion and of course proximity to the coast. Small suburb Princes Hill achieves scores on either ends of the scale. below: City of Frankston There’s most room for improvement in the crime and congestion fields. point is access to buses for which it ranks worst in the city, followed by proximity to education, where it ranks second last. The open space in Jacana puts it in the top 20 of the city. Footscray jumps 68 places to enter the top 10 for the first time. Located between Hawthorn and Balwyn, Deepdene ranks well for cafes, trams and has the lowest crime rate (based on the number of offences per 100,000 resident population) in Melbourne. Its biggest and most consistent issue is a high crime rate, having ranked in the bottom 10 suburbs in this category for two consecutive studies. The categories where it performs the weakest are topographic variation, retail, and education, but Newport is otherwise deemed above average in most categories. Located 16 kilometres north-east of the CBD, Watsonia offers great access to trains, school proximity and decent scores for walkability, tree cover and topographic variation. It also offers good proximity to schools. Carnegie ranks number one for access trams in the city and is in the top 15 for bus access. Its walkability is also poor. The community of Black Rock is known to be friendly and welcoming, and expats are sure to feel at home in no time. Its distribution of open space is also in good supply. Masterplanned Taylor Hill as yet offers little in terms of liveability, with its only positive scores in this study being in the crime rate, congestion and proximity to education categories. Elwood’s liveability has taken a dive mostly due to having more congested roads. The area’s other assets include having low crime, a train station, good proximity to primary schools, and generous distribution of open space – the equal eighth best in Melbourne. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane's most liveable suburbs. That being said, it also records low scores in several of the categories assessed, particularly open space where it ranks in the bottom 10 suburbs. Cafes, trams, employment and walkability are the categories Brunswick East scores most favourably in. For information on the suburbs and schools in the City of It benefits from being close to the coast, having its own train station and offering great proximity to schools. Hadfield is 13 kilometres north of the CBD, next to Fawkner. Learn More About On the other end of the scale are its low scores for retail, primary and secondary education and coast proximity. No related content found. Where it’s most outstanding is access to schools where it ranks in the top 10 suburbs, followed by coast proximity and tree cover. It is also in the top 50 for trains, trams, secondary education, tree cover and walkability. Attwood is a relatively small suburb near the airport. There are plenty of shops, cafes, train, trees and trams in Box Hill and the suburb achieves good scores for employment and walkability. The suburb is disadvantaged in this study by being far from the coast and being without trams. Employment, culture and cafes are the suburb’s other high rating qualities, but it does score above average in almost all categories assessed. Alphington marks Darebin Council’s first entry into the liveable suburbs ranks. The suburb is a strong performer in the topographic variation category and does decently for crime and congestion. In order to improve its liveability, investment into Avondale Heights’ culture, cafes, employment and walkability is required. Badly congested roads – now the fourth worst in the city – are among what’s forcing Canterbury’s rating down. Ormond can claim excellent public transport in the form of trains and buses – the latter of which it is ranked top in the city for. Culture, open space, retail and cafes are also all in decent supply, but residents have poor access to public transport. Lower Plenty ranks very well for topographic variation, tree cover, crime and open space but most of its other individual category scores are poor. Walkability and employment are also decent, but Moorabbin suffers from having minimal public transport (its train station is perched on the far side of its boundaries), a high crime score, few open spaces, congested roads and a relatively flat landscape. The only areas it ranks less than 200 (out of 307) in are crime rate and proximity to the coast, otherwise, Reservoir’s scores are roughly mid-way in most categories. Where it continues to perform well is retail, topographic variation and tree cover. The suburb also encompasses abundant open space and the crime rate is decent. Since the 1840s, South Yarra has been one of Melbourne’s most affluent suburbs, and today, this commercial precinct is home to the Jam Factory, Prahran Market and plenty of restaurants. The suburb would benefit most from a train station and more open space. There is a train station (Upfield) located just outside the suburb’s north-eastern boundary and it also does in the categories of proximity to schools and congestion. Lalor boasts excellent train access and proximity to both secondary and primary schools. This seaside suburb is just a short train ride away, but it feels like the urban sprawl has been left far behind. Pascoe Vale South’s best qualities are its proximity to schools and the tram network. Frankston’s ranking has improved thanks to an increased culture score and good walkability (which was previously unassessed in this study) adding to its strong results in the retail, train, congestion and open space categories. The suburb’s only access to public transport is a single bus route. The overall liveability of the suburb is dragged down by having the third worst topographic variation in the city, and it also has a high crime rate, low employment and little tree cover. Its best attributes are employment, education and walkability, all of which the suburb ranks in the top 30 for. Mont Albert’s roads are more congested than in the past, leading to its slipping ranking. Hurstbridge may be 30 kilometres north-east of the CBD but the suburb still has a train station that helps boost liveability. The suburb is lacking in retail, cafes, and the employment options are low. Located next to Eltham and 18 kilometres north-east of the CBD, Montmorency ranks well due to its decent train and bus services, proximity to education, low crime, plus excellent tree cover and hilly streets. The beachside park fills with locals and nearby residents, all out to make the most of the long warm days. Frankston North’s place on this list has dropped significantly because the crime score is poor. Bayswater is located 29 kilometres east of the CBD. A smaller suburb in Melbourne’s west, Kingsville is fast becoming a popular location for young families who want to stay in the inner-city. Mordialloc would benefit from having less traffic congestion. Where Eumemmerring could improve most is cafes, employment, crime, walkability and tree cover. Of the top ten suburbs in this study, it has the lowest median house price. Junction Village is a small suburb near Cranbourne and 45 kilometres south-east of the city. The suburb’s less desirable qualities are the limited topographic variation, congestion and crime rate. Still, for those who want to be in the beating multicultural heart of Melbourne, there’s no better place. Like its neighbour Fairfield ranked just one place above, the suburb does well for culture and open space, and does even better for education. Let us know what you thought. Located between Burwood and Ashburton (hence the name), Ashwood rates most favourably for education, retail and topographic variation. North Warrandyte has a particularly small retail sector and the fourth worst proximity to both trains and education. Braybrook borders Sunshine and is nine kilometres west of the CBD. What Rosanna lacks most is amenity such as retail and cafes, and the roads can get busy. Kingsbury is a relatively small suburb bordering Reservoir 12 kilometres north-east of the CBD. A place where anyone can fit in, Brunswick is a hive of creativity and unconventionality packed with culture and diversity. Somewhere there’s a suburb with your name on it (your name is Eltham, right?). I live on the left side. It also gets decent scores for culture, trams and buses. The suburb performs well in the culture and coast proximity categories, has a reasonably low crime rate, and a decent amount of open space. below: Mornington Shire The suburb’s overall rank has dropped since the last study due to the addition of measuring walkability where Ivanhoe ranks above average but not excellently. The suburb’s best assets are its good score for traffic congestion, decent proximity to the coast and adequate retail sector. Nunawading is moving up in the world thanks to its excellent retail, train access, education proximity and low crime. Generally a good area to live in, safe and convenient. Trains, buses and employment are other categories Seddon performs particularly well in. The suburb scores decently in most other areas, although it would perform better with more retail, trains, and less congestion. Where it could improve most is in crime. Carrum is a reasonably small suburb 33 kilometres south east of the CBD. The area has a low crime rate, good proximity to schools, widespread tree cover, and it is easily accessible by tram and bus. Blackburn North residents benefit from a very low crime rate along with excellent access to schools. More retail and cafes would benefit Bellfield’s liveability. One of the more expensive suburbs in Melbourne, Port Melbourne attracts young couples and singles who find that the apartment lifestyle affords a convenience well worth the rental cost. Situated just a few miles from the city centre, Brunswick residents tend to shun cars and opt for the convenience of tram travel. Most of its other category scores are decent, except for crime, open space and congestion. It scores well for culture, has next to no congested roads, and has a low crime rate. It also lacks cafes, proximity to schools, tree cover, walkability and employment. Parts of Richmond are walking distance to the Central Business District, and the whole suburb is well connected by public transport. Its best quality is the proximity to cafes, followed by employment, open space, and culture. Balwyn North has moved to overtake Balwyn on this list. Berwick is in need of better scores for culture, employment and tree cover for an improved overall rank and to overcome the fact it is relatively far from the coast and beyond the tram network. Coburg’s only low scores are for crime and open space. It ranks very low for culture, cafes and retail, but this is balanced out slightly by good scores in employment, crime and for having a leafy, hilly landscape.

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