', 17 delicious piping hot drinks to put in your flask for long winter walks.

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Why a Covid vaccine doesn't mean the end of face masks yet, Donald Trump has lost the election – yet Trumpland is here to stay, With Donald Trump gone, Brexit Britain will be very lonely on the world stage. Now, they are everywhere from trainers to Christmas decorations – and are big business. MYR16.20, Regular Price: Enjoy Exclusive Rewards & Promotions When You Shop With Us. MYR34.80, Regular Price: MYR98.00, Special Price The Guardian Sign in or register Continue with Google Continue with Facebook Continue with Apple or Enter your email address Next By proceeding, you agree to our Terms & Conditions. access and use the system. By logging in you certify that you Can he actually stage a coup and stay in office for a second term? You have accessed a private MYR16.74, Regular Price:

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Available for everyone, funded by readers, Issues delayed calls to vulnerable coronavirus patients, NHS emails show, Boris Johnson had offered the current director of communications the chief of staff role, sparking protests, Lebanon’s August explosion was one of the largest non-nuclear blasts ever, and the first of its scale in the smartphone era. Where will poorer countries stand in the queue for a Covid-19 vaccine? MYR98.00, Regular Price: Don't Miss Out! computer system. There is one thing on which they really don’t agree: politics, and in particular, Donald Trump.

Yet despite everything that sets them apart, these two women have become close friends and believe there is a way to heal the political rift that has torn apart so many communities in the past four years, Despite the Pfizer breakthrough, social distancing and remote working won’t disappear overnight, says immunisation expert David Salisbury, As long as poor white Americans have little hope of a better life, they will continue to seek a leader in his mould, says the Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrabortty, The UK’s imperial delusions will not go down so well in a White House led by people with roots in Ireland, India and Jamaica, says Guardian columnist Afua Hirsch, Even during a second wave of Covid-19 and its inherent dangers, football is gripped by an abusive self-addiction, 92 hopefuls line up at Augusta with the sport edgy over what will transpire if Bryson DeChambeau shows this iconic course can be dismantled by power, Also featuring a Newcastle United rap, the fight of the 80s and Rafael dos Anjos finishing and being finished, The FA, Premier League and PFA all have senior appointments pending and this time they need to take diverse recruitment seriously, Venki Ramakrishnan says Horizon programme is vital to ensuring UK retains influence, Ministers also urged to explain disproportionate number of BAME children in custody, Government confirms four-day weekend to mark the Queen’s 70-year reign, Washington accuses Beijing of ‘flagrant violation’ of commitments and says one party, two systems ideal is ‘now merely a fig leaf’, Fears grow of humanitarian crisis as conflict in Tigray region pushes 8,000 people across border in two days, Report identifies 935 firms finance industry needs to blacklist to meet Paris goals, Longtime staff writer, who had been suspended, tweets that he will ‘always love the magazine’, Exclusive: The Dalai Lama warns of terrible consequences of climate inaction, Key goals include powering city buildings on renewables and curbing urban sprawl, Plans include making one in three Eixample streets “green zones” and creating 21 public squares, From Spain to South Korea, there are several global success stories in the drive to become carbon neutral, The concluding seventh season is about to hit UK screens, and it has all the Whedon-esque charm fans have come to expect, Launched in 2003, the TV channel – which returns for a one-off special this week – was a hotbed for future UK rap superstars such as Chip and Giggs, As we become more aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion, both sellers and buyers are looking for a more sustainable way to shop, Businesses that look out for the future of our planet and its people are delivering returns that are much more valuable than purely financial, With a few adjustments to your everyday eating habits you can transform your wellbeing.

I needed a vehicle for a house move, but there was nothing there when I went to collect it, and I had to take a taxi to the nearest hire firm, For years, I’ve been giving people the brush-off during flu season. Can Trump actually stage a coup and stay in office for a second term? MYR73.20, Special Price MYR20.00, Regular Price:

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