Put your knowledge to the test with this HowStuffWorks quiz! 11. Trivia Quiz - Guess the Character Category: Bible People Quiz #231,001. Tell me one important object used by this person. Three may not be the magical number of the Harry Potter world, but it is for this quiz. We had a list of the bible characters we considered for the quiz and came up with appropriate emojis to use. Phylicia Masonheimer-March 13, 2020 1. Thank you! Student's Weight Loss ''Trick'' Leaves Doctors Speechless! See Revelation 1:1) I had a stick that turned into a snake then back into a stick. Children take turns going up to the front of the room with their mask on and reading their clues to the rest of the class. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. I remember telling my roommate every detail of my last date. The game starts with all of the character cards being shuffled and then layed out face down on a table. Can u guess these Bible characters? When tasked with what seemed impossible He didn’t just refuse and frown He marched the people round Jericho And the walls came tumbling down ~ Moses. By alleycat7. Tell me the name of at least one other person who knew (him). I really liked this idea – mainly because not only is it a great way of revising the lesson but also it is so adaptable! You, the teacher, must then respond to the clue that was given. Also, don’t forget to “LIKE” me on Facebook. 3. Instead of going to Nineveh This person decided to bail Thrown overboard while out to sea He was swallowed up by a whale ~ Joshua . Subscribe to The Scripture Lady’s Email Kid Tips! The child then has 10 to 30 seconds to make a guess as to the Bible character. Hi: I like this idea as it involves critical thinking skills. Jonah. Have fun! The Bible is filled with amazing people. Bible Character Riddles For Kids. 12. Tell me how (his) story should draw me closer to God. By reading their stories in the Bible, you can learn much about these individuals whose lives God chose to record in Scripture for our benefit. Is the Bible character a man, woman, girl or boy? 1) Noah – God instructed Noah to build an ark and take his family and two of every kind of animal into the ark, for as it was going to rain for 40 days and 40 nights. I only have a few sentences written about me. Your email address will not be published. If you’re into Twitter, click on the cute little bird! Elijah, Joseph, Peter, Paul…the list is long and worth knowing. You are now ready to play the game. Can You Guess The Book Of The Bible From The Verse? /**/, (Click here for a sample of this Bible verse song.). I will describe a person from either the Old or New Testament and you have to decide who it is.

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