should i just plow through the story of HoT and PoF and just enjoy myself as best i can, then when i’ve got more masteries, then begin to deal with End game gear, or should i be focused on it at the same time D: I’ve just come back to Gw2 after a 6 month hiatus, and my brain needs rebooting. Still it’s a griffon though. Armor: Medium Let’s also not forget that you can join up to 5 guilds simultaneously, so you can have a bit of everything. Weapons: Main-Hand: Mace, Sword | Off-Hand: Axe, Sword, Shield | Two-Handed: Hammer,  Staff | Underwater: Spear, Trident Each area has it’s own level range therefore any materials harvested or dropped are of a specific level. Each profession can have up to 2 weapon sets and swap between them during combat, with a 9 second cooldown in swapping. Tasks are seen as Hearts in the map. These masteries focus on legendary crafting and bonuses in Cities and Fractals. Note that you can use the materials stored in your Collectibles inventory once in a crafting station, without having to withdraw anything from the bank. It can also become a Holosmith, a class with access to both the Photon Forge mode and a sword. Although you unlock dungeons quite early my recommendation would be to completely ignore them until you reach level 80 and equip yourself with exotic gear at least. The combat system also encourages players to strategize their build as you can only select up to 10 active skills and spells at a time. They are divided in 4 types: Some trinkets have the “Unique” trait. Naturally though, with a game this size comes some important decisions, and with these decisions comes stress. Succesfully completing a zone will reward you with a chest that grants you experience among other goodies. Roles: DPS, Support This page will cover how each profession plays, both at a casual and a competitive level. Weapons: Two Handed: Hammer, Greatsword, Staff| Main Hand: Sword, Mace, Scepter| Off Hand: Focus, Torch, Shield | Underwater: Spear, Trident Among them are the Guardian, master of protection, the … They can be applied by players on enemies to damage them, or they can be applied by enemies on players for the same purpose. In order to train, you spend Hero Points that you gain through map completion, and which you can identify by the Training icon in every area. The boons are as follows: Aegis: Blocks next incoming attack Roles: DPS, Healer Armor: Heavy Weapons: Main-Hand: Mace, Sword | Off-Hand: Axe, Sword, Shield | Two-Handed: Hammer, Staff | Underwater: Spear, Trident Elite Specializations: Herald (unlocks Shield, Legendary Dragon Stance) | Renegade (unlocks Shortbow, requires Path of Fire expansion) The Game . You will level up in no time. This divide into: As of August 30 2019, purchasing Path of Fire also grants you Heart of Thorns for no additonal fee! Personally my favourite mount, the skimmer hovers above ground, with its speed greatly increased if you hover over water. if you play Warrior, level up Armorsmith to 500). Sidenote: Legendary has the same stats as ascended gear sided with exclusive looks and the ability to change the stats of the gear. Choosing a server in Guild Wars 2 is essential and should be given thought.  Taunt MMORPGs are our specialty - and the reason Altar of Gaming exists in the first place. Welcome to Guild Wars 2, have fun! Health: The character’s maximum health. If at some point you feel that you would have been better off with another choice, you can swap for any other profession, against a fee. You can find it for 560 gems when it’s on sale, and it will show up with the Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic on the store as well, which goes for 350 gems (down from 500), and gives the same rates with Mystic & Master Salvage Kits (25% chance of rarer materials & 80% chance of recovering upgrades). There are 8 professions with a 9th added with the Heart of Thorns expansion. You guessed right.  Stun This is by far the best guide that I have found. Tyria has a huge map which is broken down in areas (or zones). Now let’s break down the rarity-quality of the gear, from worse to best: Please note that Ascended and Legendary gear has no difference in stats. Ward. You are most welcome! Main Hand is the basic weapon, taking up 3 of the 5 skills if it’s One-Handed or all 5 if it’s Two-Handed. Vistas are seen as red triangles in the map. Even if you are not an achievement hunter I would advise to at least do the daily achievements every single day. Next up is the adventurers section of our Guild Wars 2 class guide. This is where shit gets real and you play for the honor of your world (server).  Knockback Conditions are the counterpart of boons. Guild Wars 2 features dynamic questing - the storyline is regularly updated according to player actions, which offers a rich experience, rarely present in multiplayer games. You can also find boosters for more XP or Magic Find. For example Berserker gear gives +Power, +Precision, +Ferocity. Pet Attribute Bonus: Improves pet attributes. My personal recommendation is doing a little bit of everything. The further away a waypoint is the more gold you will need to pay. They can attack enemies or confuse them and put on a great show as they fight. (note: racial skills are not usable in PvP) In addition, choice of race determines your personal story and starting point. After level 80 is where the endgame begins and the race for fully gearing up your character begins. It can become a Scrapper a class, which focuses on gyros to do its bidding. Let’s see what each one of them is about: Your main aspect of the game. Achievement points are important because they award you with great prizes over time. While the defiance bar is up, it’s color will be teal like the image above.  Confusion: Damage is received on skill activation Virtue Recharge Rate: Reduces the recharge on Virtues. Affected by profession and Vitality. The raptor has the ability to jump great distances and can be used in order to traverse areas quickly and if I may add, in style. Exactly what I believe about new players. Weapons: Two Handed: Hammer, Greatsword, Longbow, Rifle | Main Hand: Sword, Axe, Mace | Off Hand: Sword, Axe, Mace, Warhorn, Shield | Underwater: Spear, Harpoon Gun Completing all paths in all dungeons will reward you with achievements. That’s when you will need to find an armor repair anvil to repair your armor. Trinkets are armor-like jewels that you equip giving you more stats. Breaking the defiance bar is of major importance for killing bosses in events, dungeons, fractals etc. There are the master of elements Elementalist, master of the mind Mesmer, and master of the dark arts Necromancer. The combat system in Guild Wars 2 emphasizes the player’s chosen professions, skills, and environment. This list features... Apex Legends has managed to successfully implement hero-shooting gameplay in the battle royale genre, by giving the Legends various abilities that encourage different playstyles.... After the brutal competition with Nintendo and Sega back in the nineties, who would have thought for one second that Sony was slowly marching... T9 and T10 horses are the end-game of Black Desert Online's training lifeskill. Completing 3 dailies will not take much of your time and can reward you in many ways. Yeah it’s a drifting beetle, what else do you need to know? Guild Wars® is an online roleplaying game that rewards player skill and innovative gameplay. Some mobs have special conditions that happen when their defiance bar is broken. At this point don’t worry about weapons and armor, just use the best you get from loot and rewards. Try lowering these two settings.

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