We buy cow and process the meat by ourselves in Islamic way. Country of Origin: Japan What it is: Halal whole chicken slaughtered, processed, and packed in Brazil by following Islamic rules and halal regulation. Nasco Halal Food is a part of Nasco Group: We have the special discount for wholesale buyers as restaurant of others halal food shops. We are currently preparing a wide list of halal food that you can order online according to your mood. HALAL Food Online Shop Japan Our shop managed by Muslim staff. Theme Development 4. How to Store: Keep frozen, Product of India. We are growing tremendously as an online shop for halal food items in Japan where you will find a preferred collection of food. Best Quality Guaranteed. Call us now: Cell: 070-1522-2718, 090-3003-4216 Tel:03-6869-6171 Fax:03-5332-5020 While Japan has only a very small percentage of Muslim residents, the number of Muslim tourists has been increasing considerably in recent years. Chicken package WHOLE CHICKEN( 1000 GM *3 PIECE ), HALAL JAPANESE WAGYU BEEF RUMP Block 和牛らんいちブロック(徳島産黒毛和牛). Also handles wholesale. Facebook Marketing 7. Very Good Quality Product. In fact, the halal food items are fresh that add a great taste to your recipes.You can count on us for halal food delivery anywhere in Tokyo to get fresh and juicy flesh to slake your taste buds. How to Store: Keep Dry. What it is: Atta is a wheat flour, originating from the Asian subcontinent, used to make flatbreads such as chapati, roti, naan, paratha, and puri. Design online shop  2. Hard wheat have a high gluten content, which provides elasticity, so doughs made out of atta flour are strong and can be rolled out very thin. Nasco Halal Food is a part of Nasco Group: Make your website with professional designer, Service offered: 1. SEM 6. Name: Chicken Sausage

Country of Origin: Brazil Best Quality Guaranteed. Copyright © 2020 Shinjukuhalalfood.com All rights reserved. My Outlet's Shop in Chiba is operated by a Muslimin staff and managing the buy and sell of all the Halal products via retail and wholesale. [contact … Momo is a type of South Asian dumpling; native to Nepal. Keep scrolling through our site and place your order online. Logo/Banner design 3.

We followed strict Islamic rules and halal regulation. We have the special discount for wholesale buyers as restaurant of others halal food shops. 私たちは、さまざまな国からあらゆる種類の淡水魚、ハラール肉、野菜、スパイス、油、米、お菓子、さまざまな食品を輸入しています。 株式会社パドマ 埼玉県三郷市早稲田8-30-4 TEL:048-950-5050 FAX:048-950-5057 CELL:+ 81-80 Watan Sapporo Halal Food: Online shopping site focusing on spices and halal meat.

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