Steel log siding requires little or no maintenance. Here are the styles of log cabin siding available: Full log siding: Genuine wood logs are the most common type of full logs, but structural concrete logs are available too. You must contact us within 10 days of receipt of the damaged materials. 4 x 4 inside corners are available to meet your project's inside corner needs. All wood needs to be protected from the elements in order to perform and continue to look beautiful. Tops usually feature two tongues with bottoms milled with grooves. Quarter Log Siding is not only cost-effective, but it also features the easy installation and versatility of Half-Log and Premiere-Log siding. House siding costs $4,300 to $15,800 on average, or between $3 to $11 per square foot depending on the home's size and materials used. Please call for more info and a detailed pricing quote. Lance makes them for us on special order basis. We recently received the half log mantle which we ordered from your company. In those cases the entire wall has to be replaced not just the siding itself. Making mistakes - Fixing something that goes wrong costs 10 times more than it does to do the job right in the first place. Understanding our Prices: We price log siding by the square foot. (88 LF - lineal feet)  3x8 package - covers 36.8 sq.ft. ... Oddly enough, you might also hear quarter log siding referred to as half log siding and half log siding referred to as full log siding due to their appearance when installed. No caulking is needed at the tongue-n-groove joints! The small amount of waste was incredible. I would like it just a shade darker if stain is an option. Milled to Order, Factory Finished National delivery to your job site. and would measure approximately 9' long x 48" wide x 32-36" high. Half Log Siding – Hewn. MILL SELECT : STK (Select Tight Knot) cedar log siding has been visually inspected at the mill for an appearance grade that allows proportional distribution of knots, burls and naturally occurring markings which add to the decorative character of the piece. It looks exactly like log but requires 75% less wood AND will cost you at least 50% less than actual log construction. Standard 3x6 & 3x8 Log Siding Profile Sheet, Premier 3x8 & 3x10 Log Siding Profile Sheet. Timberline has simplified the design lately which you can check out on Lance's new log corner installation video. There's no unsightly face nailing needed like in typical lumberyard lap log siding installations. Hi there!

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your product. Its benefits include lower cost than genuine log siding and resistance to moisture and insects. Cedar on the other hand gives you SOME margin for error. Our half inch tongue and groove log siding leaves no exposed nails or screws, and eliminates excessive labor and material expenses. This summary of materials will assist you as you narrow your choices. It can work but you have to be DILIGENT about your maintenance and upkeep. They are notched on the bottom and extend beyond the wall approximately 1 foot. It costs 3 times as much and takes 3 times as long as you originally thought it would. D-log prices: $27-$38; Half-log prices: $4.25 to $7.75; Quarter-log prices: $2.50 to $5.50; Shiplap log prices: $5 to $8; Vinyl log siding cost: This price range is for standard (lower cost) and insulated (higher cost) vinyl log siding. The only question we have is whether we can put any type of a stain or finish on the wood, and if it is recommended that we do so.

Only a couple of boards damaged in shipping and was even able to use them before I was done. Sold here in 36 square foot packages (see chart below for actual coverages) and in Pine or CedarThe packages sold here on this website are broken down in size for internet sales only and are equivalent to 1/8th of our full stocking unit size. Vinyl log siding is available in several sizes and styles. I purchased about 700sqft of the value line KPP and I can't stress enough, how pleased I am with the purchase, look, feel and ease of installation of the product. Add Your Review, Add an additional 2 weeks for Hand Hewn Surface, Log Siding, where each piece has tongue-n-groove on the ends as well as the top & bottom. Visit below for more details of packaging sizes and square foot coverage of our half log siding.

If you have the same experience as we do you will realize that most people (including installers) take shortcuts. Log Siding Installation Vertical Corner Trim Installation, Still have questions?Call us at 800-818-9971, Not sure yet?Try our Sample Log Home Kit to hold a sample in your hands (Click Here).

While the name implies that a full log is split in two to form half logs, most are not complete halves. I just recently finished installing the 5” T&G I purchased from you in September 2015. Keep the thickness in mind in order to avoid confusion. (48 LF - lineal feet) We do not recommend the use of solid stains/paints on Pine Siding or Pine trim. Log Siding is usually milled Green (unseasoned) or Partially Air Dried (PAD). Virtually no knot holes fell out.

each and are 9' long. How Much Does it Cost to Install a Window? This is an invitation to water and rot problems down the road even with cedar. We want you to know what they cost up front here on the site so we don't have to break as many hearts when we quote you on the phone. More About Us | Contact Us | Terms of Use, Home Remodeling Ideas & Pictures from Homeowners & Contractors, Little Mermaid Bedroom: Decor, Colors and Ideas, Home Sunroom Makeover with Storage Benches, New Asphalt Driveway Care and Maintenance. Half Log Siding – Hewn. Rough estimates of 2x8 or 3x8 log siding require about 3600 lineal feet to cover 2000 square feet of space. As with all our log siding applications caulking is only necessary around window and door trim, around electrical boxes and where your log siding butts into your corners. Copyright ©2006-2020 The Log Home Shoppe. Everyone who has ever called us with problems in the field has realized that their wood was not properly sealed on the backside. These log corners are actually a "system" of separate pieces that are assembled on the job site. Here is a summary of log cabin siding cost for the various styles and materials. For more in-depth pros, cons and cost considerations of this material, check out our comprehensive guide on the costs of installing vinyl siding<. RenoCompare was setup to be an online library of home improvement, renovation and remodeling comparisons, ideas, pictures and much more. Kiln drying speeds up wood seasoning in closed chambers by heating and controlling air circulation. You have to take your time with wood. And while this home siding option isn’t as popular as it once was it is still going strong in rural and rustic settings.

In both half and quarter log cabin siding, a single tongue and groove system and end-matched design create tight fits and excellent strength.

from WRCLA How to Install Western Red Cedar Siding, We interviewed Brandon Stendal- owner of Stone Valley Painting, LLC. On the other hand we have the AWESOME log tail corner system developed by Lance Clymer at Timberline Log Exteriors.

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