A total of 67 Israeli symbols, collected by some of our finest designers. Popular fonts such as Helvetica ® and Times New Roman ® have since been extended to include Hebrew characters. Because nowadays things aren’t as they used to be in the good ol’ days and because we’re crazy about your serif, we’ve decided to release this set as a holiday gift. All the information you need is on our. • File size: 182kb Our fonts are of uncompromising quality on all levels: from design to finish and development. Script is a product of MicroLogic Software, Inc. You may use these fonts in your projects: print, app and web. Want more free fonts? • Format: TTF. Looking for Hebrew fonts? In addition, buying fonts allows you to actively fund the work of our talented font designers and thus allows us to create new, high quality fonts just for you. In honor of Israel’s 67th independence day, we’ve set you up with a major hit - a clipart set of useful graphics! If you wish for someone else to have the font - refer them to the font download page on our website. *All fonts on this page are available for free download! Get a few emails throughout the year with updates on our latest fonts and special sales. This bilingual (Hebrew and English) font has a young, fun look. License: CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 The Yiddishkeit font comes in three weights: regular, bold (the free weight) and heavy. Designed by OnlineWebFonts and Powered by WordPress. Copyright 1998, 2000 Porch Swing Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Typeface SENDHAR. Created with 2,000+ kerning pairs by Teeple Graphics. • Format: OTF, WOFF, EOT. The Hebrew script has 22 letters, and unlike European alphabets like Latin and Greek, it is written from right to left. If other weights exist for a certain font and do not appear on this page, it means that they are not free. Have fun! • File size: 196kb This set includes nostalgic objects, hip decorative elements, characters, old time logos and more. • Format: OTF, WOFF, EOT. License: free font license • File size: 103kb • Format: OTF, WOFF, EOT. Converted from C:WORKTEMPHEBREW2.TF1 by ALLTYPE, Typeface (your company). Digitized by Shavit Yaacov. • Format: EPS. License: free font license The Hebrew letters were designed by Avraham Cornfeld and the English letters were designed by Joe Prince. A few simple rules for using our free fonts: (unless otherwise specified). It does not distinguish upper and lower case, but five letters change forms when written at the end of a word. TrueType and OpenType fonts. Converted from C:TEMPFOXSCRIP.TF1 by ALLTYPE. A hebrew script font is based on the light, graceful handwriting of the designer Dana Nof. Free license with a disclaimer: The Atzmaut 67 icons were created for educational and research purposes and are based on images scanned from old materials. Paskol Bold Download View Count : … OnlineWebFonts.COM is Internet most popular font online download website,offers more than 8,000,000 desktop and Web font products for you to preview and download. Oldscript is a product of MicroLogic Software, Inc. • File size: 103kb

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