Complimentary drinks and meals are served and Business Class passengers have a dedicated attendant allocated to provide services.

After selecting the date, train number and class of travel, a seat number will automatically be assigned by the ticketing system. Update on 26th Sept: Hong Kong English site is now reflecting High-Seed Rail tickets to and from Hong Kong and is purchasable. There are a few things you need to know before purchasing a high-speed train ticket to Hong Kong and vice versa. The relevant services will be provided based on the fare in RMB. is not the best site to look for when it comes to usability. High-speed trains: Tickets can be bought online and offline. You can also call the MTR ticketing hotline at +852 2120 0888. This means that although the West Kowloon station is located in central Hong Kong, part of it is governed by Chinese law and patrolled by mainland police. Travellers can check the booking status of their ticket purchase via the original ticketing channel, at ticketing counters at the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station or by calling the hotline on 2120 0888. Ordinary trains: Tickets can only be bought offline and will be delivered to you. Another limitation is that MTR is only able to search for direct services to and from Hong Kong. For tickets purchased using a credit card, UnionPay or mobile payment tied to a credit card, alteration must be made using the original credit card. If you are in Hong Kong and holds a foreign credit card, your best bet will be with one of the Hong Kong Ticketing channels. The pricing is the same as any other sources and they price these tickets in CNY instead of HKD.

High-speed Rail. You can also call the MTR ticketing hotline at +852 2120 0888. However, I believe they will ultimately enable this for Hong Kong passengers as well. Uncollected tickets can be refunded through the 12306 website or mobile app, or at designated ticketing counters of Mainland stations. Hong Kong connects to 44 destinations in the 25,000-kilometer national high-speed railway, including six short-distance cities and 38 long-distance cities. A ticket is required when more than one child is travelling with an adult. Tickets for ordinary trains to Hong Kong and vice versa can only be purchased offline. Ctrip offers the ability to search for train connections in Mainland China but this feature has not been expanded to train services to and from Hong Kong.

Recommended itineraries of High Speed Rail, Subject to individual agent's arrangement, Within 48 hours to cut off time of respective channels for refund, Can be processed with original ticket agent for uncollected tickets, Only departure date, train number and class of travel can be altered, If a booking contains multiple tickets, alteration can be made for selected tickets, If the fare after alteration is higher than the original one, travellers will be required to top up the difference; if the fare after alteration is lower than the original one, the difference will be refunded, For alteration at stations or ticket agents, travellers must produce the original or a photocopy of the personal identity document used for the booking for verification, Tickets cannot be refunded after alteration, Ticket alteration should be processed no later than 30 minutes before train departure, For tickets with Hong Kong West Kowloon as departure station, the alteration cut-off time is 60 minutes before train departure, Tickets must be purchased in cash, difference in fare will be topped up or refunded in the form of cash in RMB, Tickets purchased with Octopus, Alipay, Alipay HK, Wechat Pay and Wechat Pay HK will be treated as tickets purchased in cash, Tickets purchased with ticket agents in Hong Kong will be treated as tickets purchased in cash, For tickets purchased using any payment method other than cash, the fare after alteration must be the same as the original payment, Ticket alteration should be processed no later than 30 minutes before train departure times.

Travellers can choose any channel which meets their needs. Hong Kong (CNN)The first ever bullet train from Hong Kong to China departed Sunday, as the city's controversial high-speed rail link opened to the public amid fears greater integration with the mainland could lead to ever more encroachment by Beijing in semi-autonomous Hong Kong's affairs. Ordinary trains operate at Hung Hom Railway Station. In the box below, you have to set a ticket collection password (6 to 10 digit number) as well as either an email or a Hong Kong phone number for contact. Please collect your tickets at the ticketing counters at the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station before processing a refund. Ticket collection is always required for online ticket purchases. After checking the box to agree to the terms and conditions, you will be redirected for payment. How to purchase ticket on 12306 China Railway? Download Luke Sir's High Speed Rail Leisure Guide, Parking Charges & Park-and-Ride Discount Offer, Online ticketing service provided by MTR and 12306 China Railway.

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