Whose tender beauty could never be matched The personal name would be 'Hoc/Huoch'. The Annales Laurissenses record the death "783 pridie Kal Mai" of "Hildegardis regina" and her burial "iuxta urbem Mettensem in basilica apostolorum et beati Arnulfi"[68]. He is named, and his parentage recorded, in the Gesta Mettensium, which specifies that he was his parents' fourth son "qui biennis occubuit", born a twin with Hludowic[124]. Birth of Charles 'the Younger', King of the ... "Hildegard", "Hildegarda", "Hildegarde", "Hildegardis", "de Vinzgau", "von Vinschgau", "von Vintschgau", "von Vinzgouw", "von Vintzgau", "of Alemannia", "of Swabia", "Mathalgard", "Hathalgardco", "von Vinzgau", "Princess Of Swabia Hildegarde Von Allemannien", "countis de Vinzgau", "Ot...", Metz, Département de la Moselle, Region Lorraine, France, "De gente Suavorum", Countess of Vinzgau; Queen Consort of the Franks, Drottning; Keizerin, Emperess of the West, Drottning, Drottning i Linzgau, Queen of the Franks, Countess of Linzgau, Königin des Fränkischen Reiches, wife of King, Countess of Vinzga. The Vita Angilberti records the relationship between "Berta filia [rex de regina Hildigarda]" and "domnus Angilbertus"[131]. [Hildegard belonged through her mother, Imma, to the old Swabian ducal house. You have chosen this person to be their own family member. Angilbert's poem Ad Pippinum Italiæ regum names (in order) "Chrodthrudis…Berta…Gisla et Theodrada" as daughters of King Charles[136]. The Gesta Francorum records the death "811 II Non Dec" of "Karolus filius imperatoris qui maior natu erat"[99]. Now to Hildegard. Theodulf's poem Ad Carolum Rege changes the order slightly when he names "Berta…Chrodtrudh …Gisla…Rothaidh…Hiltrudh, Tetdrada" as daughters of the king[137].
'Piltrud' is a variant of 'plektrud' which was name of another of Regintrud's probable sisters (first wife of Pippin II). Nithard names Bertha, daughter of King Charles, as his mother[133]. From this time Charles used the title king, and was crowned King of the Franks at Rome 25 Dec 800. At the partition agreed at Thionville in 806, Charles was designated sovereign of Francia (Austrasia and Neustria), northern Burgundy, northern Alemannia, Thuringia, Saxony, Frisia and the Bavarian Nordgau[98]. W Braunfels [5] J Jarnut 'Beitraege zu den fraenkisch-bayerisch-langobardischen Beziehungen im 7. und 8. thou alone wert found worthy of his tenderness. The temperature on June 23, 1931 was between 10.7 °C and 23.6 °C and averaged 17.1 °C. Born: abt. ], Hennes lykkelige ekteskap ble avbrutt ved hennes død 30.04.783 i Dudenhofen ved Mosel etter at hun hadde født Hildegard.

Suffix At the Lindau Road, close to the school, was also located another Hildegard Fountain. A genealogical internet service provided by Coret Genealogy. :[http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/CAROLINGIANS.htm#_Toc240955192, 9 Hildegarde (782-783) (Thionville [Mar/Apr 783-[1/8] Jun 783, bur Metz, église abbatiale de Saint-Arnoul).

:[http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/CAROLINGIANS.htm#_Toc240955192], 3.4 Carloman, renamed Pippin (April 777–8 July 810), King of ItalyCARLOMAN [Pepin (777-Milan 8 Jul 810, bur Verona, San Zeno Maggiore). Her father kept her and her sisters at the court of Aix-la-Chapelle refusing them permission to marry, but she was banished from court by her brother Emperor Louis I on his accession[130]. The above descent seems to follow in steps 2-5 (excluding Chlodosindis dau. Nonetheless, he only had four legitimate grandsons, the four sons of his third son, Louis, by Hildegard. Sigebert I, King of Austrasia, d.575 2. [no source], Hildegard was the third wife of Charlemagne, whom she married about 771. Alas, Mother of Kings, alas, virtue and sorrow!

:[http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/CAROLINGIANS.htm#_Toc240955192], 3.3 Rotrude (or Hruodrud) (775–6 June 810) [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlemagne HROTHRUDIS [Rotrud] ([775]-6 Jun 810[105]). millier GeneaStars. Weis, Frederick Lewis. [http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/GEN-MEDIEVAL/1998-04/0892394571] At 06:03 PM 10/04/98 -0500: In article <352E8888.7D4378E5@geocities.com>, anfortas@geocities.com (Luke Stevens) wrote: Could anyone offer me an informed opinion as to how much credence can be placed in the following line purporting to trace Charlemagne's wife Hildegarde back to the Merovingians? Please note: You are asking volunteers to find and take a photo of the headstone. She was sent back to Francia, but died before reaching Lyons[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlemagne ADELAIS (in Italy [Sep 773/Jun 774]-in Italy [Jul/Aug] 774, bur Metz, église abbatiale de Saint-Arnoul). Thus according to Eckhardt Gotfrid would be g-grandfather of Hildegard instead of her g-g-grandfather.

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