This event was the third reactivation of the slide as per data available.

Since the plate itself deforms little, this deformation may be related to incipient plate fragmentation in Sindh or over a larger region of NW India. Pattern, Himachal Pradesh, union territory of India, zoomed. Diurnal and seasonal analysis of wind, its components and momentum flux during pre monsoon, monsoon and post monsoon is presented and discussed in this paper.
Bilevel, Himachal Pradesh, India - outlined.

Various, This paper discusses the causes of debris flow, landslide, collapse, water and soil erosion and other mountain disasters in the high mountain-plateau transitional region in northwest Sichuan.

Seismic gaps along two-thirds of the Himalaya that have developed in the past five centuries, when combined with geodetic convergence rates of approximately 1.8 m/cy, suggests that one or more M = 8 earthquakes may be overdue.

%PDF-1.5 Parameters: Himachal Pradesh; Capital. West Bengal Orissa.
Landslide: An Expression of Man-Nature Interaction in the Landslide encompasses all varieties of mass movements consisting of different types of rock fall, topple and debris flow.

endobj All rights reserved.

The weighted parametric approach was applied to determine degree of susceptibility to landslides. An earthquake of magnitude 5.5 Mb on Richter scale occurred on 26th April 1986 in.

Assistant Professor, Center of Advanced Study in Geograp. Available online at:

Current Science 62(1&2): 24, the End of AD 1869. The geo-physical disasters such as earthquakes and landslides are more rampant in mountainous regions due to geo-physical complexities.

Insights into the recent Kotropi landslide of August 2017, India: a geological investigation and slope stability analysis, Landslides in Himalayan Mountains: A Study of Himachal Pradesh, India, RS & GIS Based Landslide Hazard Zonation of Mountainous Terrains A Study from Middle Himalayan Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India, Seismicity and vulnerability in Himalayas: The case of Himachal Pradesh, India, Earthquakes in India and the Himalaya: Tectonics, geodesy and history, A note on the Kangra Ms = 7.8 earthquake of 4 April 1905, Natural Hazards Risk in the Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India, Linear features registered on the Landsat imagery and seismic activity in the Dharamsala-Palampur region (NW Himalaya), Climate variability and Climate Extreme Events, Study of surface winds and momentum flux using ultrasonic anemometer over Manora Peak, Nainital, Mountain disaster formation in northwest Sichuan, Lessons from Nepal's Earthquake for the Indian Himalayas and the Gangetic Plains. Himachal Pradesh.

A more refined magnitude analysis using data from 6 stations far which we may estimate station corrections confirms a Ms magnitude of 7.83 ± 0.18. Physical map illustrates the mountains, lowlands, oceans, lakes and rivers and other physical landscape features of Himachal Pradesh. Damage from large Himalayan earthquakes recorded in Tibet and in Northern India suggests that earthquakes may attain M = 8.2.

Some of the works include slope stability assessment along Rampur-Jhakri area of National Highway-22, Himachal Pradesh (Chand et al.

Himalayan Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Data on the dynamics of mountain processes in the Himalayas are scarce, yet there is a real need to disseminate what information is available to geomorphologists, planners, engineers and the Himalayan people to considerably reduce both human and material loss. x��TYk�0~7�?̣\6�F�u@)4w�v��>�}�&NZh�������I����i43�a�н����3 qu�A~Ƒ ��(��`��T(�8�v�8��SX��a��,�A�+٫�8�G0��N���$�F})D“*Ͻ�2["Z� ��d���`�`��7��J�����8ϥL�C3�'��� � #�X��E��q4g�|���8R� ���[n�i�9���O�4�)��������÷١kv(S�C��8�^�PRɥ|!��GC��%��M�xȞ�Ȗ����!�-��J+�% r�\c�)��������Z+��#�Z��{6&E,��} �A��`�h�و�����ܾo��*�&=��.

Though no investigational/research work has been carried on in Kotropi area, still some other areas of Himachal Pradesh have been able to attract many researchers' attention in natural hazard and related fields.

3 0 obj The north and northeast of Manora peak has sharply undulating topography of Himalayan mountain ranges, where as very low elevation and densely populated plain land merging into the Ganga basin to the southwest.

Pattern, Himachal Pradesh, union territory of India, on solid. 11 earthquakes in Himachal Pradesh from 1800 to 1869. earthquakes were also recorded at Kullu in 1906 and Chamba in 1914, 1945 and 1947. scale. B. S.; Brar, K. K. and Chauhan, Y. The significant findings of this paper include numerical simulation of pre- and post-event slide as stated under unsaturated and saturated condition. General remarks: The WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Atlas of the World is an organized and commented collection of geographical, political and historical maps available at Wikimedia Commons. Get a free map for your website.

The mechanisms of recent earthquakes in Peninsular India are consistent with stresses induced in the Indian plate flexed by its collision with Tibet. The analysis was carried out with the geotechnical investigation and numerical modeling with the help of finite element model-based Phase 2 simulator.

Nonetheless, population growth and economic development, especially since 1990, have increased vulnerability to hazards. Himachal Pradesh. Current Science 62: 251-256. Government 1917) were recorded during 19th century. Shape outlined against its country area. Seismicity in Himalayas is much in evidence. Relief, Himachal Pradesh - India. endobj Himachal Pradesh basically a mountainous state, is Nature’s own country. The sensitive z. event of a high intensity earthquake would be very high. The Dharamsala-Palampur region of Kangra district (Himachal Pradsh, NW Himalaya) has been studied to infer the stress filed pattern and tectonic movements responsible for the generation of high seismicity in the region. namely, earthquake, landslide and avalanche from spatio, 1971-2009.

Customized Himachal Pradesh maps. Landslides are particularly common and cause massive damage in tectonically active Himalayas. to Uttarakhand's June, 2013 disaster of which one throws light on the factors responsible for the unusually heavy rainfall, and the consequent floods, erosion and landslides and the other is a case study on the psychological effect of the disaster on the local people living in the remote mountains. 1 0 obj Pradesh. Rock falls, avalanches, landslides, floods and earthquakes are, Articles in this book cover varied aspects of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake and the disasters it generated: seismicity and tectonics in the region, engineering geological risks, problems of providing medical aid, gender issues, local planning for relief provisions, mountain ecology and several other social issues.

The different types of lineaments were differentiated through a lineament filter map. In, districts.

Physical Map Political Map Road Map .

4 0 obj Source: Maps of India Himachal Pradesh Physical Infrastructure – Railways Source: Economic Survey of Himachal Pradesh 2011-12 MARCH 2013 . However within the mountainous regions certain areas are more prone to frequent disasters than others.

The vulnerable population with respect to seismicity in the state has been mapped based on information from ancient Indian literature, historical archives, books, memoirs and catalogues prepared by various scholars and organizations and the patterns of population concentration.

Chandra, U. Central India Maps : Madhya Pradesh . It was found that se. Chander (1989) mentioned 9 events of. favor the formation of debris flow, landslides and other mountain disasters. Physical map of Himachal Pradesh. Meghalaya Nagaland Tripura Sikkim . This paper explores the space-time dimensions of such disasters and their impacts on human population.

Colored shader data with lakes and rivers. All rights reserved.

It was found that seismic activity in the areas is highly variable temporally but spatially concentrated in few areas.

Evidence suggests that the extent of forest cover has altered little over 150 years and that hazardous processes recur in much the same locations, with similar frequency and magnitude, except where road construction has increased slope instability.

Himachal Pradesh has historically been prone to earthquake activities. Administrative, Himachal Pradesh - India.


Government of Himachal Pradesh State of Environment Report, Himachal Pradesh. <>

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