Examines to what extent representative history textbooks used in American high schools encourage development of historical analysis and interpretation, one of five standards issued by the National Center for History in the Schools. Analysis/Interpretation Evidence does not speak for itself. Our society and educational system has taught you (and much of the world's population) that there is only one right answer or one right historical interpretation. Historical Analysis. Historical analysis of literature allows readers to gain a better understanding of a text by becoming familiar with the time periods in which the piece takes place and when it was written. To identify the subject of an altarpiece as a Madonna and Child, however, explains nothing about the use of the altarpiece, how it fit into the surrounding culture, its economic import, or what it may reveal about social and political issues of the period. It covers both primary sources (such as diaries, letters, newspaper articles, photographs, government documents and first-hand accounts) and secondary materials (such as books and articles written by historians and devoted to the analysis and interpretation of historical events and evidence). Historical Research Capabilities 5. 3. Students understand and distinguish cause, effect, sequence, and correlation in historical events, including the long-and short-term causal relations. Historiography - Historiography - From explanation to interpretation: Until quite recently almost everybody who thought about historiography focused on the historian’s struggle with the sources. In-depth analysis and interpretation of a historical document is an important step in the genealogical research process, allowing us to distinguish between fact, opinion, and assumption, and explore reliability and potential bias when weighing the evidence it contains. Evidence without analysis and interpretation only amounts to a list of facts or events. Historical Analysis and Interpretation. Iconographic analysis is used to establish the meaning of a particular work at a particular time. Historical events can often be interpreted in many different ways. Historical Issues-Analysis and Decision-Making. Historical Analysis and Interpretation 4. Iconographic analysis is the interpretation of its meaning. Reading literature outside of its historical context can make it difficult or even impossible to fully understand the text. In many cases, such as an image of the crucified Christ or seated Buddha, identifying the subject presents few problems. Treatment of the Aztec Empire and the Cold War varied widely in the four textbooks studied. Historical Analysis & Interpretation - Chapter Summary. Explain to the reader in your own words what meaning to take from a piece of evidence. Philosophers were interested in the grounds they had for claiming to make true statements about the past. Historical Interpretation Students explain the central issues and problems from the past, placing people and events in a matrix of time and place. This guide is an introduction to selected resources available for historical research. These skills, while presented in five separate categories, are nonetheless interactive and mutually supportive. All texts failed the new history standard. This idea is reinforced by the use of textbooks, which tend to present history as a "succession of facts marching to a settled outcome."

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