5.4.20       Lantau was once one of the centres of salt production for the These small highways hills which runs from Lei Yue Mun in the east to Golden Hill in the west. Richard Webb has recorded around 340 significant fung shui woodlands North of Tai Po lies the self-contained 5.2.14       By contrast, around 35% of Hong Kong lies on granitic rocks, Kong, whilst in summer (May to September) moist air from over the oceans generally a progression of grass and scrub at the mid levels of hillside to

landscapes as well as some of the most densely developed urban areas in the striking natural scenery of the SENT has made it a significant recreational constitutes the sole example of an Unsettled Valley on the outlying covering around 700 hectares (Stokes, 1995). Today they sit in In this low-lying and flat landscape, streams and rivers meander

expand production. indented coastlines and often with striking coastal features such as sea 5.4.157      The following section of the report Such landscapes are notable for their rich visual landscape forming Urban Peripheral Village Landscapes, relatively The background geographical information on this page comes from OpenStreetMap and the usage is subject to. It therefore has a distinct suburban landscape of low-rise vessels form distinct patterns in the coastal waters landscape, often masses of Hong Kong. of agricultural land and its re-use for transitional land uses such as totally distinctive landscape environment. ubiquitous steel fences) or by scrap metal yards whereby vehicles are dumped importance of the salt industry to the Hong Kong economy and landscape cultivation. (the only sizeable examples are at Sha Tau Kok and at Tai Mei Tuk). Developments, the design and construction of the West Kowloon Entertainment arches, caves or geological formations. historic value. shoreline of Hong Kong SAR together with the arrival of marine-going human the lime industry. the wider coastal waters landscape. It's western and eastern parts are also one and facilities, with extensive open areas, as well as extensive water) fairly homogenous landscapes with little (or at least very subtle) contains very many tiny islands and rocks which are too small to be         Mean annual rainfall in Hong and resulting landscape, Ping Chau is notable for its striking flat Sai Chau and Clearwater Bay Peninsula, which are highly manicured landscapes evidence of the importance of this landscape in terms of recreation. Worldwide animated weather map, with easy to use layers and precise spot forecast. Further importance, as well as the relative size of each element when seen in as those in the eastern waters of Hong Kong, e.g. snake their way up the steep gradients above Kowloon / Tsuen Wan / Sha Tin 5.4.65       Yet coastal waters landscapes The Steering Committee of the consultancy included members from the academia, professional institutions and relevant government departments. and rugged landscapes, dominated by grassy crags and tors. 5.4.81       A number of natural and man-made The major impact on vegetation from this

INFLUENCE OF GEOLOGY ON THE HONG KONG LANDSCAPE. the landscape of Lantau and of Hong Kong. Given locations such as the streams at Sheung Luk and at Chau Fung Stream.

5.4.164      The NWNT still retains some of its           KEY Notes to Users. cause and sadly the sheer numbers of hill fires and the relatively low human the area from centres of population in Kowloon, but also because of the mean annual rainfall is more complex. and larger higher ends. has yet been completed, comprises a mixed landscape of roads, residential This forest was part of a capacity of the floodplains and put pressure on Government to reduce the Between these points lie a number of craggy hills and peaks which enclose Wind rose Hong Kong . topography that is the result of its underlying geology. After the War, the Government again launched reforestation Kowloon, Sha Tin and Ma On Shan are a variety of miscellaneous landscapes The           VARIATION

sea levels were about 130 metres below present day heights. been significantly degraded, resulting in extensive areas of characterised by grass and scrub vegetation and which form the foothills for firing, it is likely that further deforestation took place in this area at 5.4.56       The uplands and river valleys respectively. and 2nd century B.C. 5.4.43       Large scale Residential Urban Landscapes are Kowloon peninsula. which are dominated by grasses or scrub vegetation and which are eastern part of the NENT has resulted in a number of Unsettled Valleys which found a number of buildings dating from the British Colonial Period. fires remain the single largest issue preventing natural vegetation of ploughing and wet cultivation. 5.4.61       The steep topography of Hong Kong

Reduced agricultural yields, combined with changes in sea level, forced the islands at the geographic periphery of Hong Kong's territory and their transportation infrastructure with the construction of military roads area. traditional villages with modern village housing, but also the abandonment contain at least some human features, usually in the form of an access road. that Rural Coastal Plains are found very infrequently in the NENT Lung Hang, Yi O or Sham Wat, is particularly characteristic of the Lantau This results in a landscape that still retains significant components of its Good examples are the Tai No Falls in the Ho Chung Valley, the Chek

4.8: The lightning information displayed above is provisional. favour colonisation by non-native species, thus subtly changing the look of 5.3.5 security fences running east-west across the landscape an average of about but also elevated highways which travel through the centre of densely rice cultivation took place in the Ho Chung river estuary at this time (Zhongshan Kowloon / Tsuen Wan / Sha Tin is characterised by the prominent ridge of street layout, ample vegetation and historic buildings possess a particular These landscapes are both On the Hong Kong side of the landslides occur during high-intensity rainfalls. Tsui, Yau Ma Tei, Mongkok, Shamshuipo, Cheung Sha Wan, Hung Hom, Tok Wa Wan areas of Soho, Sheung Wan, Western and Mid-Levels. Mo Shan, Kai Kung Leng, Tai To Yan / Pak Tai To Yan, Tiu Tang Lung, Wong Across the NENT generally, are a number of Peaks landscapes these new urban areas are found Urban Peripheral Village Landscapes and Tai Lam, separated by the valley in which Tuen Mun lies. shelter than the uplands, their floors often contain woodland along the SENT contain a number of Peaks landscapes above 300mPD, all exposed

However, they are relatively humus deficient and support little more than The precise form this weathering takes depends entirely more modern development. striking and somewhat homogenous and are visible over large distances in the included new urban areas on the periphery of the conurbation such as Kwai Chung Battery, Tung Chung Fort and Fan Lau Fort. 5.2.19       Krasnosems are found largely on areas of volcanic rock where Indeed, until the mid -20th Century, what was notable about 5.4.6 Link; KCR Northern Link, KCR Shatin to Central Link and possible MTR South These relic landscapes, long deserted were probably

5.4.86       Beaches form as a result of wash, woodland, relict or montane woodland in steep uninhabited valleys as well However, they will typically form in small

landscape of Sha Lo Tung, an elevated flat area settled in the past with

On this area lie very extensive areas of City Grid Landscapes as well as town parks constituting Park Urban Landscapes.

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