That subject more generally discussed, perhaps than any other during the past few days, the weather, again demands attention.      Rapid                 -4 By 5 am on Jan 13, the temperature had dropped to -21 degrees.             The mercury has been on a tear, and as to all unusual exhilaration and excitement, must follow corresponding despondency or depression, so to the summerlike weather enjoyed here Wednesday, followed a blast of winter’s breath, than which stronger and colder has seldom, if ever, been felt in the Hills. The “Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times” reported: Froze His Hands
A late telegram arrived at Balatan, Minn., warning that a big blizzard would arrive in less than a hour. Telephone service between Black Hills towns remained operational, allowing information from outlying areas to reach the media. “About 3:30, we heard a hideous roar. The drifts are packed in the cuts as hard as ice, and the work of clearing the track is difficult and dangerous. The phenomenon is unaccounted for.      Spring Valley      -7 If another heavy snow comes, or if another cold snap freezes things up again, the stock will have to do some pretty tall rustling to keep alive on the range. Herewith are thermometrical readings at points indicated at 9 p.m., as kindly gathered by Arthur Marble [of the telephone exchange].

"130: That Is the Awful Total of Dead and Missing by the Blizzard." No deaths have been reported, and it is hoped none have been occasioned. As a rule hack lines to outlying points were hauled off. The wheels of an engine will ride up on the snow, and the danger of being derailed is so great that the utmost caution must be used in moving. The arrival, therefore, was more of an aggravation that aught else. The wind howled dismally, and it is estimated traveled at a rate of speed not less than fifty miles an hours. Finally, though, on Jan. 12, 1888, the morning came with a gentle reprieve. Friday night will long to be remembered for its intense cold. The enginemen report several narrow escapes from being turned over into the ditch. Minnesota, too, was populated like never before, but many of her new homes and schoolhouses were hastily built affairs at best, with gap-holed walls and tar paper roofs, thrown up in the break-neck excitement of westward settlement. In the long gaze of history, the powerful blizzard of Jan. 12, 1888 was a final exclamation point. The St. Paul [Minnesota] signal officers are derelict in their duty, or this is a snap “on the side” which they are not supposed to notice.      Whitewood           -8 The train was abandoned here, as was also the freight from the north. Though upper Midwesterners lost the most, the blizzard was truly a nationwide phenomena. The report of yesterday morning indicates that the stress of weather experienced here is general throughout the northwest, and, indeed, that the situation of affairs in Northern Dakota and along the Northern Pacific in Minnesota and Montana is far worse than it is here.
Light snow set in during the night continuing until 1:20 pm and followed by rapidly falling temperature. They have had “grief” enough. Event thought a snow plow had gone ahead, the wind blew the snow back into the cuts as fast as it was thrown out, and the track would be blocked within a short time after the passage of a train. From all directions come reports of deep snow, low temperature and wind winds. It is safe to say, however, that no reason exists for a belief that any eastern mail, after that expected Thursday, and to arrive today, will be received in this city before Monday and perhaps not then. Climate historians are quick to note that the “Children’s Blizzard” — so named because many of the victims were schoolkids trying to make it home — was not the most extreme blizzard ever to strike Minnesota. The Minneapolis Tribune macabrely noted that recovered corpses were so solidly frozen they “give forth a metallic sound” when struck.

The number of times the average citizen said that yesterday was the coldest day he ever saw cannot well be estimated, but some of them said it so often that they actually believed it. The highest, unofficial snow total from the blizzard was an astounding 55 inches in Lincoln, RI with drifts up to 27 feet reported! A lot more hustling will have to be done before the walks are cleared of the beautiful, and the chances are that the work will eventually devolve on Old Sol.

In a few moments, we had the severest snowstorm I ever saw in my life with a terrible hard wind, like a hurrycane [sic], snow so thick we could not see more than 3 steps from the door at times.”. MinnPost | P.O. It is hoped that this opinion will prove correct, thought a contrary belief had been before engendered. This was the high cost of of exposure.

On the other hand, the operation of the road entails what the railroaders denominate “grief”, and a great deal of it. The cold here is never so severe as it is east or south. This was not a storm of drifting lace snowflakes, but of flash-frozen droplets firing sideways from the sky, an onslaught of speeding ice needles moving at more than 60 miles per hour. His opinion to a contrary conclusion is firm, and based on the fact that the duration of the blizzard was limited to a few hours, and thought he temperature accompanying it was severe, it did not last long enough to produce anything like the loss that has been anticipated would develop by people resident in the Hills, unacquainted with the conditions governing successful ventures in stock raising. Box 18438 | Minneapolis, MN 55418 | 612.455.6950, Nobles County native Morton Bassett: "It was a beautiful day for mid-winter and no one even thought of what a change an hour's time could bring.

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