They were very communicative as changes happened quickly with COVID and border/court openings and closings. We have excellent customer service and aim to reply to you quickly with the answers and guidance you need. For anyone considering a destination wedding in Denmark, we would highly recommend GMiD . Once completed, the Danish Agency of Family Law sends you receipts as confirmation. Of course you can! Paying Medical Expenses/Health Insurance Claims, Using German Government Health Insurance (GKV), Tips on Health and Household Insurance Before Arrival, The Top 6 Things You Should Know About German Hospitals, Doctors and Healthcare, Relocation Companies - What They Can Do for You, SoFA, Diplomats and Other US Government Employees, Christmas Markets of Germany's Historic Cities. Basically all citizens from different countries, who want to marry in Denmark, have to provide the following documents: passport, copy of Passport-registration, certificate of marital status (certificate of death or divorce), You may, instead, be looking for somewhere more rural and natural to have your wedding and, in that case, you can travel a little further away from the larger Danish cities. This is an island in the south of Denmark in the Baltic Sea. A residence permit. You must contact Folkeregisteret (the public registration office) and show them your marriage certificate.

This will definitely be something that is important to some couples. If you would like your wedding in a more rural area it’s good to remember that smaller towns are likely to have fewer options for you to choose from. To put it in another way, as I was in Portugal, and there is no certificate of marital status, “the easiest” way to get it was to write one myself and register it in a notary’s office, with two witnesses to sign this document. It is recommended that you verify your marital status by showing copies of your last U.S. income tax returns. You must send an application –a notice of marriage–to the Agency of Family Law and pay a fee of DKK 1650. People from all over the world and of any gender can get married in Denmark. After your marriage, your partner will probably need to apply for residency in the country in which you both plan to reside. Which is why we wanted to write about things to take into consideration when choosing your town hall.
Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. It depends on the capacity of the registry offices. You can choose your wedding location all over the island. The process was long, but very helpful thanks to Sam.

Their service was priceless to us and made our wedding plans to be a great experience and adventure all the way. The last document you need is a proof of payment.
Registration of your family status. A statement that no appeal is pending and that no appeal can be filed. To change your name, you must do this once you are in your country of residence. Note that these documents must be submitted in either English, German or Danish. Before you can get married in Denmark, you must have a "Certificate of Marital Status." We need you to answer these questions so that we can understand you and your partner's circumstances. International House CopenhagenBusiness House CopenhagenInternational Citizen Service, Copenhagen Science CityThe Capital of Sustainable Development​Government of Copenhagen 2018-2021 (PDF)Ambitious Growth PoliciesAn Internationally-Connected RegionLivable green citySustainable City Initiatives. Moreover, after providing the required documents, Renan and I had to fill out the online form on the official website and attach all documents. In order to actually get married, you have to show up one working day before the ceremony to the Copenhagen City Hall (or equivalent in your municipality) to present all the original documents you sent via email, including translations if applicable. If you live in Germany and would like a location that you can drive to easily from home, then Tønder is the perfect place! If you have been married abroad, you can register your marriage in Denmark. You will need to have two witnesses at your marriage ceremony. Please note that due to coronavirus, some services are temporarily changed or open under restrictions. They will then issue a certificate of marital status or marriage certificate depending on whether you want the marriage to be performed in Denmark or abroad. ". After this we were prompted to exchange rings, kiss, sign the marriage certificate and off we went as married couple! Some town halls require that you present your documentation the same day. Moreover, if you do it by yourself, it has the advantage of being more economical. We help you organize every detail.

Not all town halls offer same day document presentation, but since many of you will be flying into Denmark ahead of your wedding day anyway it might not make too much of a difference. People are friendly, the transport is easy and once you’re here for your ceremony you’re going to find your trip is wonderfully seamless with our help. Therefore we would always recommend that you stay longer to enjoy what the country has to offer. Once you’ve decided on your location, the first step is to apply to get married. We'll be right there from the moment you step in to Denmark to the moment you leave. The office is just after the main entrance to the left in a small room. Get married in Denmark quickly and easily! We find that aesthetics are often our couples’ least important consideration when it comes to planning, whether they have a larger celebration planned elsewhere or not. Another reason is that you can easily get your marriage apostilled/legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (more on this later), otherwise you’d have to mail it in and wait longer to receive your legalized marriage certificate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Understanding FATCA as an American Living in Germany. Although each case is different, I hope I can help you with the experience that we had. Specially the complete service :)Thank you guys!!!✨. We will then send you a preliminary list of documents to get you started. When the notice of marriage is approved, a certificate of marital status (prøvelsesattest) will be issued if you are getting married in Denmark.

You should only book your trip to Copenhagen when your wedding date has been confirmed by the Wedding Office, Same sex marriages might not be recognised in other countries. Note that if you are a U.S. citizen, you are not required to show the Certificate of Marital Status document and can refer to this page if questioned.

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