The answer could lie in the Nematop Adult Vine Weevil Trap. The Vine Weevil Beetle is now a major pest for certain crops and plants in the UK and Europe. Weevils are gray-brown in color and feature a light "V" shape on their wings. The “vine weevil” is a type of weevil that is especially a problem for plants grown in containers. Since they burrow in the soil and feed on roots underground, getting rid of black vine weevils can be difficult. Getting Rid of Weevils They hatch into 10mm long ‘C’ shaped grubs with cream coloured bodies and brown heads. Thursday, 21 March, 2019 at 3:00 pm . Hi, I'm a Board Guide on the Old Style and the Consumer Rights boards which means I'm a volunteer to help the boards run smoothly and can move and merge posts there. Sure, these four easy steps can get rid of weevils in an afternoon. A table displaying which months are best to sow, plant and harvest. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec; Time to act; Time to act: J Baby vine weevils grow from little eggs laid in the plant’s roots - which are very difficult to see. Black Vine Weevil Control. If you wish to spot them, we recommend that you head into your garden at night with a flashlight, as they will be difficult to spot during the day. Larval feeding damage tends to be worst in the spring, when soil moisture drives the grub-like pests closer to the surface where they’ll happily girdle plants and chew bark. It is a very widespread and common insect. The vine weevil is a tiny root-eating grub capable of devastating damage underground. Vine Weevil Can Attack Your Flowers & Shrubs. The Garden Shop Offer Tips, Products & Advice on How to Control Vine Weevil Symptoms. Vine weevil. Hatching occurs in about ten days, and the larvae burrow and start an eating infestation in gardens. The little vandals, unseen, simply munch away at the root system until either they are caught or the plant first yellows, then wilts and collapses through lack of sustenance. It can cause plants to yellow, wilt and eventually keel over as the last roots have been gnawed through. A google on "Vine weevil"+control brought up all sorts of sites that you'd have to evaluate for yourself but to start you off take a look at This One. The vegetable weevil is a type of snout beetle that is about 1/3 inch long. Strawberry root weevils, on the other hand, are common pests in strawberries and raspberries. Weevils are most active in the evening hours. By BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. Vine weevil is a beetle that feeds on a wide range of plants, both indoors and outdoors, but can be especially damaging to plants grown in containers. Black vine weevils, for instance, are common in blueberries, grapes, laurels, azaleas, and rhododendrons. If you think you’ve got vine weevil in the garden take action now to safeguard your plants from this pernicious pest. Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer is the perfect solution for controlling the vine weevil grubs in the soil but adults can be very evasive and much more difficult to eradicate. If vine weevil is a serious problem in your garden or allotment then you can now fight back on two fronts. Whilst the adult beetle doe little more than disfigure the leaves that it feeds upon, the young, by the way of small grubs, eat into the root system of a wide range of plants. Vine Weevil Life Cycle The lifecycle is one generation per growing season. Learn how to recognise and organically tackle vine weevils. Weevil Description. They will overwinter as nearly mature larvae and come out in the spring.

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