A journal is an excellent tool you can use to keep your creativity alive. Journals are a fantastic way for students to share their progress, gather ideas, and reflect on their experiences.

Then just take the first page and last page and glue them onto the cover like shown in the 6th picture. You can also use cardboard on the sides of the journal, but I prefer the cover to be soft. If you tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to your creativity, it could really be holding you back. If you do that make sure that your leather piece is big enough to wrap around the edges. Starting a journaling activity for a set period is a good option when trying out a new routine with students. To do that just take a needle and lightly hit with a hard object (like a nail and hammer). For example, a writer often struggles with “writer’s block”, finding it hard to know what to write. Even if your regular planner is a calendar and dates type of planner. You can use it for whatever you'd like (eg: journaling, sketch book) Make sure to read instructions underneath photos to fully understand the process in making a Journal.

It’s a safe space where your creativity can flow without being judged. The first thing you need to decide is how you want to use the journal. Sign up for my weekly newsletter and periodic special messages... and you'll get INSTANT access to my special guide: 12 EdTech Tips for The Most Successful Year Yet! What should you write in the journal and how often should you be using it? You don’t need to follow a certain structure or have any prior ideas of what to write.

Creativity often stems from thoughts and insights. Take your needle and string. You may need to force yourself to use it some days, but the effort you put in will definitely be worth it. They really can help you to not just maintain your creativity, but nurture it too.

In my journals that have printer paper only I usually have 5-6 booklets that have 10 A4 papers that I fold in half to make 20 pages, but if your making it from A5 pages make sure you line up the pages correctly when binding. You don’t need to have a specific subject in mind. Look at the ideas you’ve written down and see how they can be expanded. So it should look like two strands. It doesn’t matter how the drawing looks, what matters is that you’re taking the time to just let your creativity flow. As you swipe through and turn the pages of their journal, you can leave audio, text, and emoji comments with feedback, too. The key is to use the journal every single day.

Remember, there are absolutely no rules you need to follow. They’re great prompts to get you to write in as little or as much detail as you like. There’s a lot of journaling ideas you can use to boost your creativity. Another great creative journaling idea is to write down your hopes, fears, and anxieties. Free-writing can really help to get the creative juices flowing and help you to overcome that mental block. From Feelings Journals to Inquiry Journals, this ebook has a collection of ideas for all subject areas. I can't wait to share my favorite EdTech tips, tools and lesson ideas with you! Sign up for my weekly newsletter and special messages... and get INSTANT access to my eBooks, freebies and more! So, take your time to browse through the various journals on the market and choose one which speaks to you. Here’s a peek at what you’ll find: Book Creator is a tool you can use in your classroom for free right away. The knot should be on the backside of the booklet. Pull your needle and string through the first hole. Now you’ve discovered the benefits of keeping a journal as a creative person, you may be wondering where to start. For more information go to our Privacy Policy. One of the best ways to start a creative journal is to practice free writing. There are absolutely no rules as to what you can and should put into it. If you print out planner page templates (DIY your Frankenplanner) you can add in pages for doodles and drawing. Share it with us!

I made that mistake and my journal came out smaller than A5 which I did not want. Pull the string through the needle till the middle to make the string thicker. If you’re new to Book Creator, it’s one of my favorite open-ended creation tools. That looks really nice, I like the leather cover :), Lady Gaga Cosplay - 2020 VMA's Halloween Costume, Any kind of paper - has to be 15 cm x 21cm, Super glue - should be able to glue leather, Glue cardboard in the middle of the leather piece. So, what does this mean? I also go back through my old journals when I feel a touch of nostalgia. The holes, where the string will go through should be 1 inch apart. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. This ebook creation tool lets students of all ages created interactive ebooks with a variety of features. One of the best ways to start a creative journal is to practice free writing.

Instead, a creativity journal focuses on helping you to solve problems, brainstorm ideas and practice creativity. Once you set up your free account, you can use the invite code (or create unique links) to invite students into your library.

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