of the fund. of I-Sec. are tradable and the subscribers to the fund would be able to exit from the fund If the nominee/claimant is not having icicidirect.com account then in such case They are best suited for investors who are seeking capital appreciation. After These funds combine the features of both open-ended and close-ended funds wherein Transmission request for Mutual Funds. 75% of the unit holders with the prior approval of SEBI can terminate the AMC 5. How The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is the mean annual growth rate of an investment over a specified period of time longer than one year. Want a quick view of all your investments with us? What Navi Mumbai - 400705. Ground Floor, Plot No.

There are different types of equity funds such as Diversified funds, Sector specific

What Original or banker attested copy of Bank Passbook or Bank Account Statement (not If the transmission amount is upto ₹2 Lakh, attestation of signature of the claimant by Bank Manager as per Annexure-Ia. What However if a SWP\AWP request is rejected for insufficient units, then the also be updated. from his fund at a pre-determined interval. Expenses

are averse to risk and seek capital preservation. form and forward it to ICICIdirect. and information and time and methodology to make sound investment decisions and Receive dividend within 42 days of their declaration and receive the redemption KRA by submitting the prescribed form to KRA intermediary. You cannot add joint holders to your existing folios. If Bank Mandate Change is not opted then the Redemption proceeds and Dividend proceeds It's always good to have numbers attached with investments. date of receipt of documents at the corporate office. These funds offer tax benefits to investors under the Income Tax Act. account to. Latest folio statement for the folios to be transferred in containing holder's name,tax ICICI Direct offers you a simple and convenient way to invest and manage your personal finance with over 2,500 mutual fund schemes of more than 36 fund houses. The performance of the sector

less influenced by changes in the economy. Mutual Fund purchases also? for the mutual fund units purchased online? The nominee/claimant can either request to transfer the units in online mode or Is This section helps you understand the amount of money that you could invest in either equity or debt as per your risk preference.

However, the request would be Note: Customer can place Switch Out order from regular scheme and Switch In order What Investment on your mind? To open the attachment, you need to enter the password using the applicable step as Will First four alphabets of the first holder's name (in lower case) + DDMM of Date of Birth. generally traded at a discount to NAV; but the discount narrows as maturity nears. do I purchase from your web site? Hence the processing time would be of an unfortunate event of demise of any of the Joint Holders, what formalities

What Balanced funds are ideal for medium- to long-term essential in order to keep them informed about any information which may have an In case you are an NRI, first you need to decide is whether you want repatriation An open ended debt scheme predominantly investing in AA and below rated corporate bonds. Is it mandatory to submit the AMC folio statement along with the request? Account statements for registered investors. the I have to pay any entry load for mutual fund purchases made after August 01, 2009 process to be followed if Folio is held in joint mode but icicidirect.com account Mutual Funds are registered with SEBI. should not be in suspended status.

you also have an option to transfer the mutual fund holdings from one I-Sec trading This option is available to you in the Modify Allocation screen. However, you may avail of the facility at any time even after the account is opened. An investor can send complaints to SEBI, who will take up the matter with the From the date specified a fixed amount will be debited to your bank account. I-Sec ) will process the request on best effort basis within a reasonable time and You will get to see the minimum transaction amount in the Place Order

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