7) Fill in the required fields. The margin rate is currently 6.99% for the first $25,000.00 and goes down to as low as … Webull | Commission-free, online brokerage and Market Data App Trade commission-free. 6) Select "Sell." Begin on your Webull app main screen clicking on "Watchlist. Join Webull and experience the market! Check if you see a little blue downward arrow icon on the upper right corner of the page. Shorting (sometimes referred to as “short selling”) is a trading strategy in which you sell shares of a stock that you don’t own and buy them back later, ideally when the price has fallen. What is the Margin Rate on Webull? To do this at Webull, you’ll want to open either the broker’s mobile app or its computer platform. Placing a Short Sell on Webull Placing a short sell on Webull is similar to buying stock except you will choose “Sell” for the order type. Individual Cash (Taxable & Retirement) Individual Margin; A Webull individual margin account allows you to borrow and trade up to 3 times the amount in your cash fund.. For example, if you have $2,500 in a margin account, you could use additional margin funds of up to $7,500 supplied by Webull, to purchase $10,000 worth of stock. 8) Submit the order and wait for it to be filled. Join Webull's stock trading platform today! Build your charts. They are the same, so pick whichever one you want to use if you’re trading on a desktop or laptop. 4) If the icon is there, you can short sell this stock. If the icon is shown, you can click on it to short by using the Webull app. The latter software comes in browser and desktop versions. 9) If the order is filled, go to the "Home" tab. Webull Account Types. 5) Tap the "Trade" button on the bottom left. How to Short a Stock. In the screenshot below, we are placing an order to short 100 shares of AAPL at a limit price of $187. ", or; Search the stock you want to short on Webull. Research and evaluate market data. 10) The short position will be displayed in … Webull|04/01/2020. First, Sell Short But first, you need to submit your sell short order. Investors can enjoy the platform directly from their desktop.

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