In Europe, the program has been offered in Devon, England, and County Cork, Ireland. For motivation, tell them to go a little further than they have gone before. Silent prayer, AUM mantra chanting or the beautiful Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo mantra that we use in Kundalini Yoga. Many people from our program have gone on to teach mindfulness meditation for major Fortune 500 corporations, large healthcare organizations, yoga studios, counseling centers, school districts, coaching programs, family retreats, prison systems, and meditation centers. Newer teachers with less personal practice experience tend to believe that in order to “get it right” they have to use the exact words from the meditation transcript. It is quite a blast. In part 1 of the series, How to Teach a Fantastic Yoga Class, I explained that there are typically three sections to a Yoga Class. Give all students an appropriate workout. In this phase of the class you are going to do the set which you indicated to them in the Orientation phase.

Many of us who have experienced the benefits of meditation and mindfulness have a deep desire to share it with others. Cueing is reminding participants to bring back their attention, and space is the silent time given to put into practice what you ask participants to do. It’s about the authentic moment-by-moment unfolding. Then feel back into your body, your own present-moment experience. On the other hand, those who come to teaching from the practitioner path have a tendency to cue too little or to stop cueing altogether, which can leave beginners feeling abandoned. Tune in to your Higher Self / Universal Mind. Some of it is informed by the latest scientific research and popular traditions and conversations, and much of it is informed by the journey I’ve been on into the world of meditation. In this four-part series, clinical psychologist Greg Serpa, PhD, and physician turned mindfulness teacher Christiane Wolf, MD, PhD, answer some of the most noteworthy logistical questions about teaching mindfulness. It is a spiritual science and without spirit, you may as well be doing aerobics or something.

Or maybe sadness. But it isn’t about the words. I also served as the founding education director for the Chopra Center. If all the students are veteran yogis, then you can skip items 5 & 6. You will find some excellent kriyas in the, Don’t forget to remind them to not overdo it.

You can’t just talk (and please, please don’t just read a script—ever).

Overview of the Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training Program. The facilitator’s role doesn’t necessarily have to be to lead or to teach. As a meditation and mindfulness teacher, your work in the world will be more fulfilling and your own personal meditation and mindfulness practice will evolve and deepen. My good friend and author of the great Yoga Blog PranaFlowNZ, Kara-Leah Grant, dropped me a note the other day with a suggestion that I give some pointers on how to teach the yoga techniques and meditations that I publish here on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga. As the students file into the class, I make sure the early ones move up and near to where I sit, as for some reason students always tend to keep more of a distance from the teacher than they need to. Due to the current issues with COVID-19, we’re now offering a 25% discount on tuition through June 30 – a savings of $1123! Teaching a Yoga Class Phase 1 – Orientation: Ensure the spacing is correct for safety and comfort. Now, it has its offices in Sedona, Santa Barbara, California, and County Cork, Ireland. So at the end of class, relax, sit back and allow the students who want to ask questions to do so, other students can stay for this period, or leave if they want to. “Cueing from the middle” is a technique all facilitators need to practice and is a skill related to but separate from practicing itself. From working on a particular body system, such as the digestive system, to working on a particular trait, such as confidence, to dealing with certain conditions, such as insomnia, to working on a particular body of light, such as the Aura, etc, etc, etc. School of Positive Transformation Meditation, The Chopra Center, The Veda Center , Sura Flow Liberate Certification Program and Sounds True Mindfulness Meditation. If you are a yoga teacher and would like to share any of your warm-up tips, please feel free to do so in the comments section below. Temperature? Santa Barbara, California USA Previously, I put together the Comprehensive Guide to Teaching a Yoga Class, and teaching a meditation class has many similarities to that. What are the 5 Best Online Meditation Teacher Courses? Are you a mindfulness teacher who wants to bring mindfulness in the workplace? We'll respond just as soon as we can. Pressure? I find the long deep breathing initially gets everyone to relax and awaken, and the breath awareness meditation (essentially, Now I give a short overview of Kundalini Yoga, what it entails and how it works. Once someone earns their certification with the Meditation Teacher Academy, their name, email, and web address can be listed on our website so that anyone looking to learn meditation can be sure to find the teacher nearest to them.

I am passionate about education and the world of meditation. Introduce/Accomplish some silent meditation. Meditation is very much essential for every person. Canada: +1 647 558 0588; Ireland: +353 (0) 1 691 7488; After few long deep breaths, I give instructions to start breath awareness meditation (posture, technique, etc). This ensures the energies do not harm you, you are guided correctly and you are provided ample inspiration to see the journey all the way back to the Source. In addition, I am usually pointing out cushions, mats, water, etc to newcomers as well. For example: “Now feeling into your lower legs. Hope all you teacher out there, who are doing this noble profession, find it useful and hope it helps make your yoga class a fantastic and transforming experience for your students. […]. To not overdo, be careful with injuries and work around them whenever possible. Here is an article with my thoughts regarding the. And there are even some people who embark on the training simply to deepen their own personal meditation and mindfulness practice. P. 928-204-0067 You can adjust both the rate of cueing to impact the spaciousness of the practice and the contents of the cues themselves. In the U.S. call +1 (805) 770-8188;  in Europe, call + (353) 85 7214170. Silence can feel awkward to a new facilitator, especially one with little back­ground in a personal practice. Daily Essentials & Essential Warm-ups: Here I make sure I cover as much of the daily essential work as recommended by yoga as I can. There is no need to evoke a sensation. This is also an area which one must work on each day. For example, “Now bring­ing your [or “the”] attention to any emotional flavors that might be present right now.” That can be enough, or you can add something like, “There might be some anxiety or restlessness. Essentially the following points are covered here. You’ll also receive a high degree of specialized training in the knowledge, skills, and presence necessary to teach a variety of mindfulness practices and meditation. You can see an actual demonstration of this tuning in in the following video article:  AUM Mantra Video for Starting Yoga Class. Here are the 3 prayers I do at the end of every class. Teaching meditation and mindfulness is a calling, perhaps you’ve heard the call. Our books provide evidence-based therapies such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and more. I’ve been invited to teach meditation to people around the world. A well planned warm-up, will not just help the students get the most out of the set you are planning to teach, but in and of itself will cover many areas that should be worked on a daily basis. Here now are details of each of the items above. Have you been considering taking your mindfulness meditation practice to the next level? I am also making sure during this time that spacing is good between students, which generally means that they should be able to spread both arms out to their sides without hitting anyone. This relaxation period is a must to maximize the benefits of all the hard work your students have done, so plan your time accordingly. With more than 25 years of experience teaching meditation, the McLean Meditation Institute’s founder Sarah McLean, along with experts in brain science, child development, corporate training, public speaking, yogic philosophy, and ancient wisdom, has developed a comprehensive 200-hour meditation and mindfulness teacher training certificate program which is now offered through the Meditation Teacher Academy. In the  U.S. it’s offered in locations such as Sedona, Arizona, Nashville, Tennessee, Flushing, Michigan, or Santa Barbara, California.

You can also use your voice to help regulate the energy in the room. For motivation, tell them not to give in to their constantly complaining mind.

Specifically here I mention the mechanisms Kundalini Yoga uses to work it’s magic and also, some details of how this all helps to rejuvenate and heal the body/mind complex. Whatever it is.”, Offer Cues from the Middle of Your Own Practice. 1. When someone is taught to meditate correctly, he or she is more likely to continue to meditate on their own and can soon experience the myriad benefits that meditation provides. In addition, I let the students know what the class structure is going to be exactly. ** FREE GIFT **Get my e-book, Amazing Insights, for FREE when you subscribe to my Mastery of Meditation & Yoga Newsletter, (If you are interested in becoming a yoga instructor you can check out my popular and affordable, I obviously love to teach, which is luckily also the Universe’s plan for me and is what I was born to do according to my, For those who have not taken a live Kundalini Yoga class, I strongly suggest you to try one.

In Kundalini Yoga such sets are called Kriyas, and there are Kriyas designed for a very wide range of purposes. Sign up for Meditation Teacher Academy news and updates: Professional Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training. Even if you’re not a Kundalini teacher, this article has lots of thoughtful tips for leading a […], […] As I mentioned, this series is going to be a part of that training program and is one of the last few pieces of the puzzle needed to bring that course online. 3. Call +1 (805) 770-8188. So there you have a very detailed and comprehensive guide on how to teach a yoga class. I have myself taught in such environments and have had no problems in including this tuning in phase in those classes as well. Since a Kundalini Yoga class has a certain rhythm and flow, I request the students to ask their questions at the end of class.

Teaching meditation expands on this experience. Also, going forward I will include teaching tips for the exercises and meditations as well that make up the free yoga & meditation e-books and videos. MMI Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teachers learn to teach techniques, not traditions, so the programs are suitable for anyone. I am so excited to invite you to be a part of this program! While facilitating, you have to balance your own practice with contact with the class so as not to lose anyone, especially beginners. This is key, as it maximizes the benefit of the yoga set you plan to do later, as through the spinal cord run the main energetic channels which carry kundalini and prana up and down the primary energy centers (chakras). Previously, I put together the Comprehensive Guide to Teaching a Yoga Class, and teaching a meditation class has many similarities to that.

Kriyas come in all level of difficulties, but generally your class will have students with mixed levels of capability, so it is really important to have modifications for the difficult exercises in mind. Keep in mind that when you give instructions, you ask your students to listen, not to practice.

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