Perhaps melt into some cocoa butter. Shoot for at least a week though, even if you are feeling impatient to put your new and improved pantry staple to use. And TaDa! Stage 2 - 2 min. Completely gorgeous. Homemade extractThe traditional way to make vanilla extract is to start with fresh beans, slice them lengthwise, and steep them in vodka, counting 3 to 4 beans to about 1 cup of booze. Once the vanilla sugar has been infused for at least a week, just use it like you would normal granulated sugar. I sometimes add drops of eucalyptus oil or lavender in as well. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies. My own preference is to steep the spent pod in tea. Filed Under: Articles, Baking and Cooking, Baking and Cooking Tutorials, Your email address will not be published. Vodka is the best as it has the least taste. Of course, the salt is also good on the savory side -- try it on roasted carrots, lobster, shrimp, or sweet potatoes. But, when you use vanilla seeds scraped right from the vanilla bean pods, you know you're getting even more of that intense vanilla flavor. Here are five things you can do with the spent pods: 1. Take one pod and cut off the thick end. Always. You may have noticed that not all eggs you can buy or collect from your chickens look the same. Your email address will not be published. Bury in a few pods (use the ones that you scraped out the seeds from) Every time you use a new pod, add it to your jar of vanilla salt. Using vanilla extract is cheaper and a bit more convenient when preparing your desserts or baked goods, but once you try using real vanilla pods, you will appreciate the difference. Please don’t let your vanilla pods sit in your pantry waiting for that “perfect” recipe. It is also a simple bowl of strawberries that makes my taste buds extremely happy! It turns out, vanilla wasn't native there, but was instead introduced to the island, so it has to be pollinated by hand (via CBS News). Mince fine and add to a homemade sugar and olive oil exfoliating scrub. in a glass bottle, add 8 vanilla pods to 1 cup of vodka. It was so precious that I hesitated using it – and more than once – would end up later finding it dry and shrivelled – wasting away. Store vanilla beans in an airtight container or zip-top plastic pag in a cool, dark place. Flavored coffee and teaIf you like vanilla coffee, save your pods to stir your joe. I usually use a half bottle of inexpensive vodka, and add the chopped (1cm pieces is fine) vanilla pods directly to it. Six awesome recipes to get more coconut oil in your life! It is not just the strawberry shortcake, strawberry milkshake and strawberry jam (and the crazy number of other delicious things you can make with strawberries) that are getting me really excited. You can use it in a more traditional way such as in cakes and cookies, but it is also perfect for pancakes, waffles, muffins, and cupcakes. Here’s how you can use it: Use it for any baking recipe that calls for a pinch of salt; sprinkle a little over homemade chocolate treats; with roasted sweet potato, pumpkin or carrots; to make roasted cashews or nuts; in a tomato soup to enhance the flavour; to use … And the beans...ah, the beans. Scrape out the vanilla seeds with the blunt side of the knife and use them according to the recipe instructions. Brandy + fruit + vanilla bean in Mason jar; when the fruit is eaten, the syrup is saved for drizzling on ice cream or using in a light glaze for icing holiday cookies and bars; the brandy + fruit scented vanilla bean works its magic on sugar, generally reserved for topping sugar cookies, flavoring whipped cream or macerating berries for topping our family-favorite sour cream pound cake. To use your gourmet vanilla pod, take a sharp knife, hold it firmly at one end, and split it  lengthways so you have two halves of the pod flat on the chopping board.

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