If you missed the Huawei P20 Pro earlier this year, you’re in luck: the Mate 20 Pro is a better version in nearly every way. Very bright. Bottom line: The Mate 20 Pro is the biggest and best smartphone that Huawei has ever made. The Kirin 980 is built using the 7nm architecture, which allows of smaller gaps between the transistors on each chip. The Mate 20 Pro's face unlock feature also works well, and recognised my face more often than not -- even with a hood over my hair and with or without my glasses on. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices.

Those issues don’t affect the Mate 20 Pro, though. The main loudspeaker hidden in the charging port is muffled when you plug the phone in. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. As the name implies, this card is the same size as a nano-SIM, and fits in the same slot. Another winning aspect of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is its excellent 6.39-inch, 19.5:9 OLED screen.

But Huawei's also gone the Apple route of building face unlock into the Mate -- that gives you two unlocking options. Huawei's skin is starting to …

It also works very well in the dark, without forcing the screen to light up and blind your tired eyes.

Even dialed down to HD+, the expansive screen looks good. CNET may get a commission from these offers.

The display has an impressive 19.5:9 ratio 2K+ resolution (3120x1440), which is about 537 pixels per inch. That's what I told my CNET colleague Eric Franklin, when he asked what I thought of the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Intensive titles such as Asphalt 9 launched noticeably faster than on the competition, and I found myself in a race consistently quicker than with a. It is also still receiving updates from Google and Huawei has said Android 10 with EMUI 10 will be coming. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is easily the most feature-packed phones, even nearly a year after it was announced. It's a neat idea, though whether you'll feel generous enough to donate your own power to a friend who's running low is a question you'll need to answer for yourself.

The Mate 10 Pro, released last year, started at £699 ($799, AU$1,099), but the new Mate 20 Pro has joined a few of this year’s other top flagships to become one of the most expensive consumer phone on the market.

It's likely that individual services will need to enable the face unlock to work for authentication -- much like with Apple's Face ID. It's the first 7nm chip on Android and second in the market after Apple’s formidable A12, which came packed in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. While there’s not too much content that makes full use of this resolution – and, sadly, there’s no out-of-the-box option to split the screen between two windows –  it’s still a sharp and vibrant display. That puts it ahead of the Google Pixel 3 at 439ppi and just past the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at around 514ppi.

Check availability at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and more. That’s what this feels like, arguably affording more grip than the other surfaces and, as Huawei claims, resisting fingerprint smudging. Instead, it has placed a fingerprint scanner beneath the phone’s.

I like being able to swipe from an app to go home but Huawei’s implementation of going back needs work: you need to swipe on the left side of the display, but the phone just doesn’t do a good job at recognising this gesture, an issue that gave me flashbacks to early iterations of the company’s Knuckle Mode *shudder*.

A smaller distance leads to improved performance and, more importantly, better efficiency. Face unlock works just like Apple's Face ID. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro goes above and beyond with exciting new features and an eye-catching design. Please refresh the page and try again. The Mate 20 Pro is Huawei's best flagship yet. At 157.8 x 72.3 x 8.6mm, Huawei’s latest phone is just a couple millimeters bigger (and almost a millimeter thicker) than the P20. The Bad You can't use microSD cards to expand the storage. While the in-screen sensor certainly makes the Mate 20 Pro easier to unlock than a back-mounted sensor or facial recognition when it’s resting flat, the feature is more cumbersome than a dedicated physical button. It’s a good bet that the OLED screen is brighter than the 820 nits its less-powered sibling, the Mate 20, is capable of, but we don’t have an official word from Huawei.

But it’s so subtle that it might just be there to sound cool when you run your finger across it. High Dynamic Range (HDR) video support is here, too; however, Netflix or Amazon Prime don’t currently support the Mate 20 Pro’s display specifically.

This stretches its notch to iPhone XS-levels of width, but that’s the price for more dynamic photos unlocking the phone with your face. A little fingerprint icon lights up when the screen's locked to tell you where to place your pawprint. The Mate 20 Pro is Huawei’s best-looking phone – even when compared to the newer P30 Pro. Oddly, this textured rear is only available on the green and blue options, with the other colours – including the trippy Twilight finish made famous by the Huawei P20 Pro – coming with a more conventional, smooth back. There’s only one version of the Pro (for now) with 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage. There’s so much to like about the Huawei Mate 20 Pro – but, sadly, the software experience still needs work. The in-screen fingerprint sensor does work, and pretty reliably... so long as your finger is placed in the small target area.

As a result, using the Mate 20 Pro one-handed went out the door during our testing. That makes its 6.39-inch OLED screen larger, too, with resolution that’s higher than the Google Pixel 3 and slightly better than the Samsung Note 9, at least on paper. It helps that the Mate 20 Pro ditched the Mate 10’s bottom-front button for a seamless display. Instead of simply using the front camera to determine it’s you, the Mate 20 Pro builds a depth map of your face using an IR emitter, dot projector and the 24-megapixel camera. The Mate 20 Pro is the first phone running Huawei's EMUI 9.0 software, which is like an unnecessary topping on an already sweet Android 9 Pie. Instead, Huawei has developed a new expandable storage card called Nano Memory. The panel is rounded at the corners, curved at the sides and packs a sharp 3120 x 1440 resolution.

There are also lots of options for tweaking the colour performance, making it cooler, warmer or enabling ‘Vivid’ mode to boost saturation. In theory, this makes it easier to unlock your phone while it’s resting flat than using a back-mounted fingerprint button or facial recognition. Where the P20 Pro had a main camera, 3x zoom telephoto and monochrome lens, the Mate 20 Pro kept the former two and added a color ultra-wide lens. Remember holofoil trading cards and comics from your childhood? There might be dedicated gaming phones out there but the Huawei Mate 20 Pro should be taken very seriously if you’re into mobile gaming.

If you want, you can even downgrade the Mate 20 Pro resolution to full HD or lower, which reduces battery drain, though that feels like a Harrison Bergeron-level injustice. While it's been surpassed by the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the new flock of 2020 flagships, it's still a powerful phone that you can now find far cheaper than its original £899 (AU$1,599, €1,049, about $1,150) pricetag: now, you might find one online for half the cost. The icons are blocky and ugly, notifications often miss out important information, and the Settings menu is a mess of hard-to-find options. Update: After Google suspended Huawei's future access to Android Play Store and security updates, there are serious question marks over the future of Huawei and Honor phones. But let’s delve into the specifics to see why this is pretty great phone perhaps deserves its dizzyingly high price tag. And I meant it. In many ways, the Mate 20 Pro is a superlative device that rivals the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Google Pixel 3, iPhone XS, and other 2018 phones. Which isn’t to knock its high-resolution, curved-edge screen and thin-but-wide notch; we’ve just seen them elsewhere before.

Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, A Huawei spokesperson reckoned that the camera block would instantly tip bystanders off to your phone’s make and model, and they aren’t wrong.

Read our in-depth. It has a fantastic camera, superb screen, competition-beating battery life … But if you opt to plug in a nanoSD for more storage, you’ll have to place it in one of the phone’s two SIM slots (cleverly stacked in an over/under tray inserted next to the USB-C port) and give up dual SIM functionality. USB-C is the only port on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro; there’s no headphone jack here. © Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Don't know what to watch on Amazon tonight? Around the sides of the phone sits both the power button and volume rocker along one edge, with the other completely free of buttons.

Apple's M1 processor spotlights Intel's chip challenges, Walmart site goes down as PS5 orders go up, New Macs are missing a key ingredient: 5G, Discuss: Huawei Mate 20 Pro review: An elite phone with the looks to match.

Here it houses a multitude of sensors and ensures the screen can be pushed out as far as possible.

You can't use it yet to authorise payments however, nor could I use it to log into my bank, both of which I can do using the fingerprint scanner. The Mate 20 Pro has a full IP68 water and dust resistance rating, which is the industry standard these days. Even if it doesn’t come with any interactive elements (like the squeeze-to-activate HTC U11 Edge Sense), the curved screen admittedly gives the Pro a classy, if unoriginal, look.

There is, however, an IR blaster on the top for controlling a TV, for example.

6 new TV shows and movies on Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO and more this weekend, Darkest Dungeon is the best Nintendo Switch game for self-care right now. We found ourselves relying on the serviceable facial recognition rather than the in-screen fingerprint sensor (located 2/3 down the front) to unlock the phone. While you might not be able to venture out and get scared with friends, finding the perfect... Don't know what to watch tonight? The lack of microSD support is softened by the 128GB of internal storage, though. Digital Wellbeing is now Digital Balance, and this lets you set timers for apps, keep an eye on how much time you’re spending on your phone per day, and dim the colours at night.

Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 X Those who can live without the Mate 20 Pro’s fancier bells and whistles should be more than happy with the vanilla Mate 20. Here are some of the best movies Netflix has to offer. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. The Mate 20 Pro collects all three of its rear-facing cameras and its flash in a slightly-raised block on the phone’s backside. You can’t interact with and act upon notifications on the lock-screen, and I had continual issues with Google services refusing to sync properly and reliably. Editors Note: Due to the recent retraction of Huawei’s Android license, future Huawei and Honor phones won’t be able to access Google Play Services and as a result many Android apps including YouTube and Gmail. My review unit has a dark green back that not only looks great, but has some added texture as a result of raised lines running from one side to the other.

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