The Bees would not make the cut. What’s in a name? Who would have a guessed that a seemingly innocent FedEx package would prove to be the gateway to what many regard as the largest and most interactive game in the history of our genre since The Beast. Since it first hit stores in 2004, the Bees' limited-edition single "I Love You" - a heart-aching, expertly realised blue-eyed tribute to the sugary, downtempo end of the late 1950s/early 1960s soul spectrum - has become an in-demand item. The gameplay of I Love Bees tasked players around the world to work together to solve problems, with little or no direction or guidance. I get into more  trouble because I don’t like  ‘interactive story’ either… Oh dear. Persons who answered the calls needed to show they were part of the game by answering basic questions (e.g. The Spider tries to erase the Flea but is outwitted, as Melissa erases the Spider instead of the Flea. Mainly I’m enjoying playing with the concept, and enjoying that it combines my marketing experience with my writing hobby. Both events, not connected publicly for several weeks, caused the curious to visit the website In answering a question about how the Halo Graphic Novel expanded the Halo universe beyond the games and Bungie's overall plans for the universe, he said: This was shown in the graphic novel as two characters from i love bees, Herzog and Standish as well as events in the i love bees storyline in which they took place, are referenced in a canon image. Despite I Love Bees being enjoyed the world over there was still some things that could have been done better. Google has recently got in on the act, Niantic Project is currently in closed beta. However, the price paid for the deactivation is a powerful energy transmission alerting the Covenant to the location of Earth. To the distress of Dana Awbrey, the website's maintainer, Melissa's attempts to send signals began to appear largely as codes, hidden in images or other text, interfering with the operation of the I Love Bees site and corrupting much of the content.[10]. I Love Bees was first advertised by a hidden message in a Halo 2 trailer; players who investigated the titular website discovered that the pages appeared to be hacked by a mysterious intelligence. but none really captured the essence of the beast. Sure, there were other ARG’s along the way- dammed good ones at that (and a special mention to my fav- Metacortechs!) [29] The game proved successful with gamers, as well as attracting nontraditional players who had no experience with Halo before joining the game. “Combat Training” was an opportunity to play Halo-2, a fitting reward since that’s what I Love Bees was all about. In the website's source code, the following search engine keywords were included: "honey, bees, Margaret, small busines, beekeeping, hives, retail, market, Operator, bug, buggy, virus, infestation, WTF is going on with this damn thing, parasite, strong intrusive inclination, medium, messages, shipwreck, network throttling, SOS, hoax, game, bee hoax, bee game, survivor, survive, evade, resist, escape, a little help would be appreciated, thanks and tip your waitress, sleep, is, good, install, reinstall, re-reinstall, re-re-reinstall, I, love, bees". A stray thought about bees surfaced in her subconscious mind, and she landed in the I Love Bees website server to make her recovery. I love bees. [1][2] The message would lead viewers to a beekeeper's website that appeared to be hacked at first glance. At the axons they discussed a plethora of topics, exchanged ideas (and phone numbers ;)) While bringing players together, the axons were also accountable for a large part of I Love Bees publicity. Currently, the countdown is counting down to the day the Covenant will attack Earth. We don't know why it's broadcasting, but the Operator is giving us GPS … We're going to have this huge collection of canon and things that we embrace as canon, like I Love Bees and stuff like that. 220 were posted in total, all of which pointed to locations the length and breadth of the United States. [10] The Flea continues to overwrite Melissa's programming with its own mysterious goals, with it eventually being revealed that it is actually an espionage AI more properly called the Seeker, built by the Covenant. Their names were added to the site, crediting them for activating the axons. However, there were now specific times telling people when to be at a particular coordinate- which proved to quell a lot of confusion. [7] Other players treated the corrupted data on as encrypted files to decipher, or used image files found on the web server to solve puzzles. And of course, I like reading them with a cup of red tea with my own honey! [5] For example, the game presented players with 210 pairs of global positioning system coordinates and time codes, with no indications to what the locations referred to. Nonetheless, you can’t have it both ways, and if it came down to the wire between there being too many players and not enough players- I would most certainly opt for the former. I Love Bees (also known as ilovebees or ILB for short) was an alternate reality game (ARG) that served as both a real-world experience and viral marketing campaign for the release of developer Bungie's 2004 video game Halo 2. I Love Bees was commissioned by Microsoft, Halo 2's publisher and Bungie's ultimate parent company at the time. In the Apocalypso Chat, the producers of i love bees say that Bungie allowed them to tell their own story, but offered certain suggestions regarding storytelling devices and corrected facets such as the original idea that ONI would hang traitors, which was changed to them being rendered permanently comatose. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Due to Bungie's commitment to the development of Halo 2 during I Love Bees' run, they were unable to assist 42 Entertainment with story creation, and so the ARG's story is only tangentially related to the main Halo storyline. Many of the same personnel had previously created an ARG for the film A.I. ( Log Out /  The target demographic for the promotion was younger males, but one player noted that even middle-aged men and women were engaged in the game.[23]. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The things I listed did not really detract from the overall experience at all, and if given the opportunity to play I Love Bees again I would do it in exactly the same manner as I did. From start to finish, I Love Bees was incredibly entertaining, engaging and most of all- Fun. While we helped define the boundaries of their fiction, we let them do what they thought best. The whole idea of players meeting up at “axons” was ingenious, and also was the focus of most I Love Bees media coverage. In the Chat with I Love Bees creators it was revealed why Melissa crashed into [19] The design team was one of the recipients of the Innovation Award at the 5th annual Game Developers Choice Awards. [10] Whole again, Melissa sees how she has been manipulated by the Pious Flea, and returns to her time. If you look at the ILB website the countdown ends at the year 2552, when Earth was attacked by the Covenant. People who answered the payphones (the "axons") at the scheduled times spoke to a recording of the AI and were asked basic questions about the character.

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