I'm Casey. We painted the walls, laid some new hardwood flooring and then we were ready to start building the master closet! We also went to the Container store to check out their selection. The new top for the Ivar is screwed i to the side walls of the boxes that I built. Where there is only one plywood wall or shelf just align the trim so that it sits flush with the side or top. Most women do the opposite–and his section of the closet is stunning: what a fantastic sock and shoe collection. It’s a super simple jig that made drilling holes for adjustable shelves easier than I could have ever imagined. I only see 4ft sections height wise, I guess you stack them? Hi Mary! They don’t charge for this so don’t assume that you need to find a friend with a truck or rent one to complete a project like this. But closets can present an opportunity for peace of mind, because when we’re organized, we feel more at ease. I have a ton of space for my shoes in the corner, taller hanging space for my dresses, an IVAR of my own and two hanging sections for shirts. Yeah, that made this step REALLY REALLY difficult. I wish I had higher quality dressers for my drawers. So, how do you cater to that change in their bedroom? Skirts, blouses, dresses, shorts- I’ve just accumulated a lot over the past few years. Please follow me Follow me on Instagram  Pinterest and Facebook to see what I post each week. I later filled the visible ones with wood filler so that you couldn’t see them after the closet was painted. It also was a wonderful visual for our husband and I to use in the planning stage. either way, thank you for the inspiration. Thanks for your time. Is that dimension with or without your base? I remember the feeling of Oh, no, there is no turning back now! Use it to store scarves, jewelry, and other accessories all in one place. Baby Closet Organization Ideas: The Best Way to Organize a Baby’s Closet, ORC Week 4: DIY Floating Shelf + Subway Tile, « Free Halloween Printable: Something Sweet to Sink Your Teeth Into, Baby Closet Organization Ideas: The Best Way to Organize a Baby’s Closet ». Then, use the paint color of your choice and apply at least 2 coats. You won’t get that smooth finished look. Nov 27, 2016 - Explore Edda Hernandez's board "Ikea Closet Hack" on Pinterest. In my search, the IKEA PAX kept coming up as the most common, highest-rated, and budget-friendly closet system. The first link is for the cheaper sanded plywood but in my experience they are pretty poor quality so when you go to paint it there will be a lot of knots and ridges. Errr… it. The sections on either side of those will vary in dimension based on how long the wall is of course. Thanks so much for the comment Stephanie. I hope that makes sense. Hannah, you did such a wonderful job, I plan to follow the same plan for my closet next month!

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