These will prevent the cabinets from scratching the floor, and prevent the doors from rubbing on the floor. Hello, Great stuff! Carrying the KALLAX units and plywood sheets up the stairs. Space off the Floor. Any pro’s or con’s to offer? The KALLAX shelves are easily accessible from all sides and you can reach the space in the middle from the sides or from the top for larger items. $480. The basic line of chests, dressers, and storage beds features seamless pull-out drawers with no hardware, which is great news if you’re going for the whole minimalist vibe. Nora of Oh Yes really outdid herself with a hacked DIY platform bed that effectively creates an entirely new level in her room while also adding storage space below.

hacks from all over the globe. Chris, you mention attaching a 1 x 3 (or 2 x 3) along the bottom of the assembly – so this would raise the height of the whole structure? Love the idea, anyone tried this with a twin mattress? After screwing a section of cabinets together (before attaching the sections together at the corner), flip the assembly over and attach 1×3 or 2×3 (depending on thickness) across the bottom of the assembly – front and back. NOTE: The smallest step is actually a TUTEMO open cabinet (IKEA article #802.783.53) laid on its side. For instance, this dreamy, platform storage bed by Noraelli from Oh Yes Blog was built using nine IKEA kitchen base cabinets. IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. All I see are stubbed toes and bruised shins. Just wanted to follow up about this additional instruction. If you have carpeting, you may need to build up the cabinets even higher to prevent the doors from rubbing on the carpet. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I’ve had a number of questions about the specific cabinets used. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. 2. 1. $40 – Paneling, carpet, knobs. Since we already had the KALLAX units, we wanted to use them up. I eliminate this risk by attaching all the cabinets together, especially the corner, so it forms a big L-shape structure. Get more details and a blueprint of the platform bed DIY on my blog. After looking them up and researching is totals out to $553, not $355. DIY Camp Loft Bed with Stairs Tutorial – Junior Size Bed Frame, DIY Western Saloon Kids Fort Playhouse Tutorial, DIY Diaper Box Into Storage Bin Tutorial-Super Easy, DIY Mud-Busting Boot Scrape Tutorial, Perfect for Father’s Day, DIY Recycled Tire Climbing Tower Tutorial, DIY Double Chair Bench With Table Tutorial-Video.

Lowering the mattress frame will not affect stability, but there are two downsides: (1) it makes it harder to change the sheets and (2) it reduces the storage space underneath. Keep in mind that the entire structure will need to be disassembled to move (so don’t glue everything together!). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For just $480 and 6 hours of his time, Chris Heider made a platform bed with a lot of storage, stairs, and a crawl space underneath, using kitchen cabinets from IKEA, some wood, and a few decorative accessories. What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers?

Thanks a lot. hacks from all over the globe. Have you noticed any condensation or moisture under your mattress. Love all the cabinets and drawers along the side to make more storage available. It’s not the exact size shown in my design, but it’s the closest I could get. This is how I made a waterbed frame from KALLAX units, DIY Faux Fireplace from IKEA kitchen cabinets, Warm your winter with this wax and candle melter lamp, $40 KALLAX Shelf becomes upscale kitchen bench seating, IKEA filing cabinet: At last, an easy, perfect solution. It requires three pieces of IKEA furniture (the KURA bed, TROFAST storage piece, and BESTA shelf) and, of course, a slide. The approximate cost of this project was $480, roughly broken down as follows: $355 – Cabinets Can someone please give me the link to the small step, I can’t find it in white, What are the measurement adjustments for using a king size mattress?I love this so much I wish I had a father to do/help me with this. We hacked IKEA KALLAX units into a full size bed frame with storage to save space and money. Keep in mind, you can do this project with any brand or style as long as they are wall cabinets. Chris Heider, the man in the video came up with a brilliant alternative to buying a platform bed for his daughter, opting to build the bed frame out of kitchen cabinets from IKEA instead.

Looks great!

Are you talking about a board that stretches across the step cabinets or just an extra piece of wood screwed up from underneath in each cabinet to make it that much thicker? Simplicity and effectiveness, easy to assemble and disassemble (good for moving). Reaching inside from the top is a bit of a drag (you have to lift the mattress and some/all of the plywood sheets) so we only use it for long-term storage/seasonal items.

If you want to structurally incorporate the cabinets in the design, as I’ve done here, I recommend attaching it to the wall because the wall provides a huge amount of stability. No there is nothing between the cabinets. Here is the link to the biggest cabinet ($65): It can get annoying always trying to wriggle those pull-out drawers out from underneath your bed so this hack makes it easy as pie! I selected the cheapest doors (Häggeby white). Medium. The bed has been tested with three full-size adults and two dogs so I’m not worried about weight capacity. What are the measurement adjustments for using a queen mattress? Thanks! Could you also explain in a little more detail what you mean by adding an additional layer of plywood along the top and sides of the cabinets? See more ideas about Storage bed, Bed storage, Ikea. Oh neat, that is what i am working on since i am planning on switching rooms for my bedroom.

In this project, I turned seven standard kitchen cabinets from IKEA into a platform bed for my daughter. We have 5,000 (+ counting!) I am looking at putting this together and I have a couple of questions.
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