Also, it is very frustrating getting the labels removed from the crib.

Dit babybedje is gezien de prijs een uitstekend product om zo een veilig en goed babybedje voor onze kleinzoon te hebben die zo nu en dan komt slapen.

I love the color and design, love the raw wood, and the height makes it very easy to lower our son into it. It was not clear on the instructions which way the 2 end pieces should go. Although a very good price point, I felt the wood was rough and the support for the mattress lacking.

Gemaakt van massief beuken - een slijtvast, stevig en recyclebaar natuurmateriaal dat goed is …

Your baby will sleep both safely and comfortably as the durable materials in the crib base have been tested to ensure they give their body the support it needs. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are currently experiencing some supply delays, which may impact product availability in-store and online. It fits perfectly together. Nearly 300lbs is asking a little too much. I love the simplicity of the natural wood and that it has just the right amount of space underneath for stoarage.
The smaller booklet is only for converting the crib into a toddler bed. Comfortabele hoogte en bergruimte binnen handbereik, zodat je overal makkelijk bij kan en toch een hand op je baby kan houden.

My daughter chose this crib as a baby shower gift because she did research and found that this is what worked best for her child! However, it was a pain to put together (and I am a veteran at assembling IKEA furniture). I love the look and how simple it was to put together. The way the base is mounted to the frame however does make me a little nervous for once our son starts walking and is more mobile in the crib, I certainly feel it should be screwed to the frame and we may change this yet. My hubby says the instructions were garbage. That aside, it’s a sturdy crib for a fantastic price. The first was used for 4 years with our oldest son, converted into a toddler bed when he was old enough.

Wanted to start off by saying that the crib assembly instructions are in a pouch behind one of the warning labels where the mattress will rest. Made from solid beech – a durable and renewable natural material that is both good for your wallet and the planet.

IKEA - SNIGLAR, Crib, beech, The bed base can be placed at two different heights. Kinda wish they were placed elsewhere or left of all together maybe let the buyer decided if they want to put them on. Enige nadeel, zoals bij meer Ikea producten, is het monteren van het bedje, dat vergde zeker meer dan een uur voordat alles past en op z'n plek is. The bed base can be placed at two different heights.
Weighing around 40 pounds, it is one of the most lightweight cribs in its range and meets all US and international standards and cost just $80 while being eco-friendly and designed for customers with varying tastes.

Easy to put together and very sturdy! The IKEA website uses cookies, which make the site simpler to use. Ik ben tevreden over de gebruikte materialen en de eenvoud van het ontwerp en kleurstelling. Mooi babybed, het is degelijk en staat stevig. I bought one of these cribs back in 2014, was good value, only $79 at the time. Je dient JavaScript in te schakelen om op te kunnen winkelen. It sits low enough to the ground where a shorter person can reach in easily to pick up baby.

We'd still be using that original crib except that my large, 250lbs husband put his full weight plus the 35lbs of our son on the crib base, which caused it to crack.

Het antwoord is eenvoudig - effectieve productie in grote volumes en een slimme constructie die in een plat pakket getransporteerd kan worden tegen lage kosten. If you want to make it a toddlers bed from the start, the instructions make you follow infant bedding steps, then you had to back track.

We couldn’t locate the piece that they said was included in the package to do the conversion, we tried ordered it but the store but they said they don’t sell it separately.

Your baby sleeps safely and comfortably in this crib. The instructions for the toddler bed are in the box and make no sense until you realize they aren’t the crib instructions.

Trying to save others time. I bought this crib about four months ago and was really pleased with it.

We figured it out after 15 minutes and watching a YouTube video online and there are a lot of people who spent hours trying to figure out how to assemble it because it isn’t obvious right away. Do not leave anything in the crib or place the crib close to anything that could provide a foothold. (She loves Ikea). It is visually pleasing and sturdy.

Love everything about it... except the warning.

It withstood my son jumping on it, playing with our dog on it, just generally being a kid.

So please, just do yourself a favor and either have someone from IKEA build it or YouTube to DIY.

Een veilige plaats waar jij en je baby elkaar in alle rust kunnen leren kennen. We recommend you complete the crib with an IKEA mattress. My biggest complaint is the printed warning labels on the exterior sides of the crib.

All in all, it is a beautiful crib and we are excited that it will be able to grow with us and be adjusted as the years go on. Now my son is 5, he still love his crib still fit in it very well but it doesn’t make sense to confine him in a crib anymore as we have no way to turn it to a tot bed that it supposed to be, so it ended up sitting at the corner of the room for a whole yr now.. very disappointed. Given how much time babies sleep (and thus spend in cribs), I wanted to ensure we purchased a crib with the lowest potential for VOCs off gassing.

It is important not to screw in hooks or handles onto the cot or place it near ropes, belts, curtains or anything else that can present a suffocation or strangulation hazard.

Belangrijk: schroef geen haken of handgrepen in het ledikantje en plaats het niet in de buurt van touwen, riemen, gordijnen of andere dingen die een gevaar op verstikking of verstrikking met zich meebrengen. SNIGLAR series The solid wood nursery furniture SNIGLAR series gives you nursery basics at super affordable prices. I’m debating whether or not to have my husband return it now that it’s assembled.

High quality and nice to look at. Exactly as picture, super sturdy, it’s just amazing. Instead, the warning is printed RIGHT INTO the wood. The crib base is well ventilated for good air circulation which gives your child a pleasant sleeping climate. I have wanted this crib for 3 years. Heck, that's what you did in the product picture on this very page, Ikea! Do not leave anything in the crib or place the crib close to anything that could provide a foothold. The Sniglar saved the day.

And, it goes without saying, you don’t have to sacrifice quality – it has lots of features to make it extra safe, like a rail on the bed and adjustable height for the crib. Tried to see if we could get it off with water but it appears as though we are stuck with these awful warnings in black ink. De sniglar is een prima kinderbedje voor onze kleindochter die af en toe bij ons logeert.

I finally figured it out (I hope) thanks to a few You Tube videos, but overall, I am happy with this crib.

However, the wood on the bars has started to splinter off really easily and our baby is now at the stage where he is grabbing onto the bars often. Instead of placing a sticker, the warning label is written in black ink on the exterior side of the crib and is highly visible. Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately. Somehow the lady on YouTube had proper instructions that I was not able to find on this site. Assembly instructions were missing from the box. In dit babybed slaapt je baby veilig en goed. My wife is 5'3 petite and the fancy crib ended up being way too high. I bought this for my new grandson because my daughter resisted owning a crib.

doet wij hij moet doen. I am 5’ tall and we placed the mattress on the lowest setting, making it very difficult for me to pick him up unless he was sitting. Bought this last month for our 22 month grand, the pack and play just didn’t seem comfortable enough. Only dowfall: I was expecting a warning sticker that I could peel off from the side of the crib with some vinegar and elbow grease.

Would recommend if not very day use and for newborns because of the support.

He's not old enough to pull his limbs out if he's on his belly and therefore gets stuck in some pretty uncomfortable - potentially unsafe positions. Available to order online.

Safety is important, but it’s pretty ridiculous.

My only complaint is all the safety warning stickers in the top rail if the crib. geen bijzonderheden.

SNIGLAR Commode, beuken, wit, 72x53 cm. SNIGLAR Babybedje, beuken, 60x120 cm.

We bought this crib for the simple design and price. Obviously, I didn’t want to use a chemical product on it. Your baby sleeps safely and comfortably in this crib.

The screws don't screw, they're covered in a blue plastic coating and the instructions are pretty useless.

Great price, but disappointed by splinters. Well, that in itself caused much anguish as you can imagine someone cursing as quietly as possible when they stumble over the stool in a pitch dark room so as to not wake the baby. We thought we may have picked up a defective product and were going to exchange it, but our friend had the same issue as well. All the warnings you need are where the mattress goes and the “warnings” on the side of the crib basically tell you to fully read the warnings where the mattress goes. SNIGLAR series The solid wood nursery furniture SNIGLAR series gives you nursery basics at super affordable prices.

Mijn kleindochter slaapt als een roosje in dit bedje. Love the minimalist look as well!

I bought this for my baby girl almost a month ago and it is perfect! My only complaints: the warning label is directly printed in ink onto the wood, at the top of the crib, which is a very ugly site!

Good crib for newborns and toddlers.

Find out more about browser cookies.

They are hard to remove and leave residue behind. It lived up to my expectations. I was hoping for a smoother finish like the other ikea products we have.

Laat geen dingen in het ledikant achter of zet het ledikantje ergens neer waar je kind zich aan kan optrekken.

It's difficult to setup because the manual is terrible unlike other products. Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner. Gemaakt van massief beuken - een slijtvast, stevig en recyclebaar natuurmateriaal dat goed is voor je portemonnee en voor de planeet.

Learn more.

I love the look of this crib and it seems very sturdy.

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