Play the slideshow and check the result in the preview window. Transitions offer a smooth way to move between your movie clips. You can also drag the edges of the transition to adjust its duration. When the Transition types appear, tap None. Another option is to drag an icon from the Transitions Browser onto the top of the transition you want to change. Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video. Click Done to exit the Precision Editor. Using some opener titles and credits at the beginning and ending part of your slideshow will make it cool as well. Bring up the Inspector by double-clicking a transition and then click the Transition button that lists the current style. Liza Brown iMovie ’11 offers 24 built-in transitions, and what seems like nearly as many ways to add and edit them to improve your movies. 3) Below the Transition types, you can choose a duration from 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 seconds by just tapping the one you want. Why Ways for iMovie Photo Slideshow with Music Making (Step-by-Step), Recommendation: Create Slideshow on Mac with More Templates and Transitions with Filmora. Give the clip more padding around the edit point using the Clip Trimmer or Precision Editor; or, if the source clip is just too short, consider replacing it with a longer clip. Now, it’s time to place all these photos and videos in the timeline in order and do some adjustments. Just keep in mind that if you already picked a theme, this will remove all theme elements. If you preview the video clip, you will see more options that allow you to do more editing such as changing speed. 2) Enter the number of seconds in the Duration box. I thought I would have more creative capabilities in Imovie vs. idvd. 2) You can add a transition between clips or to the beginning and end of a clip: You can edit the length of a Transition as well as set a default length. To sync with the slideshow, you may need to trim and edit the audio accordingly. To add videos, you could go to either "File/Import" or Event Library, and then drag and drop selected videos to the timeline. So click the audio icon in the bottom right corner, and drag and drop the desired audio file to the timeline. Liza Brown You can use the Magic Wand tool to improve the photo quality automatically, do some color correction or add a filter to the photo. I have nearly 500 photo's in the project and adding the transitions manually is … Family&Business, Polish photo & video with 300+ built-in fantastic effects, Multiple tracks to place photos, videos, audios, titles, transitions and animations, Add titles, text, credit, music or your own voiceover to video clips, How to Make a iMovie Photo Slideshow with Music. Filmora can turn photos and videos into an attractive slideshow video with various inbuilt filters, transitions, elements, animations, effects, and overlays. To preview a Transition, just move your cursor over the Transition from left to right. Macworld #1 Create a New Project. But if you’ve decided you’d rather stick to one style for all transitions, choose Replace All. However, iMovie doesn't support multiple soundtracks. For detailed information about iMovie audio editing, you can check how to add background music to iMovie. When you click the Transition button, a pop-up pane appears with the rest of iMovie's transition choices. For example, mouse over one clip or "double arrow" button and click on the settings icon, then you could access clip adjustment, video adjustment, transition adjustment, etc. If the transition ends up shorter than you specified, check to see if its duration appears in yellow text when you position your mouse pointer over it; that indicates there isn’t enough source footage in one of the clips for the transition to use. Some transitions such as cross dissolve, fade and cross blur are very popular in the slideshow, but remember don’t use lots of different transitions in one slideshow since too many transitions will distract the viewer’s attention. Choose File -> Project Properties (Command-J) and adjust the Transition Duration slider; click the “Applies when added to project” radio button to make the change stick for all new transitions. When you’re satisfied with the change, click Done. And then make adjustments to clips and transitions. Click the action menu (with the gear icon) that appears below the transition’s icon when you hover over it and choose Precision Editor. In less than three minutes you can import the photos, add transitions, insert titles, and include music.

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