This all time jingle is often tossed out as a joke and a jab at those of us who spend too much time and effort to get a cup of Joe. Additionally, higher caffeine intake increases levels of anxiety and stress in some people (14).

coffee anytime! For instance, potato chips and french fries tend to contain higher concentrations of the chemical (4). I’ve only had one specialty instant coffee experience with a product from Swift Cup Coffee made with a single origin Columbian roast, La Loma from Edison Coffee. nutritionists and health specialists would choose natural coffee over instant Much cheaper than ground and store-bought coffee. You also have the freedom to enjoy your own blend by choosing what instance. Provides a range of health-protective polyphenols. Let’s be honest though, all of us has a moment when we don’t have the time in our schedule or a morning when brain capacity is lacking to go through the process of a pour over. Coffee lovers have Butter in Coffee: Is It Really Bulletproof? Contains less caffeine (for those wanting an early morning/pre-workout boost).

The table below shows the study’s data on the median chlorogenic acid content for espresso-based drinks and instant coffee (20); As the data shows, instant coffee contains more chlorogenic acid than Italian espresso, but less than Spanish brewed coffee. However, despite many large-scale epidemiological studies on acrylamide and human health, the link with cancer has not been confirmed in humans (7, 8).

It’s a bit expensive (about $2.67 per cup vs $1-$1.20 per cup for a bag of grounds), It’s not as good as a pour over (the flavor depth and freshness is noticeably less). certainly grown fast over time and they continue to increase in number. Spanish coffee emphasizes light, mild roasts, and this reflects in the coffee’s chlorogenic acid content. better flavor. most obvious reasons why instant coffee has become popular is because it's easy You can go to to see a list of roasters that offer Swift Cup Instant Coffee or go to to see Edison Coffee’s current offerings of Instant Coffee. One of the interesting things about instant coffee is that it can work well in a variety of recipes. Further studies are necessary to determine the true risks of acrylamide for human health. In fact, this recent study analyzed the chlorogenic acid content of various coffee preparations bought in cafes across three different countries. health risks, although the complete extent of its perils has not yet been Acrylamide is a chemical that forms during a reaction between amino acids and sugar while heating certain foods. The health benefits are fairly similar, and the risks posed by acrylamide to human health haven’t been firmly established. coffee products today. Some of these are related to the positive effects of caffeine, and others are due to chlorogenic acid and other polyphenols. Please also take note

why manufacturers of instant coffee and even gourmet coffee retailers are It is worth remembering that instant coffee was actually brewed coffee liquid before it was dried.

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