When it comes to internet users, some countries have more than others. However, the data in our Digital 2019 reports suggest that the internet is now growing at a rate of one billion new users every 2.7 years. June 7, 2020. However, online travel and accommodation bookings accounted for the largest share of consumer e-commerce spending in 2018, with users around the world spending a combined US$750 billion on online travel over the course of the full year. While these figures are specific to social media users, they’re likely representative of broader internet use too, which suggests that women suffer from poor levels of internet access in many parts of the developing world.
3G and above – has increased significantly since early 2018, with a relative year-on-year increase of more than 16 percent. Thank you! With roughly 5.5 billion smartphones in use across the world today, it’s little surprise that the mobile app market is booming. At the other end of the scale, North Korea continues to languish in last place in the global social media rankings, with a penetration figure of less than 0.1 percent. Just one consumer brand – Nike – makes Instagram’s top 20 ‘most-followed’ list, with the remaining spots dominated by celebrities.
However, with the rollout of new 5G networks over the next few years, industry experts predict that connection growth will start to accelerate as the demand for IoT connections increases. For example, the Facebook pages of popular celebrities tend to enjoy higher levels of organic reach and engagement than the pages of consumer brands with similar numbers of fans. E-Commerce Spend by Consumer Category January 2019 DataReportal. However, comparisons to total population are less representative when it comes to social media, because most platforms prohibit use by children. However, it’s worth noting that the latest data suggest consumer brands still have some work to do when it comes to engaging their audiences on Instagram. Global Facebook Activity Frequency January 2019 DataReportal. That rate isn’t sustainable of course – at some point, everyone in the world who wants to connect to the internet will do so – but I wonder if Tim Berners-Lee could even have dreamt of the fact that his handy little tool for sharing research findings would reach almost 4½ billion people by its thirtieth birthday. Iceland tops the mobile connection speed rankings, which may be one of the reasons why the country holds joint-first place in this year’s global internet penetration rankings.

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