Colored area in the below figure is the thickness of an arch. 519-880-9808 Ext., the interior curve or surface of an arch or vault. Decisions are made on hard pass / fail criteria. The idea of reducing the stress through controlling the displacement of the legs has failed.

The analyst suspects the excess material in low stress areas is not helpful and considers other ideas. -pipe OD = 1.5″ (pipe wall thickness = 0.375″) The extrados is separated from the intrados by the neutral axis.

intrados synonyms, ... Based on this element, the curves that determine the intrados and extrados are defined, which are in general different from each other and at each elevation. Extrados = the large radius outside surface of a pipe bend.

In the last 15 years personal computers have become powerful enough to solve the very complex equations used in the analysis. Many of our customers are only vaguely aware of how useful this emerging tool can be in solving their design problems. Mechanical engineers have used Finite Element methods as long as computers have existed. Stress plot with area of excess stress shown.

This elegant design passes with the same amount of material as the original failing design, but the material is where it is required. ASME code rules covering the required wall thickness of a pipe bend. The bend is symmetrical top to bottom and left to right. Almost a pass…. tension)- are those that get more influenced from the pipe bending.

At last a pass! Here is the base design again. SWS = SolidWorks Simulation – the FEA package built into SolidWorks. The displaced shape is complex enough that the analyst cannot easily predict it. Like any specialized field, FEA for pressure vessels is full of TLAs and other strange words: We use FEA to design and validate fittings and vessels that can not be designed by rule-based codes like VIII-1 or B31.3. Canadian Registration Number (CRN) – We are Canada’s largest independent registrar of fittings, vessels and piping under the CRN program registering for more than a thousand customers. The designer now knows not to relocate the flow passage, but is it possible to relocate the material on the outside without touching the flow? They are general physics simulation methods used in many industries. 519-880-9808 Ext. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. ASME Code Design – We work to many ASME standards to design and validate pressure vessels, boiler, fittings and piping systems. The Relocated Flow Passage has 9% higher pressure drop. The design fails. If you have never heard of it before, you are not alone. The first two ideas attempt to lower the stress in the intrados by reducing the separation of the legs. The designer could easily continue refining the design based on real data.

Displacement of the bend under pressure magnified 2000x. This initial mesh is too coarse to produce usable results, but it is a good starting point for the CFD program which automatically refines it where required.

We are experts in the specialized field of pressure equipment design by FEA to validated ASME VIII-2 methods. The extrados of an arch is the curved surface formed by the upper or outer faces of the voussoirs in position, when this surface and the intrados are concentric and parallel. Several different ideas can be tried without much difficulty. To improve accuracy of the results, the length of the bend is increased to include some of the attached piping. (The calculated minimum intrados = 0.768″, calculated extrados = 0.335″ but the rules cannot be used.). If the analyst has enough time to consider the results and experiment, more solutions start to appear. Our contact information is to the right.

Never underestimate the ability of extra material to solve a pressure vessel design problem. Below are some alternative ideas, some work, some fail.

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