Their report also included a huge list of U.S. bookstores and venues they’d contacted about signings and appearances, even though that wasn’t my goal for the campaign. Will you be working with just one person or a team? If they wanted to increase the odds, they should have pitched my work to more places that are actually interested in books. They brushed it off, thanking me for highlighting this as a learning experience about how they can better communicate with future clients. There are plenty of ways to learn. And even though I’d done what I could to avoid taking on my own publicity again, I hunkered down and started putting together my own media list.

You can reach her at, on Facebook or Twitter. Do your personalities match or clash? Did you know that it’s next to impossible for a self-published book to get into a bookstore? This part is important: Know what you’re signing up for when you decide to work with a publicist. Over the years, we have dealt with many individual authors, publishers, and book publicists. It’s an investment because you will receive a benefit in the future.

If you can’t afford that, stop reading now. buyers and librarians) know about your book. That blogger gave my book a one-star rating, but I couldn’t take it personally.

Even the Big 5 publishers don’t provide a lot of help. Ask when they are going to start working on your campaign, and when it will go live., The 2020 Vine Awards Shortlisted Non-Fiction Writers Panel. Ask them for a detailed list of what they plan to do to promote your book and/or build your brand. As you can imagine, because of the expense and risk associated with a publicist, many authors decide to take the do-it-yourself route. Get them to talk about their own ideas for it to see if they align with your goals. If you’re looking to build your author platform, work with a publicist who specializes in brand strategy. Hiring a publicist is a smart move, whether you’re working with a traditional publisher or you’ve self-published.

For example, you can become the go-to sci-fi or young adult author when a local journalist needs a quote or when conference organizers need keynote speakers. I sent some suggestions for places I hoped my book might be pitched to, and I also asked if they could look into some guest column opportunities that I’d seen some other authors participate in. What I thought was going to be a three-month campaign suddenly shrunk down to an indeterminate length of time. The views expressed in the Writer-in-Residence blogs are those held by the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Open Book. If you self-publish, it definitely makes sense to hire a publicist. Things were starting to get fishy, and I was getting nervous. For example: Get the answers to these questions to understand the scope of your working arrangement.

When the campaign did get going, I was set up on a “blog tour” which had sounded like a great opportunity on paper. After exploring a few options, I found a boutique agency I really liked and decided to go for it. I started to question what this meant for timelines: If they weren’t starting to work on anything until August, that meant my campaign had no real start date. I’d put a lot of work into promoting my last book by myself and while I felt like the efforts were worthwhile, it was also an exhausting process in a lot of ways. Use the above tips to maximize the time and money you spend with a publicist. It will help to know if you can afford it before you think about the other specifics we’ll talk about here.

I wondered if I'd gone in feeling too confident about my own experience with promotion. It could be that the original messages got lost somewhere, but again, I’ll never know for sure. A good, experienced book publicist charges $3,000 to $5,000 a month and needs at least three months to work on your book — often six. I’d put a lot of work into promoting my last book by myself and while I felt like the efforts were worthwhile, it was also an exhausting process in a lot of ways.

Here’s a list of questions you should ask before hiring your literary publicist. When I did start getting reports of where my book was pitched to, some of the suggested outlets I’d hoped for contact with weren’t even included. The gatekeeper is a producer, editor, writer, or reporter. In all of my experience in PR, campaign start dates had always implied the day a campaign would begin. There are also several books that will help you learn how to be your own publicist. A good publicist can tell you what she thinks she can accomplish for your book, but she can’t promise any of it. 3 tips for generating article ideas for book publicity, Want to sell more books? Don’t be afraid to be a boss. My father had just died and my book was due out in six months. We do not share our mailing list with any individual or organization for any reason. A publicist will know how to promote your book to the right people. There are thousands of books published every single day in the United States. You’r the only one who can decide which option is best for you, your book, and your career. I can’t give a quick answer because it depends on your long-term goals and financial situation. Do your research and get references beyond the testimonials they make available through their website.

Instead, choose a publicist with literary experience. I started to worry: What if they were “working” on materials for two months? It’s a significant financial investment, and it’s also a decision that could make or break your book. I had put down a deposit for my campaign and had provided all of the information I’d been asked, but there was no sign of a media kit or a press release and the beginning of August was just around the corner. Her website,, has been recognized as an outstanding resource for authors seven times, so you know her advice is author-tested.

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