So Should I Use GymPact? PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies. First of all I don’t have a smartphone and I have a treadmill.

Rewards range from $0.50 to $0.75 per workout.

That’s unfortunate. Each workout must be at least 30 minutes long, All pacts must be registered by the Sunday before the next week, Great idea that encourages healthy living, Payout for rewarding workouts could be higher (currently $0.50-0.75 per workout).

Not fair you say? Minimum of 30 minutes of activity in which your pace is above two miles per hour (but slower than driving!). Not sure if i would do it any way even if i had a smartphone. Let me know your thoughts about this company or the concept of getting paid to work out.

All rights reserved. Free; Likes. So much so, that they made their desktop signup look like an iPhone interface. When I first started going to the gym regularly, GymPact was clear motivation for me to work out, especially earlier in the week, rather than pushing off workouts until later.

Well I imagine its because that involves a lot more work and there is probably a lack of motivation. Alas, we aren't and they aren't.

Unless you have a ton of referrals, Qmee is only good for earning you pocket change. With the New Year just behind us and excess holiday weight still lingering, many patients and health care providers alike resolve to get in shape and lose weight, hoping this year can be the one where lasting change begins. So that's always a good look in my mind.

The theory behind GymPact is good. When certain issues arise, it would be nice to pick up the phone and call for support. GymPact is a simple but powerful tool for the iPhone (coming to Android) that effectively helps users embrace going to the gym, and rewards them financially for doing so. The response to my emails have been awesome. However, the reality is that the actual reward (averaging out to about $0.50 per workout) is so small that it provides very little incentive to cheat, though, it is still enough to provide satisfaction for the honest users. The cheese danish is sold separately. You can also check out my work at home courses as well.

But at any rate, ya'll know that I'm one who doesn't rely solely on BBB ratings. But overall it seems like you’re happy with it. If anything, it seems that the service is thriving as they are now expanding to the Android platform, and have been quick to fix bugs and add additional features (such as Runkeeper integration, and support for the taller iPhone 5 screen). Just like I had imagined in my habit building article: Wouldn't it be cool if a gym paid YOU to workout.

Thankfully, that was actually last year for me, and I lost (and have kept off!) GymPact is a simple but powerful tool for the iPhone (coming to Android) that effectively helps users embrace going to the gym, and rewards them financially for doing so. pay the bills & keep this site free for you. I don’t think I would download an app to exercise. I’ve had a gym membership for a couple years and am actually going weekly. Suddenly, you attempt to login one day and all hell breaks loose … the app just wants to act a foo' and doesn't work.

Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. TechCrunch fait partie de Verizon Media. Several months ago, GymPact also released integration with RunKeeper that allows outdoor runs to count towards your workout pact as well, so long as they exceed 30 minutes and 0.5 miles. GymPact Review. Yes. The rewards, however, are only between $0.50 and $0.75 per workout. It’s definitely not a scam. Why do you workout? For those of you that feel the BBB is the bible, then that “F” rating is going to be a deal breaker for you. Or do you like the idea of rewarding folks for it? Why aren't we hearing more about this phenomenal startup that recently teamed up with my favorite running app, Runkeeper? It takes some patience and effort to make work. I’m glad to hear that you like this app and it’s helping you. I have really good intentions, but because of my fibromyalgia & adrenal fatigue, being able to work out can be unpredictable because some days I can do pretty good and other days my body will just collapse after a day of work and not be able to do anything but lay in bed. I want to hear your thoughts either way, down below. This app helps me with the motivation I need (not losing money) and my short term goals: getting to the gym, challenging my distance for the week which in turn helps me with that term goal and another app-Diet Bet. My argument is why pay all this ridiculous money for products like this when you can just change your eating habits and work out. iMedicalApps is an independent online medical publication for medical professionals, patients, and analysts interested in mobile medical technology and health care apps. Try that $5 to $.50 combination. Qmee is a legitimate way to earn a few extra bucks every so often. The pacts also motivated me to continue going to the gym during residency months where I would otherwise have not, such as my night float rotations and ICU/Wards months. Are you searching for Pact App reviews or GymPact reviews in order to find out either GymPact app is scam or legit? We live in an instant world. Just because I'm an expert blogger doesn't mean a brotha' doesn't appreciate a writing break now and then lol. David Ahn, MD (@AhnCall) |

I can teach you some of the ways I make some money. If you've been reading my blog in the last couple of weeks, you'll know I've covered quite a few MLMs that are selling some magical concoction to help you lose weight. 30 Top Online Jobs for Pregnant Stay at Home Moms, 100 Best Legitimate Companies Offering Online Jobs for College Students. Then, at the end of the week, those that succeed in carrying out their pact are rewarded the money paid out by the users who did not meet their goals.

After using GymPact for 1 year and 196 workouts later, I’ve earned $83.09, and I’d highly recommend it to anybody that is serious about getting in shape. Most importantly, though, the app brings about real results. Sometimes it's just stuff you need to be aware of to make an informed decision. The GymPact program has caught the attention of the media and has been featured in on/offline newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, CNN, Tech Crunch, Life Hacker, and Shape. I read it fairly regularly. Hi Eddy! A lot out there and all this is pretty cool. GymPact, the app gives you money if you make your fitness goals, has a new name, Pact, and two new diet-oriented features for the New Year. Our publication is heavily based on our own experiences in the hospital and clinic setting. Throughout the past year, many of my concerns and doubts have been relieved. Please login or register on iMedicalApps, the registration process is free. Your first task as a GymPact participant is to tag your gym. ( Pun intended. ) Kept up the good work. It may not be for everyone but for me I have been more active in my goals to get fit. In case you forget, the app will also check you out automatically once the GPS has detected that you are no longer at the gym. Watch it later because it's a rabbit hole of awesome. (This amounts to approximately $0.50-$0.75 per workout). Login on the left or click the register button below to proceed. One more app Lose It now linked to the Walgreens card that helps you get healthy by giving you points for meeting your fitness goals. I wasn't alone in my subversive approach. I was confused at first on how they schedule it out. Via the profile screen on the app, you can quickly see how many workouts you have submitted and how much money you have earned. It is also difficult for us to verify new facilities, smaller/niche facilities and facilities with less web presence. But eventually it can really pay off, literally. GymPact was released one year ago by a pair of Harvard students who were inspired by the simple behavioral economics principle that people are more motivated by NOT losing money than by simply earning money. It’s always good to hear from you. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window).

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