Particularly if you take a few precautions before you leave on vacation. for the most part of TJ and as long as you stick to the main tourist route you are safe.. and as long as you are not involve in any crimes or selling of any drugs. Then get a bus on the US side to downtown (Last time I went it cost one Dollar). For more information and for a free quote, check out my travel insurance page. Over the past couple of years, thousands of migrants have made their way to Tijuana. You do need to plan ahead though. (KGTV) -- As spring breakers get ready to flock to vacation destinations around the world, a new report shows that Mexico has some of the most dangerous cities. Tijuana: the Best Cities to Live in Mexico Near the US Border . I’m not much of a people person though. When crossing the border into Tijuana with all of your things, you will most likely be stopped by customs. Particularly if you want to walk across. I would advise some caution taking the colectivo taxis between centro and otay after dark at the moment. If you are going to drive in Tijuana I strongly recommend you buy insurance before you cross the border. In particular, I’d like to have some clothes tailored. Rosarito is a pleasant little beach town about 12 miles south of Tijuana. On the other hand, Tijuana is actually quite safe to people who act respectable and are, just like everyone else, trying to make an honest living. I would be working in Tijuana though, probably for myself but if you have any advice on coworking spaces, and the job scene in Tijuana I’d love to hear it! I’ve been wanting to visit Mexicali for the longest time but haven’t been yet. It is a long drive from Sacramento but the work done at that price makes it worth it. If you do seek their help to retrieve lost or stolen items, they may ask for you to pay what is basically a bribe for their help. One hassle of living in Tijuana is having to carry 2 currencies. It’s best to just take a taxi or colectivo shared minibus. Both times crossing the border at smaller places to the east like Mexicali. Most of the issues were my own fault (driving too fast , not making a complete stop, walking around with a beer, riding quad on street) I’ve learned to not stick out. In this article, I will attempt to be as neutral and rational as possible. You have probably seen shocking stories in the news about gang murders, shootings, kidnappings, assassinations, and beheadings in the city. This, of course, depends on the officer. Tijuana is also the home of the best tacos that I’ve had in Mexico. Since things will probably be closed a lot longer definitely looking at coming here for the next 6 months or longer. I’d always heard it is not a good place. This place is located in Playas de Tijuana. Hi, your blog is really helpful. I am able to get my point across in most situations just fine though. It’s probably the best-rated hostel in the city. From there, you could take an Uber or taxi wherever you need to go. So I have really have no idea what I'm doing lol all I know is I'm flying to San Diego taking trolley to San ysidro and then follow the signs to cross the border.when I called about my passport and told the man I was walking across he said" u ain't trying to get killed now" kinda worried me for a min lol but yes if you know of any places and any hotels please let me know...I really appreciate it thank you. This is the best way to get around the city. TJ is a hotspot for the deported, and there’s a reason they’re no longer in the US. My First Impressions Tijuana looks like a lot of border towns around the world (you may know what I mean if you’ve ever crossed the border into Canada from Detroit or in upstate New York or even elsewhere in parts of Asia). People also travel to Tijuana for dental and healthcare. Drivers generally move over for cyclists, not passing too close but rough roads and pollution make riding less pleasurable. I have a friend who was denied because she was unemployed at the time. Our community is small but the city is gigantic. Most importantly, Tijuana is close enough to the U.S. that you can cross the border every day to work if you work in the greater San Diego area. So basically there is nothing to worry about if your not looking for trouble and being a fool just like in san diego..

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