Pneumonia, for instance, was the third-leading cause of death among Japan’s elderly in 2016.5 The costs of contracting infectious diseases can quickly dwarf immunisation costs for the elderly, who are more likely to require hospitalisation or to suffer from comorbid health conditions (such as hypertension and congestive heart failure) that may be exacerbated by the vaccine-preventable disease (Konomi et al. While the overall population of Japan declines, its overcrowding problem will become worse because a population that is 40% retired is going to be way more concentrated in urban areas than a younger population will be. Mazda had automated car production factory in Hogue. Except that the baby boom generation isn't going to bear the burden of this. This is as plain as night and day to me, and the downvotes I get show me a disheartening degree of fear and selfishness. Based on the latest results from the Population Census of Japan and the An economy cannot provide for societies needs without a self replicating cycle of young skilled educated work force. It'll depend on the world of that era what resources will still be around after we've gobbled them all up. It is so insignificant that it gets swamped by a single day of growth elsewhere. Social security payments altogether accounted for a worrisome 33.3% of Japan’s FY2017 general account government expenditures, nearly double their FY1990 share of 17.5%. Basically for Japan to maintain its current population it would need about 1 million immigrants a year!

Another example to assess the population pyramid is Japan. The Results of Projections According to the Three Fertility Variants with Medium-Mortality Assumption 1. [1] Japan had the highest life expectancy among all reporting countries each year between 1983–2016, with the following exceptions: 1984 (Iceland), 2008 (Liechtenstein), 2011 (Switzerland), and 2012 (San Marino) (source: World Bank World Development Indicators 2017). 0000004819 00000 n It is extremely shortsighted to look at temporary budget issues (caused by irresponsible governance) at the expense of the long term well being of humanity. This column discusses the coming challenges associated with population ageing alongside plausible solutions. Figure 3 Working-age population as share of total population, Japan, 1950–2050. If this is true, a shrinking workforce seems to make sense.

We seem to spent most school nights trying to get the kids to do stuff they need to do for the next day, not relaxing and playing games of Twister or Uno or drawing funny pictures or any of the fun stuff you can do with kids. projection exercise (Population Projections for Japan).

The amount of land that a person occupies is a tiny fraction of his/her actual land use (in terms of food, resources, waste, etc.). A 30% reduction in population means a 30% reduction in the country's energy needs. But imagine if they'd started an immigration program decades ago when Japan first started to worry about this. Source: United Nations, World Population Prospects 2017.Note: Medium variant 2050 estimates. Even though I'd be the first to move there, I hope they don't allow immigration. That is wholly incorrect. "Rainyday" has a point regarding distribution. It's not going to be an exact figure but it's still useful to ballpark figures for planning purposes. The sooner we accept responsibility for our generation's mistakes, the sooner we can be on the road to prosperity. This topic comes up every month or so, nothing is done about it. 2006). A healthier population also leads to higher savings rates, lower medical expenses, and increased foreign direct investment, all of which complement the types of policy solutions discussed above (Bloom et al.

An economic collapse WONT change that fact, you would end up with a society in collapse with a massive number of elderly, which if it happens would be a medical nightmare of massive proportions.

And what about the monumental health care costs for all those elderly people? Japan Ministry of Finance (2017), “Japanese public finance fact sheet”. We have chosen the years between 1950-2050 for our Pyramid to show a balance of historical and future projections. So if you want to address that overcrowding you need people to turn those rural areas (including smaller cities in rural prefectures) into places people choose to live in over Tokyo, etc. 2018). Health economics Labour markets Welfare state and social Europe, Tags:  There is NOTHING orderly about the decline Japan faces, NOW is about as ""orderly"" as it is likely to be, and we have elderly couples committing mutual suicide, murder-suicide & just murder & those incidents will only increase here on in!

There are two heavy obstacles faced by Japan to reach limitation of the demographics catastrophe now happening: Other topics are futile since once you get kids, instinct gives you power to make it happen one cannot imagine. As stated by other people, this is a double edged sword with many positive and negative points. People from inaka will come to fill those spots. Does anyone really believe that, if the population started rising tomorrow, the politicians and bureaucrats would be any more responsible with our money? Historically this has always been the case, unless the government decides to take over the economy. In these projections, the survival rate-fertility rate, sex ratio at birth, and international migration rate are assumed to remain constant from 2061. The reason the country feels so crowded is because you are probably experiencing it from a city. Vital Statistics of Japan, the National Institute of Population and Social Fuji to the recent shape of a temple bell, and finally to an urn-shape in the future. This impressive achievement may be a double-edged sword, however – the socioeconomic burdens tied to population ageing are setting off alarm bells among experts and policymakers. According to the UN projection, China is going to record a population peak in 2030, and start free falling. The first step is to get the government out of the economy and allow Japanese people to be productive again. through streamlined communications and remote appointment services). Sounds good for biz! Japan is basically doomed. With almost half the population being over 65, everyone will see their taxes skyrocket as healthcare expenditure dominates the budget, yeey! The current system is not built to handle such a trend, a new system has to be thought of and how to best minimize the damage that will occur.

I suspect having a house surrounded by trees will offer little relief in these scenarios. Understand what you're saying yubaru but there is a problem of population distribution in this country (and in many others). The sheer size of this cohort (8.1 million, or 6.3% of Japan’s total 2017 population) has helped dramatically reshape Japan’s population pyramid as its members have progressed to elderly ages (see Figures 1A–1C) (Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare 2008: Table 4.1, United Nations 2017).

When economies are allowed to collapse, and the chips are allowed to fall where they will, it's painful but quick.

This will make Japan a much more pleasant place to live in.

These considerations reflect the fact that health interventions have socioeconomic benefits that experts and policymakers should carefully weigh as they design strategies to cope with population ageing. 23 special wards area, Yokohama, Sagamihara, Kawasaki, Chiba, Saitama, over 36 MILLION people, Osaka, Sakai, Kobe, Kyoto over 19 MILLION people, and finally Nagoya with over 9 MILLION people, do the math. I agree the ldp has been criminal in disregarding a lot of things that affect peoples lives & the future of Japan, but they keep getting re-elected so a lot of these problems are the peoples fault as well, everyone is turning a blind eye. What immigrants are going to want to come to Japan to work 5 hours overtime per day? Peterson, P G (1999), “Gray dawn: the global aging crisis”, Foreign Affairs 78(1): 42–55. 0000002011 00000 n sf2k could add to that formula, density dependent birth, and density dependent death then expand to include consumption and resource competition though all 47 prefectures. Were all going for a long nap shortly try not to compare mate, just enjoy the ride. HAHA.

The pension system has already failed with 2/3 going out and only 1/3 going in. Spot on. Cheerleading the collapse of Japanese society due to demographic decline as you seem to be doing (which would ironically introduce all the things you claim to want to avoid at the global level - war, famine, disease, etc to this country, and if I understand the main benefit you are touting is that inefficient companies will be weeded out thanks to a lack of government support that such calamity will bring about, which hardly seems worth the massive suffering) makes no sense even from the global point of view.

30% fall in population is a great chance to improve peoples quality of life - more space, less congestion. It makes for grim reading: disappearing cities, rusting, abandoned provincial towns and massively overcrowded mega-cities that suck up all resources and people. 0000006345 00000 n Japan does not need to return to nuclear power! Here's a link to a ghost town in Saitama prefecture.

Although these costs are not directly comparable, they do indicate that some of the costs of vaccination may be recouped in the form of avoided medical expenses. I agree about small towns, hard decisions NEED to be made, towns & cities merged or abandoned, also there are far too many prefectures & all the admin involved, these ALSO must be merged & downsized big time!

0000001125 00000 n Another programme under Prime Minister Abe’s comprehensive economic policy package, dubbed Abenomics, aims to increase the size of the workforce by incentivising female labour force participation. Immigration will not provide the skilled workforce or the next generation of Doctors or nurses. With overpopulation around the world it is necessary that a trend like this has to happen at some point. 0000004619 00000 n The established model of parenting in Japan involves much more grindy self-sacrifice that in other advanced countries and means that raising kids is nowhere near as fun as it should be. Morikawa, M (2018), “Hidden inflation: Japan’s labour shortage and the erosion of the quality of services”,, 31 March 31. Japan is a unique country bound together by an ancient, sophisticated cultural fabric. The real issues are the resources we use, not the space we physically occupy. Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists, Japan’s age wave: Challenges and solutions, David Bloom, Paige Kirby, JP Sevilla, Andrew Stawasz 03 December 2018. You need immigrants - either accept non-Japanese to your society or go the same way as the dodo. Take a look at the population pyramid link I posted, its going to be a MINIMUM of 40yrs with the population DOMINATED by the elderly & at the same time fewer babies being born. Centre for Public Impact (2017), “Tackling the declining birth rate in Japan”, 7 April. Their one child policy and their preference to have boys is sure to hit them hard. More and more environmental assessments to come, hopefully it can attract those wanting to clean. 0000003080 00000 n If you really want some space, you have to live in inaka.

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